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  1. He's difficult but I'm starting to like it when he drops, aim for the face and run like hell. Also, he's easy if everyone has zombie-blood. He just kind of stands there Lastly Electric Cherry has saved my butt more than a few times with him, it gives him a slight shock and he drops you
  2. The KAP is decent on early rounds, nice for points (but low ammo capacity) I hate the SMR with a passion, I'd rather go for a high-round run with the M14 But mostly I like most of the box/wall weapons available, they all have their merits
  3. I think the ticking is from the robots (the really huge ones), I usually here it when they're incredibly close
  4. Can somebody explain the dead-end caves with the Knights, I don't really get that. Also, map is awesome, five-seven is now a wall weapon and I get my Fav gun back The MP-40
  5. -The BO Zombie Soundtrack, I like the Elena songs but most of the time I prefer the songs from Dead Ops Arcade -Celldweller -Daft Punk -Hollywood Undead -Infant Sorrow -Innerpartysystem -Macklemore -Michael Buble -Monty Are I -Blink 182 It's kind of my "Gaming" playlist more or less, I prefer to go for more upbeat type music when I play
  6. George and the Astronaut present the same problem for me They follow you around and block easy exits, further problems would be that Romero is like Simple Jack on buried but you know, he hulks out instead. What isn't annoying about the Denizens? Navigating the fog between Power-plant and Town is annoying as it is already without those face-huggers
  7. Only ever got it twice (both times on Farm) but I really wouldn't say it's rare the box is randomised after all, so the chances of getting the M2 is really the same chance as getting the Ray Gun or Monkey Bombs B-t-dub: It's freaking incredible and I love it, works pretty well on farm with an LMG as a back-up
  8. As long as we get some more survival maps (Maybe a bit bigger than the Green Run maps) But for the map itself as long as we have good training spots, Tank and Nikolai being best bros, The MP40 and TEDD as the tank driver (In military gear) I'll be happy.
  9. All time fav is a bit hard, can I just give a top 3? -Mob of the Dead The story and mystery behind it, and all the added extras were perfect. Spots of the map are fun to hold out in and traversing the whole map is always fun. Not a fan of some spots on the map though -Kino Der Toten You seriously can't go wrong with this map, in itself it's just incredible (Also my first zombies experience, so I'm kinda sentimental) -Verrukt One of my favourite WaW maps, mostly due to the difficulty curve at higher rounds but like Kino, it's fun for training and circling the map
  10. I liked them, Marlton would have to be my second favourite character 1. Dempsey 2. Marlton 3. Richtofen 4. Misty 5. Billy Handsome Anyway, it's not really a mistake, my bet would be they'd make a return in the next game to wrap up their storyline completley
  11. Origins could be like a Green Run map (But you know...Better) and reskined classic maps could be seen as the survival maps. and this kinda disproves the French Nacht idea "You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong." Although this could allude to Nacht, the storyline ends with the O4 chasing the Zombies over the Rhine and back into Germany
  12. Honestly I think they won't dupe us with just a grief and story map, if we do get to traverse with a Mark IV tank that does leave room for potential survival maps which is something I've kinda been wanting since Green Run. Also, instead of playing as CDC or CIA we play as the O4 in survival
  13. Or TEDD is a scaled down 1000 foot tall Robot? I'd find it funny to hear a booming TEDD quote as he navigates the map
  14. Probably just for decoration, sell the map as a world war 1 battle with, um, zombies and stuff But honestly I'd like to use the planes to board the robot, that would be cool. You know just sitting up on this thing's shoulder with a DSR picking zombies off one by one
  15. Just a thought here. In Samantha's Zombiefied room (or normal, haven't done a proper Kino run in ages) wasn't there a playset with the Original 4 on the ground that looked like a small town? I need pictures...COME ROBIN, TO THE RESEARCH MOBILE!
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