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  1. Yeah and in nuketown zombies you see it again, I just have a hunch that it has something to do with the easter egg
  2. Anyone else not see him in the trailer?
  3. Hi Im a massive zombies fan originating from New Zealand. Just looking to share theories, make friends and basically post my opinions on everything thats happening in our crazy little video game fandom. Been a long time lurker and zombies fan since WaW. So yeah thats pretty much it :D
  4. The one thing I want is when the last dlc map for zombies drops I just wanna play as the 04 and go out with style and originality :D
  5. He makes a reference saying 'I wouldnt trade this for all the tea in china, if there is even a china anymore'. Just stating this since in the background of the die rise in the gamestop poster there is asian writing on the wrecked buildings.
  6. So at the back of one of the houses in nuketown you can see a complex in the distance with what look like to be a bus or just the rest of the building, also some towers around it
  7. As I was playing as marlton, upon entering nacht he said this "This is a place I don't want to remember." :shock:
  8. So whenever you go into the bank they make a reference by saying that it feels familiar and like they have been there before. Might not be something major but Just thought you guys should know :mrgreen:
  9. I like the new crew and all but I just would want to have a map with the original 4, they're line would really make my laugh . If they are not included in the next Dlc ill just revert back to black ops 1 zombies till they bring the O4 back.
  10. So I finished the campaign like for the third time and in the credits for zombies it showed the voices for the characters e.g misty, marlton etc . Next thing I saw was the voices of survivor 1 , survivor 2 and survivor 3. First thing that came to my mind was the original crew. Leave comments below.
  11. What if and this is just a theory, what if these are radios from characters we will play as in future maps in those locations? 0_o
  12. Correct me if im wrong, but didnt they say the crew will be present in 'some form'?
  13. So me and my bro were playing nuketown zombies and out of nowhere we hear richtofen from a transmission or something say 'Ahh stupid maxis he would never let me make a black egg moving device, him and his stupid accent'. The quote from moon. Me and my bro were like :shock: :shock:
  14. Same here in New Zealand We get it a day earlier as well :D
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