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@Treyarch - Please fix the broken tank!


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So, not sure if this is happening frequently to other players, but in the last 4 games of Origins I have played through yesterday and today, the tank has killed me and other team mates a total of 14 times!

Basically, it has happened whenever we try to collect the Lightning Staff parts. No zombies were anywhere near us or the tank when it happens. The tank goes over a bump and boom... dead!

This is a video my team mate recorded of his downs.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLwBSTNd ... youtu.be&a

It is not a host issue as in each of our 4 games, we had different hosts and in all 4 occasions, different team mates.

Is this happening to ANYONE else!?! I have not played Origins in over a month and started again yesterday only to be met with this issue.

Damn glitchers man... they ruin everything. :(

EDIT: Apologies... I posted this in the wrong section and don't know how to move it to the Origins section.

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This happened to me the first few days I played, just figured it was patched.

At first I thought the giant soldat (or whatever its called) was killing me with his flame thrower, but then there were times I way alone and took hits and died, kind of reminds me of Call of the Dead where I would get a big smack for no reason.

Sucks it's still happening, because I thought it was patched. I ride the tank pretty frequently and have yet to go down again because of it. Are you trying to get the trophy/achievement? It's a shame they give you an objective to complete yet have something in the way that makes it close to impossible to get.

Or maybe you just need to play it on playstation...because I'm still waiting on you to buy one :lol:

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Are you trying to get the trophy/achievement? It's a shame they give you an objective to complete yet have something in the way that makes it close to impossible to get.

Nah man. I got the Achievement about 10 mins after Liam, Milo and NiiK got it. We were literally going toe to toe with them on trying to get it done. lol.

No, this is just us playing it for lols, but this problem never happened to us before. It is only happening now that they have patched the already useless tank because of the smelly glitchers who lay inside it because they are too trash to play it properly.

Still... if they intended on abandoning the game in this state, I would have preferred they just left the tank the way it is. It's hardly like they maintained the leaderboards properly throughout the games season anyway, so what harm would it have done to leave it!?

Shameful from Treyarch in my opinion. :(

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you can't leave broken things like that in a game and expect people to continue to play years afterwards.


I already know of 2 other people outside of my games that this has happened to, so I know it is not just us, but I have not seen anything posted on any of the forums, so assumed it might be a small majority who suffer from it.

I have 100mb Broadband, so I know my connection is not the issue. :(

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Man that is bullshit. Imagine if they didn't fall down after being in the air? Would only be able to use Maxis Drone or upgraded staff to revive.

I've never had any problems with the tank. I have seen videos and complaints about it but it has never occured to me. Although I rarely use the tank and only ride it getting the staff pieces. But when I do, I always get extremely nervous about getting to close to sides or when jumping incase it glitches or something.

I would say hope for a patch or hotfix, but I've never really heard of a CoD being updated after a new one comes out. Take Moon for example.

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I always get extremely nervous about getting to close to sides or when jumping incase it glitches or something.

Funny you say that. I actually remember playing it in the first few days of the maps release and a few people I played with were jumping up and down constantly when riding the tank. When I asked why they were doing that, they said that they were doing it to stop themselves from dying because the tank was glitched out like the lift in MotD.

I actually forgot all about that. Guess the issue has been there since day one and probably only got worse when they patched the tank.

On a side note. I WAS standing beside jug one game when the tank was going past and it downed me, even though I was around 3 in game feet away from the tank!?!

Thing is... for a game that has sold a billion+ copies, you would expect better patching than this. Why did they make it that the tank kills you instantly upon contact or that the Panzers kill you with one hit when riding it?

It is almost as if they want us to not play it!

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Yeah, I honestly have no idea. The only thing I could account it to is that the CoD engine is not use to the player being on a moving surface. All these glitches seem to occur with that stuff. The tank, the bus, the gondola. And to a lesser extent, Shi No Numa's Zipline and Five's big elevator. I suppose locking the player into place would help like Lunar Landers, but that's really no fun if you couldn't move on those.

It's definitely time for a new engine, or some major changes to the existing one at-least.

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I've experienced similar glitches as well... and so I avoid the tank as much as I can. I don't even like being near it in a Solo game when it's turned off! The thing is treacherous.

There's a few other things in Origins that need attention too:

-Hacked leaderboards

-Fire Staff glitch with the charged shot that zombies can run straight through, untouched (this has gotten me killed so much that I practically have given up on the Fire Staff for any type of camping)

-Easter Egg step with the staffs in the robots - no one does this the right way anymore cause of the glitch/workaround

-Generator Zombies not dropping Max Ammo when killed with certain weapons (Ice staff for example)

-Glitch in walls near Fire Tunnel, zombies can be stuck in there

-Robot foot sometimes refusing to open when hit by splash damage

-Lightning Staff glitch with the orb of electricity permanently stuck in the air

-Fist and upgraded fist not hitting zombies at point-blank

Can't think of any other issues off the top of my head, but the things I just mentioned could certainly use a fix!

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It's definitely time for a new engine, or some major changes to the existing one at-least.

Exactly mate. This is obviously issues that have arisen due to the dated engine that the continue to use. If features like the Bus, Gondola and Tank cannot work properly due to the engine, then they should not be putting them in there.

I have at least found out that this is happening to MANY others through posts on here, the Activision from and through Twitter.

Shocking really.

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  • 2 months later...

So many bugs patched today, maybe this is fixed now?


The system update today was only the removal of Elite as far as I am aware. No patching of ANY KIND done.


Anyway... they will never remove the death barrier from the tank now, as it will just become a tool for glitchers again. Easy work around I have found for the tank is to only have the host use it to collect the lightening staff parts, and even then... if they have a spike lag of any kind, they too will go down because of it.


Glitchers man... *sigh*

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I don't know if this will help, or if it is even legit.



Lately, my friends have been pulling out their shields when riding the tank, and they don't go down. The death tank never happens to me, and I think it's because I'm the host almost always. I've been telling people if you are dropping to two bars, don't ride the tank. Just wanted to share that, like I said it could be pure coincidence but so far no one in my games have died riding the tank with a shield out.

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This bug has never ever happened to me and I have a xbox 360 this has never happened to me or my friends.


Whether it happens to you or not, it does still happen, and to a LOT of other players. You only need to lag just ONCE on the tank to die. It has even happened to hosts when they get spike or console lag. Some people can get lucky and avoid it, especially if they are host, but that does not take away from the fact that it is still game breaking.


How could they not know this would happen? A moving object with a death barrier inside it?? It has disaster written all over it to be honest.

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I know it happens but I'm the same, it hasn't happened to me yet.


I think we noticed it more so because we basically were playing several games of Origins a day, 7 days a weeks for about a month. If you are 3 bars or less, there is a 50% chance of it happening. We have tried everything to beat it too. We tried jumping up and down while riding it, we have had players stand on the railing and even tried running behind it and only getting on it at the last minute... nothing matters. Once bump or lag and you go down.


People on strong connections who are local to each other, like 4 players from the UK all on 4 bars will only ever see it happen if you get a spike lag while riding the tank, otherwise it will be smooth sailing, but even if you never see it, the fact that they would do something as silly as to put a death barrier inside something that moves (over bumps might I add) and a player has to use it if trying to complete the EE is very, VERY silly of them.


The tank was exploited only when stationary. Surely the could have programmed it to only have the death barrier when motionless!? Either way, just another of the many issues with Origins I'm afraid.


Still a great map though, but very broken.

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