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Riddle Me This- CoDz Edition

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A teammate!

1. A teammate angrily goes down

3. Players seperate while running trains so the zombies don't trap them

4. If you go down you need a teammate to revive you

5. A world record holder will not take one for granted

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Closest was Avenged Lullaby with the answer of Monkey Bombs.

The answer was: Crossbow.

The clues explained:

1. I angrily genuflect.

Cross- a synonym for anger. Bow- a synonym for genuflect. Simply a pun.

2. I never left this planet.

The crossbow is not on Moon.

3. The farther I am, the safer you are.

You want to shoot crossbow bolts away from you.

4. Black magic turns me into your best friend when thunder and lightning have left you.

When you PAP the crossbow, it becomes the Awful Lawton, which saves your life (shooting Monkey Bomb-like bolts), especially when you don't have the Thundergun or Wunderwaffe.

5. He who has a world record never takes me for granted.

Notice how the World Record holder on Five uses the Awful Lawton. He knows the importance of such a weapon and how vital it is for a World Record, on Five and on any other map, quite frankly.

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Here's a less "complex" one, just for you, ZombieNation. :lol:

1. Somebody said that I was a perfect match for Richtofen.

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Here's a less "complex" one, just for you, ZombieNation. :lol:

1. Somebody said that I was a perfect match for Richtofen.

Sanity? I guess they never met. :lol:

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I can win if I give an explanation!

The napalm zombies!

Dempsey calls them "flamers" which is a term for a homosexual, and since Richtoffen is one (and Dempsry thinks so) he wil say things like "got a flamed for ya Richtoffen"

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Napalm Zombie or Shrieker?


HAHAHA NAPALM ZOMBIE!!! Cause it's a flamer (hehe), and kills other zombies

Since you both got it, I needed to go with the better answer. Liz actually pulled the quote out, so congratulations! You get to pose the riddle now. She gets it because she posted a full answer at 8:07; Rabbit had it at 8:08. Tankeo, you were just late. ;)

First clue- "Hey Richtofen, I got a flamer for you!" says Tank Dempsey.

Second clue- blows up and kills all the zombies when it dies.

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