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Are you a team player or a lone wolf?

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You know, I get it. When someone gets downed WAAAAAY across the map, and it's round 25, you just can't go get them. I get that.


BUT.......when they are downed right in front of you.....on round 5......nobody is around......hmm, just teabag them!! I MEAN WTF?!!! That just happened to me and I really didn't think that happens :( I really should have got the guy back but I didn't think about it and just quit. All I can do is just say "unsporting" in the player review. 


As for my question, I'm kinda both. I go out on my own, but the first time someone goes down, me and my "Awful Lawton", "Monkey Bombs", "ThunderGun", etc will be the first to be there! I also like doing my own thing and being a kill whore lol.

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I think of myself as a stupid risk-taking medic. 


I will go to revive someone the earliest I can, and continue to revive them even if swarmed, my reasoning is: If I can get this guy up again, that at LEAST lengthens the time he has before he bleeds out, even if I lose my perks too. (I'm good with getting points and getting back up, so perks aren't an issue, the trick is to venture away from everyone else and kick ass) 

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Really can't say I am one or the other honestly because I do both. After all doors are open and perks/pap I like to stay away from everyone but will never hesitate to revive another player. Only time someone will bleed out is if they are hostile towards myself/team because I know they wont return the favor(reviving team) when it is there turn to help and eventually they will rage quit.

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I usually play solo, so lone wolf.

But if i play with others (even randoms), you would definitely want me on your team. I share, i communicate, i usually know the best spots/ways in the game. I'm one Hell of a team player. Whether i do the best or the worst, i play for the team (unless cod mp, those 'teammates' are actually just enemies that i can't kill).

I want everyone to have a good time. That won't happen sitting on your ass, bleeding out.

Been steadily playing with randoms on Safeguard (gave up on randoms during waw/der reise): i get a guy up 10 times in one game, next game, he runs right past me with no enemies around and let's me bleed out.

I'm almost always host, so: pull ethernet cable at that point. I'm really good at maps, so i usually get the sentries/vultures, so if people start crate-stealing or other unsporting behavior, i gather the best loot on loot rounds, then leave.

Like Stop said; I'll pick up my buddy, knowing full well that he will just go down again, but it buys him more time for me to gain control and get him up again. Now if i could just get him to understand/do that for me...

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I'm usually the idiot when once someone goes down I try my best to run over there and get them up.


But I play a lot of survival on BO2, so I usually don't stay just in one place in the map.


BO1 however, somehow I end up going off on my own area sometimes and if they're on the other side of the map sometimes I won't even bother.

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Trolled a kid for the first time in MOTD the otherday. But don't worry he deserved it, he got the blundergat from the box, which is fair enough. Then after me and this other guy collected most of the skulls for him to have the blundergatt, the kid went in and got the other skull in the office, then laughed nasally as he took the free BG. To add to his stupidity, he was not holding an acidgat when he picked it up, meaning he waisted the free blundergat. 


I activated the fan trap as he was leaving the office and refused to revive him, he lost the blundergat and left the game. We started a new game and got the other guy the blundergat. 


Does this make me a team player? 

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