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ok i see allot of people posting tactics for grief but i think i have some extra that have not been listed around.

HOSTING = always getting kicked/host migrations? well if you play with you're friends try sign out and sign back in. get your party together then search for a game. if it says finding new competition that means your team will be the host(most likely you) then you won't lose a game even if the enemy leaves.

EMP THE BOX WITHOUT THE EMP?!! - this is extremely clever move you can do every game stopping a player from using the box without having an EMP. first of all you will need 4 grenades.. once the enemy uses the box you will throw your grenade under the box 1-2 seconds before the gun appears. AFTER YOU THROW YOU'RE FIRST GRENADE YOU COUNT TO 3 EACH TIME YOU GET TO 3 YOU THROW YOUR NEXT GRENADE! after your 4th grenade the gun would have disappeared and he would not be able to pick-up his weapon. ( when there is a grenade you cannot pickup your weapon unless you throw it back)

- DOLPHIN DIVING - THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST UNKNOWN TACTIC ON ZOMBIES, if an enemy player is down usually his team-mate will prone to revive him so he cannot be stabbed away. well once he prones dolphin dive on him from behind. he usually dies ( its not easy but its funny and great way to win the game FAST)

- GALVA NUCKLES - THIS IS A MUST HAVE! if you are playing against a competitive and you don't have these you will not last long! these can get you out if you become trapped by the enemy players even if they are crouching. normal Knife is no way as strong as this.

- EMP GRENADE - if the enemy get's jugg they are most likely to last for a while. simply EMP the Juggernaut and stay at the double tap corner. you will rarely get zombies and you can easily defend yourself whereas the enemy won't have a clue JUG is off and will instantly go down after a few seconds.

- FIRE WINDOW - this can only be done if you are playing in a party with friends. once the game starts the noobs usually are building windows or trying to find zombies to kill well the fire window is located next to the back door of the BAR. once a player is rebuilding this window he will burn will rebuilding it.. this is where you and your team-mates will crouch around him and trap him on the fire! IT ALWAYS WORKS!

- m14 - always buy this until round 6-7. if you run out of ammo buy ammo again this will get you fast kills and points.. if you don't have 6000 by the end of round 8-9 for galva knuckles just hit the box and buy juggernaut.

-reviving - always crouch when reviving your team-mates.. if you prone they can dive on your head causing you to die.

EXTRA TIPS(guns) - mustang and sally's are a good choice.. if at higher rounds you're team mate goes down and the enemy run a train around him you can easily clear the train and revive him.

executioner- once upgraded its a 1 hit kill until round 25 or something like that.. grief games don't usually last that long so you basically have insta-kill forever.

DSR - upgrade twice and you will have a 1hit sniper until round 30. if your trapped you can shoot your way out.

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Most of these are pretty well known, look out for these to:-

If someone is grenade blocking your box, cook a grenade and throw it under them. you know they are using a 1,2,3 count so if you time it right they will pick up your grenade and blow themselves up.

Weapon Block- 2 players can sit infront of the MP5 or Galvaknuckles and deny the other team access. S'funny if someone has just saved up 6grand then cant get the knuckles. Rage quit ahoy.

Packapunch block - if you dont mind going down, when a player puts a gun in packapunch stand in the fire (no jug) or hold a grenade to down yourself (if you have jug). When you are down just wait for the gun to dissapear from PaP then crawl out to be saved. Player cannot get his gun whilst you are in front of the machine.

Jug Block - if you are in a team all 4 of you can block the jug stairs. Easily done before door is open as nothing comes from behind. Works great against randoms, even against Dageers/Shotguns as people tend to panic. If you kill everything up to round 5 or 6 then just dissapear 9 times out of 10 the opposition will be caught off guard and drop like flies.

Meat Catch - if you have meat you can use it to slow a player down (their running becomes slower than normal walking). Easiest to do to someone with galvas, as the player has to punch the meat out of the air. You have to anticipatte their punch and throw meat a split second before, you can stand behind them and wait till they are punching a zombie. If done correctly the meat appears in their hand (no taint / no green smoke) and a message onscreen to everyone says 'player x caught the meat' beast on that player for the rest of their game. Its really hard to do. IDK a cure for the slowness, its for the rest of the game.

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Very Helpful. I dont find myself playing Grief much but now I will alittle more for a while. Cant wait til the first guy goes down then I get to dive onto the reviver... :D Props to the guy that posted this thread. Seems like if you get a good team of 4 that just hits the box once then blocks the Jug door you could win bout every time. GOTTA try this.

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not patched but hard to get the aim right but yeah you die. If you have no perks and they do or its the last player still worth doing. Also the guy dived will think twice about going for a revive next time.

Someone dived on my reviver the other day and i managed to knife them off the kill in mid air :)

Jugg wall is pretty effective against people without mics shouldnt work against a team as there are plenty of ways round it. Its funny though we played a team and blocked it from 7 till about 12 when they finally broke through with knuckles. They were down all the tiime and you could see them buying and loosing quick revive constantly. 2 rounds later they EMPd jug and none of them went down - higher round but they played better without jug as they were expecting it (our team didnt go down either becuse its pretty predictable that someone will EMP jug in 14 or 15).

Love grief hope there are more maps (or some of the classics for grief mode Shino or Kino could be awesome). Shame about the boosters and the 'lag switch' cheats.

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Suicide at the box - new one on me but loads of (mainly French) players seem to be killing themselves at the box to block guns lately...

The Packapunch suicide no longer works btw you can get your gun now from side or back.

Seems like they fixed the host 'lag switch' or at least reduced the effect to bad lag rather than certain death. I wont name them but someone in the top 30 did it to my team yesterday and we could survive it - host pulled the internet cable to end the game but he knows he lost ;)

Boosters Strike Back - the boosters at the top of the (PS3 Town)leaderboard are not happy about getting called out on cheating. You guys should check out porrapristo on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDuhX4PovZg

Apparently when Die Rise comes out on PS3 the leaderboards will be cleaned up so enjoy your moment at the top.

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