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My Farm strategy, apparently.

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Rounds 1-3: Shoot some bullets, knife a little, open the door the house, buy an MP5 and Jug.


Rounds 4-10: Kill zombies, rack up more revives than rounds played. 


Round 11: Get 6-7 more revives in this round alone, go for a revive that I probably shouldn't have instead of just letting them bleed out, because hell, it's not like they're actually doing anything anyway and it almost seems like this guy is downing himself on purpose. He is, isn't he? What could be possibly looking at through that wall over there, and why is he firing a ray gun at his own feet? Oh god, that's it, I'm not reviving him anymore. Well OK, ONE more time. Go down. Game Over.

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Thanks for sharing this strat. I haven't been able to get past round 5, I'll give this a shot!

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I feel I have gained valuable pointers reading this.

All joke aside, where is the "strategy?"

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What joke?


This got me to round 37.


Superhands... is that you?

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I tried it today on solo and got bored around round 20 because i had a rpd and ray gun

and wanted some hard challenge. So i bought the mp5 and a type 25.

I lasted to round 23 because i felt i could do anything lol.

But the early rounds are not hard, get jug, double tap, speed cola and then quick revive,

doesn't matter with strategy early on, i had all perks and 2 good guns + galvaknuckles at round 10.

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1 person runs loops around the semi, tractor, lorry, err... big truck in the middle and the other 3 stand at the gate. One of the gate people watch the risers and the other 2 shoot the horde when the looper brings it down. cycle ray guns to keep up the pace in high rounds. no ammo? loop the whole horde and hit the box; also 2 people with knuckles can control the riser spawn at the gate to at least 30. Use a pit of crawlers at the back of the truck to slow the spawn if the runner can't clear the way with a ray gun anymore.


have fun 

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