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Why no deadshot or double tap???

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The first time I played this map I spent AGES looking for double tap and deadshot, and couldnt find them anywhere... could it be because the monkeys would make it more difficult with all 8 perks, or because 3arc is too lazy to add them in?? Can someone enlighten me with thier ideas on this please...

It might be because deadshot and double tap are the most useless but still, all 8 perks would be nice. Theres nothing better than rampageing around the map with all 8 perks and a heart full of zombie killing pride :twisted:

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at the point of ascension there was no deadshot perk yet, it was added in COTD but i don't know why they don't have double tap, personal i would have liked it but a lot of people don't

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     They have not patched in any of the other perks for several reasons I would assume. First being game balancing. Ascension is already regarded as one of the easiest maps ever made, and adding two more perks would make that ridiculous. Also with the added two perks Monkey rounds would be so much different. Plus Ascension is not the biggest map out there so squeezing in two more perks would be quite cramped. Finally, I guess they just don't want too :D I agree that they should not be added in as a patch though, for all of the above reasons. Well, here is an overly complicated answer to your fairly simple question! Enjoy!

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First post yay

Agreed that ascensions way easy, ive heard it said that the game developers were just teaching everyone (literally everyone) how to train. Adding those two perks to ascension would simply be pretty OP in early rounds. Imo it'd even out in later rounds with the monkeys

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Dat necro-post kreygasm.png. Welcome!

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More info: Kino was supposed to be WaW MP 4, but mw2 was (literally) 11 days away. So, they remade it, bo1 style. However, Ascension was already made during bo1's dev cycle. It was much larger apparently and double tap was to be included. Also, Deadshot was not introduced and treyarch did not want mule kick in until the final dlc. Instead, ascension's size was reduced, and as a compensation, phd and staminup were put in instead.

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The first DLC is always the pain for trayarch, as they have to deal with fixing the original maps that came with the game.


Naturally they dumb it down a bit, take die rise for example: 


-No stamin up

-6 perks (Tranzit had 6 too) 

-No bank/weapons locker upon launch

-REALLY bad achievements (come on, face the dragon was SUCH a let down…) 

-Lot of the easter egg steps were shared by both maxis and richtofen.

-Same box weapons as tranzit




Plus it's a good marketing strategy: This map is slightly better then the original map!-- WAIT this map is better then the last one!--- WAIT… Actually this map isn't living up to the last one… BUT THIS LAST MAP IS REALLY BIG AND SURPRISING! 

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