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Map idea - Pory de Untodes


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Meaning port of undeath, our 4 lovable characters would start out on a boat that is medium-large size (more than enough room to fight on. It would have 4 floors to the boat:

Cabin: Below the deck, where there are sleeping cabanas where zombies can get tangled somtimes, there is an m1911 ammo plot down here and not much else.

Deck: The poopdeck of the ship would be spacious enough to fight a large horde of zombies on, the "building" part of the ship has stairs that lead down to the cabin or up to the supply, one more important thing is this floor has the dock next to it. (more on that later)

Supply: Above the deck would be the supply, you can barricade the stairs up or down to halt the zombies but more than 1 zombie can attack the barrier at once. It has a Japanese grenade wall plot. (same effect as stintlehandgranate). There are also stairs that lead to the bridge.

Bridge: The command center is a final stand place that has a window you can safely dolphin dive out of and the lever to end the round (see mechanics), that's it besides stairs leading down to the supply.


Ok, here's how the map works: Every wave zombies continually spawn and climb up onto the deck of the boat, instead of reserve zombies they would infinitely come like no man's land. After 30 seconds have passed someone can pull the lever on the bridge of the boat to end the wave, the night rapidly turns to day in a matter of seconds and a dock rises beside the boat leading to the port. Here's the catch: the players can spend half as much time afterwards preparing for the next round as they did fighting, the minimum being 15 seconds. The players then enter the port through the dock and the port would take about a minute of continuous sprinting to reach the end. The port would be themed like a pre ww2 rural Asian city with peasants walking and pushing wheelbarrows through the streets. Weapons, perks and the mystery box would be scattered throughout the city forcing the players to find them and adding a sense of urgency to the game. Every perk, melee weapon and gun in the game excluding wonder weapons (not to sound like one of those every perk on nacht de untoten guys) the box would be VERY well hidden on the map, reappearing in a random position every different "day". The farther you go in the city the better the weapons and perks on sale are (speed cola and LMG's near the end). The pack a punch machine is at the end in a monastery filled with monks (a VERY bad place to be at night). Every player starts out with 5000 points and 15 bonus seconds (only after round 1) to shop.


Players must learn to manage their time well because the port is a very bad place to be at night. As soon as the timer hits zero there will be a flash of lightning, blinding the players for a second. When they can see again it has become night and the dock lowers into the water making travel impossible between the two locations.


As you probbably suspected the port is extremely dangerous at night, all the peasants turn into invincible zombies that prowl the streets looking for a tasty soldier to devour, as a person stuck there you must remain out of sight of the zombies walking around as they can down you in 1 hit. Weapons and perks can be bought during the night although the perk jingle might give you away to a few less than kind prowlers.When daybreak comes the dock raises out of the water allowing the players to regroup. If all people are in the port when the timer runs dry one unlucky player will be transported to the bridge during the blinding lightning bolt, if all the players on the boat die then it's an automatic game over for everyone.

The special zombie for the map would be monks who lunge at you and force you to press a button prompt or be downed.

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Really like the idea of night and day being incorporated, especially with the dock. To be honest though, I think you would be better of without the lever. i.e set amounts of zombies per round, but there is a set amount of time between the end of a round and the start of the next, but this could decrease depending on how well you did in the round. eg there could be a set time of two minutes (just say, could be something different), but every down in the previous round reduces this time by, let's say, 10 seconds.

With the monks and the button promt - don't do button prompt, they just don't fit in well with fast-paced games. Perhaps have some other way of dealing with them (not sure, but will have a think).

Otherwise, pretty good ideas - personally, I've always wanted a sort of streety map where you actually have to hunt for perks and box etc.

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Yeah the monks could knock you back and you land prone, how bout the faster the players beat the wave the more time they get at port. Also the monks would arrive as 10% of the wave (1 in 10 zombies is a monk) and they would have half health to avoid being a "chase" character like George or astronaut.

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How about no hiding from zombies at the port at night just has the regular zombies with all of the shops and houses, but because it is so narrow (in the style of a main street with shops) it would be very difficult to manuevur and very dark therefore making it hard on its own, you can keep the monks because that would be awesome but no button prompts, just make them lunge at you and be faster than normal zombies i.e the shrieker zombies, otherwise this map sounds awesome

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I tried to steer people away from camping on the port due to all the good stuff being there, thanks for the critisizm though the zombies could yield no points and be tougher than the usual ones (maybe 3x?), plus they would come in droves making WAAAAY more strategic about this map.

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I chose with some refinement, and gave you rep because you are at least thinking differently, the majority will just give a new perk idea and want to pap twice :roll: I'm just not so sure that the gameplay itself would be "fun" in the way its worded. I don't know how theyd write people turning back and forward from zombies through day and night into the story but oh well :P I'd prefer they think of gameplay before story anyway.

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I hate the idea.. I honestly do...no proper storyline..... No connection to destroyed earth what's so ever... And we do not need another port... Call of the dead was enough boats.... And invisible zombies?....

I would not buy this... Even if it had an Easter egg you had to do to complete the big one they made at the end... And I bought shangri la!

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Okay, let's make three things clear, bub. THERE ARE NO invisible zombies, the people ARE the zombies. Secondly, if you can't offer ANY advice then you really shouldn't slam everyone else's, much like the perk idea thread. An exception being if you own the thread because people are SUBMITTING their IDEAS to YOU. Thirdly CotD WASN'T a port, it was a FREAKING ISLAND! The boat would be an entirely different style than the port one would be. The CotD one was a tanker, the port would lean towards a cruise or yacht ship, something that was meant for civilians.

Like Tankeo said, if you've got nothing good to say then don't say it.

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Let's start this out plain and simple. No offence to anyone else though. What type of retard spends money on shangri la? I wasn't even mad, just emphasizing. I find it interesting how the sentence at the bottom of my signature can bother you SO. I'll leave the rest for someone else...

Stop mocking me0 said:

If you have something important say it.

But what you said isn't important, TROLOLOLOL!

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1.Stopmockingme was just stating his opinion. You dont need to blow up at him because he didnt like your idea.

2.Why would you say "What retard would spend money in shangri-la" Shangri-la is a good map and i enjoyed and it was money well spent!

3.You said you never had COTD so you shouldnt be giving any input on the map (i understand youve probably seen gameplays of it)

4.I personally think its an interesting idea,i would buy it for the sake of that i like zombies but i dont know if i would like it

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I think pulling the elder card on a forum was dumb. Yes you may have more experience on the forum but still everyone on the forum is equal unless you're a admin or something. I like the idea except for a few little aspects. I like the idea of a CRUISE ship not a ship-wrecked military boat like in CotD. I liked Cotd and Shangri-la. I will at first I didn't like shangri la but once I actually played it for a little while and did the EE on it, it was an ok map. The idea of the asian marketers or whatever you want to call them turning into zombies that are invincible is dumb, Yes you may make them a little tougher but not invincible. Make them limited to like 1/10 or a set number per round. I love the idea of everything being spread out through out a city though. btw guy that came on here bashing his idea, learn to spell simple words like "opposite" not "opposet"

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