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safeguard is going to be cods most popular game mode

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I like it, though they definitely need to come up with a better tie breaker than playing the whole match over again. Besides that, seeing a guy break 100 kills 2 games in a row (on my team!) with the rest of us getting 40 to 60 kills was fun as hell. And I like the idea of creating new game modes that last longer when I'm looking to play mp for the long haul, so props to Treyarch for that. Still needs some fine tuning but that's why it's a beta!

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For me nothing will ever beat War from WaW. xP

This. There was nothing more intense then taking the first base on maps like Castle where players were storming the Dojo while everyone was hucking in grenades and a few others were trying to sweep around the sides. When two really good teams would tug a war for long periods of time you could rack up the kills and really just appreciate how fun the mode was.

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After spending more time playing it I still definitely enjoy it but the spawning is awful at times. It seems to work best on Hunted from what I've noticed. I don't mind when the enemy defending team is spawning practically right on top of the robot because otherwise one good team wipe would end the match in seconds, but spawns definitely need to be adjusted for launch.

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