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Marlton working on nacht?

Marty Mcdempsey

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The fourth wall is an intangible barrier in which an object that is not a human entity reaches out to someone psychologically. Think of it as something that seems "alive" and feels as if they are actually in front of you. A perfect example is Deadpool. He is a now-popular comic protagonist that is self-aware of his surroundings as a comic book character and uses his dialogue and rather witty lines to make it aware to the reader.

In other words, it messes with your mind.

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Or similar to Tank Dempsey in Black Ops when he says 'Hey player, give me some ammo!' Or my personal favorite 'We have to turn the power on in a jungle... seriously Treyarch, seriously?'

I laughed my ass off the first time I've heard those. :lol:

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there HAS to be more to Marlton then we think...and i think were over thinkin the timeline of (nuketown zombies, Moon and TranZit).

we all know Moon and Nuketown Zombies takes place at the same time, ok no denying that one...Richtofen quotes from the tv at certain rounds. now heres where i need you guys to bare with me,i read that ppl think Tranzit takes place 20 or so years after.

i disagree bcuz 2 facts..

1) if TranZit was 20 years later why would Marlton sound exactly same as he does in the bunker???

2)you can CLEARLY hear the Tranzit bus honking as it passes.

theres "bomb shelters" by the bus depot and tunnel goin to the diner. im not saying THATS the same one from NTZ but wat if there are tunnels of shelters like a secret gov. project and thats how marlton got there...idk im just tryna make sense of this storyline/timeline, and if im wrong i dont wanna get the 3rd degree..im pretty stoned lol :twisted:

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