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Hoping to Join the Commmunity.

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Hello my name is QuickReviveGuy or Quick. I live in Prattville, Alabama, I love playing Zombies on the PlayStation 3. I have an Xbox 360 but I don't use it often. I am decent at Zombies all rounds are at least 25 up except Shangri La (I hate that map). I hope to become a very active member of the community on Call of Duty Zombies. Thank You>

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Welcome to the site!




Wait did I say that already no you didn't what are you two saying look now he's all confused and no we should really stop now but you two are always fighting no I ain't it's always you two who are bickering I'd like to make an interjection shut up why don't you shut up your the worst of us look we are going to scare him away no we aren't if he plays zombies he shouldn't be afraid of but I am hey let me finish my sentence no go eat a cookie wait what cookies oh look now you got him all excited should we tell him how to get some of the medals nahh its fine he can manage no wait I think he already gets one the introduction wait you two shut up I'm trying to think do you message a mod or yes you message a mod you dimwit if you want a medal and your eligible then you can message a mod or dweller and get it wait what is a dweller I did not know any of this well its a mod with less stuff define stuff please no shut up both of you should be quiet this is too long a conversation your too long a conversation I guess we should say goodbye now right guys yeah sure new users are great I wish I had a cookie goodbye goodbye goodbye!

Tri-polar conversations rule


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Welcome to the site mate :D

Don't worry about Shangri-La, I used to hate that map, but after a while it sorta grows on you and you appreciate it more.

I used to hate Shang. I did 89 solo on the first week, 45 co-op soon after, then 100 solo recently. has it grown on me? Has it [email protected]*$ :lol: I still hate it now. The scenery just isn't for me, I hate the feel of it and the shriekers have me muting the sound becuase the sound does my head in. So yeah, if you don't like Shang for certain reasons other than the difficulty, that won't change with time ;)

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I think with me Shang was about adapting to a much tighter map, especially after the vastness of CotD. Shang just has so many tight corridors and sharp corners in it. The shriekers I don't mind so much soundwise, it's more when they decide it's a good idea to block your train. Grrr.... :x

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