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Official CallOFDuty.com BO2 Viral thread - UPDATE 7

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That screenshot with Woods all but confirms the speculations I had about the 1980's flashback involving the CIA training of the Mujaheddin in Aghanistan to prevent Soviet take-over.

The CIA basically trained Osama Bin Laden (Code-named Tim Osman by the CIA during the 1980's) and taught him many things, including how to defeat an empire, bankrupt them. Worked with Russia, and it seems to be making a huge dent on the United States considering the amount of money we spend to keep us "safe" and "nation build" around the world.

Anyway, I have a feeling the flashback mission will involve Operation Cyclone or a similar program involving a covert operation on July 23, 1986.


Image ]

Maybe multiple missions but flashbacks for sure about covert operations perhaps training Menendez with technology to defeat the Soviet Union, and something happens between the CIA and Menendez at the end of mission causing him to want revenge. And 39 years later starts a war to enact his revenge.

http://articles.latimes.com/1986-07-23/ ... oclamation

Also found this article from July 23, 1986 about Soviet claims of U.S. hiring Mercenaries in countries to wage wars, one is Afghanistan, but this was almost common knowledge even when it was happening, not as covert as it is today.

I knew that picture would come in handy. ;)

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I think a lot of people are forgetting, that the only way to make progress is to move forward, and after hearing people compare it Halo, or other futuristic games, then it makes me roll my eyes. Halo is in the future, yes it uses advanced weaponry, but in Black Ops they are using many things that may be capable of being produced today, and being set in 2025 may be a big gap for some, but lets not forget its set in the 1980s too. I personally loved the Black Ops campaign, as it also inspired me with one of then novels I'm writing, and helped me understand brainwashing better... anyway, i think the campaign will be a pleasant difference from what we normally expect. it maybe a significant jump in some peoples eyes but if Fallout can pull it off, then why not COD. If it is to remain competitive it needs to move forward, I would use a quote from Five made by JFK but somone on another thread beat me to it.

You see my point. As for Anonymous. Well they need to realise that in many games, novels, a story/plot or even organisation may have routes in the real world. The real world is the inspiration, if anything they are taking this way tooooo seriously. There are loads of games out there that incorporate hacking, and other related things.

I would like to reiterate... It's just... A GAME. A vision, and an idea brought to life for our own entertainment, the viral campaign is our direct involvement, and allows more interaction between creator and community.

Edit: I apologise for my mispellings.

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What I would like to know is, IS there going to be another vial campaign like GKNOVa6? We need something to do while we wait for the game's release. IS THERE GOING TO BE ANOTHER ONE?!?

It does not appear that there will be a viral campaign. Too bad, really. I really enjoyed the last one. I suppose there is still time to do one but it looks like they have done the reveal and then confirmed that zombies will be in the game.

As a story line the game looks pretty straight forward the POV of Black Ops I lent itself to a crazy viral campaign this one doesn't look like it does.

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The first image appears to be some Tacitus documents. Might I add that the text on the 1st document isn't english, but Latin I believe.

The second picture is Menendez. You can find this out by right clicking the image, and open image in new tab. Then look at the link.

The third image is a document about a man named Tian Zhao. No info on this guy at this time; most likely works with Menendez.

The forth image is of Alex Mason, or his son. The first name is blurred.

The fifth image is more documents.... About a heart-shaped pendant and kneecaps? Not sure about this one. It also has to do with our buddy Tian here, as seen in the url.

Anyway, this was just recently updated.

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