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"The Giant" Trailer Reactions

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Hi everyone! 

The new trailer just came out for the bonus map "The giant". Check it out on Matuzz's post.

I think this is some serious mind fuckery. Like, to the max. However, as i have heard from many time theorists, when you affect any point of time, you can alter everything, from changing the future to changing the past, the result can be changed if messed with. This was Nikolai's point. 

This is a great way for Treyarch to clear their board. Now they can start over with this story line. This also proves that Origins is the one true beginning...of something at least. 

On a side note, can anyone get me a picture of all 4 of them jumping at the end? Im really bad with screenshot tec and i REALLY want a screensaver of the four jumping into action. If possible, also a screenie of when they are all side to side. 

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I don't have a frame-by-frame, so it's blurry, but this is the best I could get.


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My reaction was pretty ecstatic. I had watched the trailer for the other map the day before, and honestly had written BO3 off as something I wasn't going to buy, for my own reasons, I just wasn't impressed (at all) with the other map.

So when I saw this, faith restored and a victorious cry was all I could muster while I watched this bad ass intro. The voices are perfect, the mood still resonates [email protected] and come on, we're playing as the old guys that most of us have begged for all through BO2.

Takeo man....he's ganna shine in this CoD mark my words!!! I don't know why when he says "Slowly" I get goose bumps.

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I felt a bit slighted when I first saw the SOE trailer and honestly considered hanging up my killin' boots. Then I caught a glimpse of The Giant cutscene shot with a Motorola razr. I immediately grabbed my hype train conductor hat and whistle and dropped 200 hundo on the Juggernog edition. Treyarch knows that us long time fans will buy Nikolai's dirty underwear at this point, and brought that and more! I can't wait!

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I learned about the giant actually before the SOE release trailer, but I was HYPE when I saw the actual trailer! I know I'm going to burn out on it in like a month, but whatever! I should also mention that I HAVE created a map concept for the giant, but not SOE yet... SO... There's a little food for thought about my approval. 

Der reise I'm not going to say was my favorite map. However, it was one of the few maps which held my favorite weapon of all time: The double-Barrel shotgun. LOVED that thing, got headshots for DAYS. I sometimes bought that before I got a point-builder! 


Story-wise I'm glad we can pick up off the Origins storyline at a point so critical to the rest of the Lore. But DAMN I am sad to see my beloved Butcher die like that.... 

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