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Possible "Tower" in Die Rise..or Great Leap Foward.


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Okay, so you probably seen my topic once or twice about my theory how each map with have a "Tower" we will need to power up and Activate for either Doctor.

Well after doing some Google Searches, I think I found a potential "Tower" in china.

The Wusung Radio Tower.

I'll try to post a pic soon, but its a big structure, kinda looks like a gianted Dumbell.

Think is, we really don't know the Exact Location where this Map is set and we're not sure if we will even have access to the outside on Ground Level.

Again this is just a theory, seeing how Die Rise is just around the Bend, we'll find out soon enough.

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just hope this time they put hidden radios and such in the map to give it a little backstory instead of the easter egg being done within a day or 2 and thats it.

For sure. I miss when they'd be secret radios scattered around, little notes hidden in crannies that explain the story. There seems to be very little visual easter eggs in the modern maps, compared to Der Riese... that map was a goldmine

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