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  1. me and my big mouth, i grabbed it from the other team on cellblock yesterday, doh. We were on instakill and i was knifing a zombie, IDK how you managed to hit a home run with it Bin....
  2. Hi, anyone know a way to make a prone player stand up? Like i know it happens if you are blocking stairs or walkway sometimes but it seems random. I forgot to check the replay but i'd swear someone killed me with the fan trap on cellblock whilst i was crawling through. They were on the outside not in front of me, don't know what they did but i just stood up in the fan (definately not dolphin dived as no one else died and wasn't hit by zombies, just insta death). Another friend mentioned the same thing to me and it would be a useful trick if it can be done.I have tried s
  3. Hey Bin, not been on for a while but just wanted to say you can definately still get the other team to grab the meat on town, managed to get two people to grab it a couple of weeks back. I think hitting the meat must be specific to Cellblock (no idea about burroughs never play it) or its just to do with timing. Since i saw your vid i have been knifing anyone with the meat on the other team but i have never managed to hit it...
  4. This seems unduly complicated way to do it, easier just to have loads of cash in the bank, then withdraw it round one (using remington cash to open bank)??
  5. ^ I've noticed the press square thing flash up for a split second recently. Interesting find Bin very cool. Had trouble getting meat grabs lately, although saw a friendly grab from the other team recently. I'm not sure but i thought i saw something funny happen like this recently but forgot to check the replay. A meat was coming straight at me from a lower level of cellblock ,came into my line of fire and it seemed like i shot it away with the start pistol -like the auto aim locked to it- and it sailed over me, don't know if this is correct or not - maybe i knifed, i was on in
  6. ^ yeah i assumed the light was there, i thought it was maybe like cellblock where there are only a few places where you can see it. I've played buried since i posted so it makes more sense now i know about vulture aid perk. Thanks for the list of box locations, i definately looked everywhere then. I got the teddybear and a firesale went off as the box was despawning so maybe it did weird out. Pretty dissapointed with the new map it just seems like the games will be boring and go on way too long. The map needs knuckles and EMPs imop to counteract Jug and Quick Revive other
  7. Don't know if i'm missing something but how the hell do you know where the box is on the new map - i can't see the normal light you would look for to locate it? Had a game yesterday and i would swear it had glitched out or there is a location i haven't found yet - looked in 5 or 6 places but no one could find it. Also, i can't believe there are no EMPs - seems stupid to have jug but no emps. This map looks like its going to be a boring camp fest once people know their way around....
  8. ps3 so not played the new map, yet. Bored of the old maps so i really can't wait to play the new one, especially now i know there are tramplesteams!! Your vid/tactics looks good and this looks like a proper grief map! How many players can have the tramplesteam? Is it out the box/wall or you build it? Do they fall apart after a while/can the other team smash them?
  9. i know if you are in a straight line between them and the meat the zombies will still hit you. Occasionaly 1 zombie might still go for you if it is reallly close when the meat is chucked but this is weird, a load of zombies suddenly decide to go after 1 guy whilst the meat is out nvd2wQjcwPM
  10. ^ Nice Got my 1st on cell block, took a few days. That dog seems to give out a lot of meats but carrying it around with no knuckles makes it pretty difficult. ZZAGiWu-dQ4 This guy was sooo knife happy pretty easy in the end Fairplay to the other team the game still went to 21 and i don't think he ever bled out till the very end.
  11. anyone else find that the spawns can be messed up - as in you spawn and die immediately becuse two players drop in on top of each other? We had a round restart me and a teamate landed on top of each other and a 3rd landed with 1 from the other team - 3 down at the start of the round and the 4th was dived while reviving. That was the worst case but seems quite common for two players to effectively spawn in dead, particuarly in the room where deadshot is. On the subject of diving/jumoping the other team - the low ceilings make it hard to jump on the other team in a lot of areas.
  12. smoke grenades for cell block would be cool, 1 team is camped up in the wardens office, brutus is on the way and boom suddenly they are near blind. Something like the tomahawk that allows you to retrieve magic drops from a distance would be a funny addition to grief. Its always funny to grab a drop from the other team. My friends and i were just saying it would be funny if you had the option to packapunch the meat to say a meat with a red vapour that zombies go for at faster speed or it affected the whole other team. & idk maybe a blue meat that keeps zombies away that you c
  13. if you are in a team with mics and you play against 4 randoms with no mics you should easily win everytime. bounce in and out of lobbys till you find another team if you want a good game. I'm always up for a challenge, if you are ps3 hit me up on there - happy to serve up a bagel or 2 ;)
  14. played it a bit now, enjoyable but it seems to be about camping more than griefing imop. Still early days (im PS3) and trying to work out strategies/tactics that work. The lack of knuckles is as annoying as the lack of jugg, makes it hard to get in and grief people - may as well camp in a corner and wait for them to drop themselves.
  15. i had 4 meat drops in 1 game last night, the game was only 43 min and i had a meat in my hand for 7 minutes trollololol. i can only up 2minute clips so heres 2 minutes of meat madness;- IJJrfwL4ggM 1 taint, 1 friendly taint(whoops) and 2 granny-shuffles. Honestly gutted i could have got the whole team. & yeah i'm gutted about the max ammo in the third one but that was the last drop that he out ran me on other schizzle here viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31980 have a look at the ghost that steals my instakill
  16. i put up another post of some grief glitches and other random grief stuff but it got moved to media viewtopic.php?f=12&t=31980
  17. yo dude i'm not saying there are no glitches just that i think the meat grab is deliberate imop. none of those glitches you mention have a screen message to tell you something special happened do they? if anything i think the grab is an easter egg. If you think it takes no skill to throw the meat but a lot to grab it out of the air then honestly lol why do you keep grabbing it and ruining your own game with the granny-shuffle? Heres just a few examples of how you can easily predict when someone is going to use their knife: - oh you are repeatedly knifing at that window (plu
  18. i was recording something else for youtube and found i have the clip of the dead guy stealing my instakill 6kA6UgJKOEc i saw the green flash in the game and thought the same as you permaperk....
  19. in town you can still have the meat if everyone else is dead, i would guess motd is the same.
  20. throwing the meat so someone else catches it takes a bit of skill (or blind luck addmitedly), i can see them rewarding that. i can't see that they went to the trouble of makingg it catchable, putting the magic flash animation on it and a screen message (the only message of this type in the game) but failed to notice that the catcher goes slow after it happens. The knuckles are so powerful in grief i think its a way to give them a downside. if it was unintended i think they would have fixed it like they tried to do with PaP suicide.
  21. you grabbed the meat - someone stitched you up big time - look at the thread 'a thrown zombie meat can be caught'. in the replay you'll see a meat was chucked by someone else as you were knifing and a screen message went out to everyone saying 'player z grabbed the meat'. Didnt realise a round restart cured it i thought you had to respawn but its probably the same difference, lucky for you thoughas you kept your knuckles ;)
  22. i know you cant see them but after a person has bled out and dissapeared they will still collect magic drops from the spot where their body dissapeared. Sounds crazy buut its true. I think i have a video on my player channel of it happeing in town grief on my player channel. People use it on that riot shield glitch in tranzit - let their split screen bleed out at the pile up point then they collect all the drops with out coming out of their glitch spot. if you go back in the replay i'll put money that the other team died on that spot. just put the camera in free mode so you ca
  23. the only way you can catch the meat is by knifing (somepeople have knife on x button). you catch the meat by knifing it out the air when someone throws it. Go slow is not a glitch the screen message goes up and there is a green flash to let you know it happened, its deliberate. The only cure for the go slow is bleed out and respawn then you will be back to normal. I can get people to grab it pretty consisistently now its a good tactic. I saw a French team deliberatwely down 1 player between rounds whilst 1 of them was holding the meat. 1 player goes in for the reive people
  24. i saw a flash like that in town grief, when i looked at the replay there was a magic drop on the exact spot where someone had bled out (you could just catch that it was instakill for a split second). Somehow dead players can collect the drops (it happens in tranzit too). could be what happens here
  25. i have seen this twice, first time i thought i was imagining things but i had it happen again yesterday...i already had my 6 perks on solo and playing in the buddha room - the jumping jacks appear and i kill them all for the max, but the last one drops a max ammo and the gold perk bottle. I pick up the perk bottle but still only have 6 perks in the corner of my screen soooooo; whats going on is the 7th perk bottle a glitch/mistake or do i have a 7th perk that is invisible??? Anyone else seen this?? i can video it from the replay but dont know how to post it here. I died before
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