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Dont Play on Custom Match

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Do not play on the custom match lobby. If you do your round will not be saved to the leaderboard. I personally got to 36 in a 2 player custom and it didnt count towards the leaderboards (i would have been rank 350)

Also if a player leaves the match, whatever round he leaves on will be what goes toward your leaderboard. Ex. your friend has to go at round 20 and you continue to play and go down at round 42. Round 20 will be what shows up on your highscore.

Just thought i would warn you guys before you made the mistake i did!

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I got my shotguns emblem on a custom match. Don't steer people away from custom, to each his own.

Been doing the same. :D I'm too lazy to do early rounds, so I skip to 20 and play town on normal. Only takes me about a hour and 20 minutes to get to 40. Or if I don't have time and want to stay active to prevent a tally mark loss: play till 25, takes about 10-15 minutes I believe. ;)

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I wouldn't steer people away from Custom either. They both serve their purpose. Leaderboards aren't the only goal in the game anymore. I also feel custom acts as sort of a chat room/playable lobby. Friends will come in and out of my game all the time. I have one guy who pops in once a night, we talk a bit while he runs hordes in the tunnel, banks his money then goes to bed lol. I've literally had 10 different friends come and go during one game before.

To each his own.

We rally a dedicated group once or twice a week of those same friends (with nice plump wallets and PaP guns in the fridge) to go for a leaderboard run on public play but a majority of our games are in Custom.

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