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  1. I love this one too when I want good spacing from other players. One tip if you panic a bit is to run out towards the spawn area aka the room where you first start the game. You can activate the fire trap on your way there. If you feel like practicing a bit of fancy footwork you could also funnel them through the curving trench-like tunnel thing, letting them hug the wall as you run right back past them into stamin-up hehe. If that doesnt work for you, you can drawn them towards the centrifuge door (spawn area) and flopper down the stairs on each side. Hope it helps.
  2. First post yay Agreed that ascensions way easy, ive heard it said that the game developers were just teaching everyone (literally everyone) how to train. Adding those two perks to ascension would simply be pretty OP in early rounds. Imo it'd even out in later rounds with the monkeys
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