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  1. Welcome to CoDz! my name's daisy i hope to see you around (: you should check up with the xbox players, so you can talk to them and play some zombies :3 it's nice to meet you, enjoy the forums
  2. hello! my name's daisy :3 well as you can see, there's many good zombie players here so talk to them, and maybe play some zombie games with them i hope you explore the CoDz and check out all the theories and all hope you have fun, and if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask anyone around! nice meeting you c: enjoy the forums, AND Welcome to the site!
  3. heeey welcome to the site my name's daisy, and well if you need any help talk to me or anyone else :3 i hope to see you around! and maybe play with you, since i'm ps3 as well d: everyone here's friendly so talk to them! :}
  4. wow that is hard. just say the answer
  5. welcome to the site! my name's daisy, hope to see you around :3
  6. Hello there Well i'm new to CoDz, so i'll start off with my name my name is daisy, but you can call me whatever you want i'm gabbehhh's sister, but ofcourse i'm younger i am 15 and am 5'1, yes i'm short u.u but ohh well i'm catching up tp gabby lol (x i live in South Texas by Mexico (: i have three sisters (including gabby) and two brother's, also i have two step sisters yes, we're a big family i am the second youngest (not including my step sisters) c: i love playing black ops, though i have kinda stopped playing zombies i love the storyline so i hope to start playing again soon i play lots of multiplayer, i'm not that great, but i sure have gotten way better :3 gabby, ofcourse, is way better than me in zombies because she's that beast (x though when i play zombie's i always play der reise because idk i just do xD btw as you can see, i love putting smileys, so sorry if it gets annoying Dx i am a very happy person, i never like being sad, so i'll always be laughing for no reason just like gabby to me gabby's like my twin sister because we laugh for no reason all the time d: i am currently a freshman or fishie (x i am in band and play the clarinet just like my sister we both LOVE marching season because it's totally the best thing ever though, i was surprised because i slacked off so much this year, but i will push myself my sophmore year :} well this should be it, thanks for all you kinda people for welcoming to the site :3 hope to become friends with you all, and see you around! btw sorry for my long story ._. i forgot to mention i love writing x) ~daisy (:
  7. hope to see you around then
  8. hello dj welcome to the site, hope to see you around! ~daisy (:
  9. ahah i am no special person, i just have more replies because i answer c: but thanks, and i sure will check it out, i love exploring the forums (: thanks for the help btw, it's really friendly of you guys :3
  10. lol yeah! i'm pretty sure we can become awesome friends! d: and well i guess i'll see you around as well ^-^ and yeah my thread lol not so cool xD
  11. well hello hi my name's daisy just like you, i'm a new person in the CoDz forums i hope you have lots of fun, and get to know the people around here because they are truly amazing if you need any help, i'm here just like any other person in the forums :3 well it's nice to meet you! hope we become friends (:
  12. Hi! Welcome to the site I have a shirt that says "This shirt is now 20 percent cooler" by the way So, if you have any questions just ask. Gabbehhh is an awesome user, and I'm sure you will be as well. thanks and yeah i have a shirt thats says "i do all my own stunts" lol (x & thanks hopefully i become as awesomeas my sister :3
  13. hello nice to meet you i also just joined today, but i've known this website for a while because of my sister :3 the people here are really friendly and A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! you should really read all the theories about zombies, i mean btw they are extraordinary! :} i really hope we can become friends, if you need any help i'm always here or you can just contact anyone around c:
  14. the things in moon that make you fly in the air when there on ._.

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