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Nova 6 Crawlers the Voice in the Ather (Die Rise intro)


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Hi , I was playing Kino Der Toten and I just had nova crawlers and they said something and it sounded like the voice in the intro of Die Rise then record it and compare it with the intro of Die Rise and they say the same thing :shock: , The only difference is that in Kino they said a little slower than Die Rise.



P.D: Sorry for my bad english

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Hm, what a nice little connection discovery! Good work, friendo. :)

Now why would Nova 6 crawlers be involved in the Aether, if that is the voice that lies within it. I don't think we're 100% certain the voice Stuhlinger hears is from the Aether (disregarding Richtofen). At the same time, it's not to say that the dialogue found in the intro is a different entity. If so, it may as well not even reside in the Aether.

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if you watch the whole theatrical intro you can hear the voice say accept your fate begin a new BEFORE richtofen says it. I strongly believe that treyarch wanted us to only hear what was audible and what samuel said to the voice

Great find, all the same. It does seem strange that the nova crawlers make that noise although the jumping jacks don't

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Wow, awesome find here!

There is evidence that shows the Nova program lead by Steiner was located at Der Riese at one point ( before escaping up the Elbe River during the raid of Der Riese). And we also know Maxis and Richtofen had numerous test subjects before Maxis was betrayed. Could one of the Nova Crawlers have been a test subject for the MTD, only to be sent to Aether, much like Fluffy.

Could explain how Novas ended up in Aether, and also how we ended up with Phasing Nova Crawlers and Jumping Jacks. Just a thought.

I'm gonna have to dig further into this. Thanks for posting this find!

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