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The golden spork, help.

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I have been trying to get the golden spork and i did all the steps correct, then placed it in the

bathtub, and then i went down to the laundry room with the upgraded acid gat,

and i must have killed 60-70 zombies, then i went to the bathtub to get the spoon, but nothing happened

when i pressed on it and i kept trying but nothing.. then i went to the bridge in a hurry because i was being

chased and ended up dying before i could fly the plane :( but please let me know what i've done wrong, cause

its the last thing i need on the map (except the ee, dont play much with others).


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yep in the laundry room. Its possible to run out of ammo while doing this step so you might need to get a max ammo. 


Yep this could take multiple rounds depending on how early or late you are doing it.

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Guys help me, i tried to open the hole in the wall (where the poster is)

with the hells retriever but i would not open. I kept trying in several other rounds

but still the same. Am i forgetting something ? I thought the hells retriever was

the only thing i needed. Help

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I have been trying to get this. I can't find all the skulls

Probably easiest to watch a video on it.

You won't see them until you get them on the tomahawk, they can only be seen in 'afterlife' mode before that.

Warden's office, out window, on telephone pole by lower crossbeam. This one often glitches and gets hard to get.

Start room: find death switch, go out door to right, in jail cell across from door, in the toilet.

Roof, as you enter the roof area, go to the far back left corner, tomahawk the light fixture on the corner of the building. Just out of the playable map area.

2 by docks. Go around to the tower, where the tower trap is. Look at the pier in the water, top of one of the posts of that pier.

By juggernogg; face away from juggernogg. Go in the corner to the left of the window. Throw at the light post above you (jump helps) near the light on top. Often glitchy and hard to get.

Use this as a reference and watch a video.

Good luck.

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I see the skulls everytime i throw the retriever/redeemer when it returns it has one clingin on to it.

(you can clearly see its a blue skull and its not in afterlife mode)

And by the way i have just gotten the golden spork (thanks to you guys) and went to round 34 (which is my new record, overall) so thank you

all who helped me :)

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Yeah. To be clear, before you get them, you can only see them in afterlife mode.

You will see them as they are retrieved.

Congrats on the 34.

Edit: i changed the writing on my last post, as it was fairly unclear. Sorry about that.

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