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Mike or Chloe?

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I would've loved if Mike Harper and Chloe Lynch (Karma) could both survive till the end. They looked like a good pair together.

Unfortunately, only one of them can survive in the storyline no matter what. There are a number of ways Chloe can die. But it ultimately is decided in Achilles Heel. Where you must decide if Farid shoots Harper, or if he shoots Menedez.

If Farid shoots Harper, he is spared, and is ultimately there to protect Chloe from Salazar or Defalco killing her. This leaves Chloe alive, but Harper dead unfortunately. This leads to the Perfect Ending though.

If Farid shoots Menedez, he will dodge and than kill Farid. This leaves him unable to protect Chloe from Salazar or Defalco. The perfect ending cannot be obtained if Harper is not killed.

Adding on from this, if you do not complete the Strike Force missions, Chloe will go down with the Obama, leaving both dead.

Of course we all want the perfect ending, but it leaves Harper dead unfortunately.

So I ask you all. The first time you played the campaign, how did it turn out for Harper and Chloe in your situation?

For me, I wanted to try and do the best ending. Already failed that with killing Mason, though I didn't know he could survive. Killed Harper because I felt that was the right away. Saved Chloe, and Farid took Salazar's bullet (I had killed Defalco before this).

BUT, I was playing Veteran and found the Strike Force missions to hard, so I left them. I knew this would have bad consequences, but I just couldn't beat them. This resulted in Briggs (I let Menedez spare him, not much point though) and Chloe going down with the Obama. So Harper and Chloe were both dead! :(

To make matters worse, I killed Menedez in the end. This results in Cordis Die uprising and laying down the goverment. I got the worst ending, the complete opposite of what I wanted, haha!

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Farid got killed by Menendez. (Should have known better...)

And Karma got killed because of that I was kinda sad because I liked her.

I got a bad ending as well. (Not as bad as yours though. :lol: )

The first time I've played I killed Mason as well.

But the thing that annoys me so much about it is that you can one shot general Amsel with a pistol.

So I have never even thought of Mason surviving a sniper shot in the leg. :x

And yes the strike force missions are a pain.

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Oh God strike force is hard on veteran! I did most of the,, but couldn't manage FOB spectre and another one, can't remember now...

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Faird got shot by Menendez.

I remember Harper surviving until the end where I captured Menendez.

Karma though got her throat cut..... can't remember how but I do remember thinking how I was now going to crack the worm now.

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I actually got the perfect ending my first time through. I sat for about 30 seconds debating whether or not to shoot Harper at the moment of truth, but then I figured "there's no way I would be able to kill my own teammate without some major importance behind it." so many times have I been haunted by the phrase "friendly fire will not be tolerated." so I took aim and blew his head off.

So yeah, Harper died, karma survived, and everybody lived happily ever after. Except Salazar. and menendez. And DeFalco. And Harper.

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I tried to kill Menendez and I got the good ending... It ended with me sliding down, killing Menendez's body guards, and jumping on Menendez. It asked me if I wanted to kill or capture Menendez, and I chose kill. Harper was severely injured, but we got him out safely. The last cutscene showed Mason reunited with Woods (I shot him in the leg instead of the head).

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Oh, and we beat Cordis Die, they never upraised( I think that's the word I'm looking for..). Sorry, forgot to add that.

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first play through~~Chloe is dead, farid is dead briggs alive and Menendez captured...woods also dead, and mason....facepalm.

rewound the story to the karma mission~~chloe still captured assumed dead, harper dead, briggs dead , Menendez dead. Mason and woods alive....much better.

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