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  1. They wouldnt have to remove the max ammo after killing the strongman as most bosses drop 2 power ups. so it would give the perks if you get him to hit it and the max ammo but not a death machine or a special weapon like george. You could also instead of having the PaP somewhere on the ground, have a platform at the very top of the ferris wheel and give the player 90 seconds or 120 seconds to PaP whatever weapons they want. They can also shoot zombies from up there but the zombies can crawl up. Maybe have an alarm or something go off when they only have 10 seconds left and any players left on the platform either get stuck up there not able to help their teammates or launched across the map to a tight fit area where its hard to dodge zombies. I dont have anymore ideas at the moment so ill comment later if I think of anything else.
  2. sounds a little too powerful to be a type of claymore but it could work! and ok. I dont have any other ideas right now.
  3. Oh, okay. I figured since this would be in the next game it would be after moon, but I guess simultaneously could be cool too. Maybe it could even add an extra twist/turn in the game. Since its happening at the same time, like at round 30 or something higher than most zombie players get to (not counting the amazing zombie players) lol maybe they could add in the moon EE and make it to where the players have to do something to stop from being murdered by the rockets. Or we could leave that idea for a new map and have it set somewhere like a military facility where they have computer rooms to control rockets and the players have like 10 minutes as soon as round 30 starts to go find certain items or switches or something. Thanks a lot for the brains. BTW, what did you think of my wonder weapon idea for your map Carnival?
  4. and I just had an idea, instead of a normal cage with bars like a jail cell, it would be some kind of electric barrier or something and they would have to find something to cut the power off to it or something. Which with the cage having some form of barrier that you cant walk through or shoot through, it might help them come up with an idea to go along with the EE, maybe it would be some kind of strange power source or something. Im not sure if you've played Halo, but a barrier similar to the barriers on there that you can walk through but you cant drive a vehicle or shoot through. Except it would have to keep people from walking through, just threw the halo thing in there to give you a better visual of exactly what kind of BARRIER. I made this part up off the top of my head but most of the carnival would be destroyed from the moon EE so only a few of the rides would work obviously and maybe the nuclear bombs could have reacted with some form of element or something and made it into some kind of energy source. Maybe even element 115 or some other kind of element that the test groups could have been working with. Which could also bring up another idea for a new wonder weapon. Maybe a new weapon for the map could be a gun or a grenade that puts a big bubble around zombies withing 10 yards of the impact point and the bubble could like implode, kind of like if a star were to die but on a smaller scale, and after it implodes it could emit a bright light/flash temporarily blinding players that are looking at it and then after the light it explodes sending zombie limbs flying everywhere. The wonder weapon idea right there was 100% right off the top of my head. and you're post before this was talking about the location of the carnival, I think it should be in Chernobyl, Ukraine like someone else said. If you've played CoD4 you know what happened there and everything. Chernobyl would be a great theme as there were thousands of people that died and there was a nuclear fallout there so lots of stuff is contaminated with the radiation which might make you have to wear a mask or something like you had to have the PES for moon. Well I think ive made this post a little long and I dont have any other ideas at the time but theres everything I got lol Also, I'm fairly new to this forum. If you like my additions to your map idea and could spare some. I wouldn't mind a brain or two! Just saying, you don't have to if you dont want to.
  5. Well i dont think it would be strong enough for its own round so maybe like every 5-6 rounds it would come during a normal round and drop and perk or max ammo. well instead of it only coming every 5-6 rounds like dog rounds it could be a little tougher to kill and do a little less damage and it could be in every round like the cosmonaught or George in CotD since George drops a perk and death machine/wunderwaffe. Like the whole idea! Always thought a carnival/circus would be a great map! I think the layout should possibly be kind of like shi no numa with maybe a hugs circus tent in the middle with the branches extending out to other parts of the map and maybe connect them with the different carnival rides. Maybe instead of a "strong man zombie" if you're in the circus tent have a ring master just like in a real circus. I don't really have any ideas of what he would do to you. Maybe he would grab a hold of the player and teleport them into a cage or something and they are stuck in there till the trapped player could maybe do some form of task in the cage or till the other players kill the ring master take a key from him or find the key somewhere and go unlock the cage to free the trapped players
  6. Lots of people have been going on about a ranking system and things of that sort and emblems for certain things. Maybe they could do something like once you get to a certain rank you unlock pro for a perk or they could do like they did for multi-player and make you do certain things for the pro. For like quick revive you would have to revive 50 players in one GAME of zombies or something. or get 100 revives over all
  7. I think they would look at the maps made on pc and make sure they arent like the maps that 3arc has made in the map packs so they would maybe have the same number of sales on the map packs. It wouldnt be a transfer from your computer to your console. It would be like a online database that they control and allow all custom maps on that can connect to pc and all other consoles. Kind of like the custom maps on Trials HD you can make a track and download your friends then play them.
  8. I agree. Make it to where you can make them on pc but can download them on consoles. Merge the leaderboards but label each player for the console they were playing on. Maybe make it to where you can edit maps on consoles, like simply changing wall guns, moving them to whatever spot on the wall you want, moving box spawn and perks but not being able to make walls/buildings or anything of that sort.
  9. I think pulling the elder card on a forum was dumb. Yes you may have more experience on the forum but still everyone on the forum is equal unless you're a admin or something. I like the idea except for a few little aspects. I like the idea of a CRUISE ship not a ship-wrecked military boat like in CotD. I liked Cotd and Shangri-la. I will at first I didn't like shangri la but once I actually played it for a little while and did the EE on it, it was an ok map. The idea of the asian marketers or whatever you want to call them turning into zombies that are invincible is dumb, Yes you may make them a little tougher but not invincible. Make them limited to like 1/10 or a set number per round. I love the idea of everything being spread out through out a city though. btw guy that came on here bashing his idea, learn to spell simple words like "opposite" not "opposet"
  10. I think you guys have pretty much all the perks down. I have one idea for mule kick, its not that great but no one else has any ideas. Maybe when hit by a mule kick zombie you stumble or get tripped up for a second or he "kicks" you like a mule and knocks you back a few yards and hurts you more than an average hit, say 30% more than a normal hit. Just my opinions
  11. I agree with the idea of perks only effecting the body, but I also like the idea of "Dragon's Breath." Maybe they could make a machine like the pack a punch or a ammo box that you can change/buy ammo from. the machine idea would cost 3000 or 3500 the ammo box would cost 2500, the ammo box would not replenish ammo, just simply change it into incendiary rounds. If the gun you're buying ammo for has been upgraded, the ammo would obviously do more damage, maybe up the price to 4000 maybe 5000. Also I still support the idea of bringing the flamethrower back. I loved that thing sooo much!
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