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  1. i got a raygun from the first gondola.
  2. if you take the mask, its also glitches the musical easter eggs and the free mega gobblegum. so i recommend to do that first before putting up the mask
  3. my top 5 annoying deaths in zombies: 1. freakin panzer, when he grabs you, he grabs you by the balls 2. exploding zombies, green run rly sucks with lava, especially town survival 3. die rise jump, need really a exo suit there 4. astronaut, when u got hit by a zombie and the astronaut grabs u en teleport u downed 5. teleporter moon, if someone being a dick and not standing on the teleporter!
  4. tranzit without the fog ofcourse, those denizens are too annoying
  5. at the last step of the easter egg, killin zombies in crazy place: while i completed this, the screen turns white for a sec and after that, down.................
  6. with four players, tranzit is a great map to play imo u can train seperately at bus depot, tunnel, diner, farm, power or town only reviving could be a problem
  7. i had this problem too, just start black ops 1, go to multiplayer and from there to the store
  8. origins solo last week: elemental fist achieved at round 16 and all nine perks at round 20 > ended the game at round 40
  9. me and my teamate leaving the robot at the same time, we fall down and game over..
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