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  1. Evil Eric

    Your best zombie map idea?

    Maybe building a Hunter Killer Drone too -Some parts, gets 3 drones and has to be at a distance for it to work - Launch too close and you'll go down - Replenishes by going to the work bench you built them on Generally speaking just a crapload more things to build and more to add to the monorail.
  2. Evil Eric

    Your best zombie map idea?

    If we can select some MP maps then probably - Hijacked (Training may be pretty freaking sweet) - Hangar 18 (Would fit into the storyline, may create a better link between Nuketown and Green Run) - Hazard (Sniping some Zombies on the Golf course, oh yeah) - Kowloon - Stadium - A Zombified Terminal would be amazing (But I doubt 3Arc would do an Infinity Ward map) My own creation? - Seattle Space Needle (Smallish space with a great view, maybe can go on top of it too) - A fight on a jumbo jet while it's in the air, post game sees the plane crashing - Maybe a map with a tower on one side and zombies spawn on the other side to encourage sniping without being snuck up on - A layout like town but with taller buildings and more places to go (Similar looking sky to Nuketown) - Remake of Five but play as Obama, Romney and some Secret Service guys with more of a play space and some more links to current canon And for a map like Green Run maybe a modernish looking City with a monorail going around the map (must turn on the power first) with the monorail having a driver like TEDD (More funny quotes and interactivity) and this map would input a Kino Der Toten look alike. More Perks and some better wonder weapons, still use crafting and the map has a different aesthetic look to it none of this orangey fog. Some Lava and of course packed to the brim with Easter Eggs More wall guns too(nothing OP but still more because playing Tranzit and getting stuck in town didn't tickle my pickle with the lack of guns) - Utilities like the Bank and Weapon Fridge - Can use Ziplines and Elevators (Ziplines are free but Elevators cost 100) - Less Denizens or the option to turn them off (Which means fog but not as much) - Build or Buy thermal vision goggles or something to see through the fog with - Start in the map by getting dropped off by the bus - The bosses are deranged cops that run around attacking everything including zombies which means less points for you (a squad car does a small lap on one part of the map too), these guys appear after the police station is opened (some easter egg relevant stuff is in here) Maybe have more perks without having to glitch and a select a character option A small cutscene of how Misty, Marlton, Stu and Rus got there or some problem to overcome As a bonus in the Kino Der Toten area a film reel can be found and played in the PaP room which shows the original 4 escaping moon and heading to Green Run or someplace else That's all I got for now.
  3. Evil Eric

    Anyone still play BO 1???

    Honestly I recently bought the DLCs and love them, Call of the Dead to me is THE map for Zombies. So, yeah I started getting back into number 1 but both are pretty amazing although I need to improve training and have a better idea of the map before I jump in...Did terribly on Shangri La Although on Black Ops 2 I play on easy so training gets iffy (majority are slow) may start playing original who knows I may improve enough to get back into TranZit. ...Might implement the Hounds next time, do they have their own round or is that changed? The realization being I spend more time here than playing the games themselves. Welp.

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