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***The Complete Solo Zombies Survival Guide***

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Hi guys and girls, Superhands here - welcome to the Complete Black Ops Solo Zombies Strategy Guide!

For those that don’t know much about me, I’m a player that likes to get into the strategical aspect of playing the zombies, trying out what works and what doesn’t work on each map and putting together a strategy that guarantees high rounds most of the time for decent players. Once I’ve got what I believe to be a solid, potential round 100+ strategy, I go for a run to 50+ and succeed. I’ve been to round 60 and over in solo play on every Black Ops map 100+ on several maps including some world records, and a round 80 suicide on Nacht Der Untoten! I'm also considered by many to be one of the best solo and No Man's Land players in the world. I've also achieved 50+ and 60+ co-op on several maps.

Here I’ll be sharing my knowledge with you, providing you with map-specific solo guides for each and every single Black Ops zombies map, from Kino to Moon as well as the Classic Maps… and a couple of co-op guides as an added bonus, you lucky, lucky people! You may have seen a few of these guides around the Call of Duty Zombies forums and included in Ehjookayted’s Master Zombies Guide. Some of them however are never-before-seen, written specifically for this, and most of the older ones have been updated/improved in some way or another with a few extra gems of advice, so be sure to have another read!

In these guides, I’ll be guiding you from round 1 all the way to whatever round you start using the end-game strategy; for the uninitiated, the end-game strategy is when it gets to a certain point in the game, normally after round 30, that you start using a certain strategy for the rest of the game; a strategy in which you quickly gather up the zombies and kill them with either wonder weapon or trap, over and over and over again. Sounds boring – it is. The things we do to reach really high rounds…

Before we get down to the specific guides on each map, I’ll be giving you some general tips that apply to all maps while playing solo.

Also for the record; all of these guides are what I’ve found to be safe and effective high-round methods. I didn’t see it fit to point out the fastest tactics for gathering zombies to get through the rounds in most cases, but rather opted for ones that were both safe and not too slow. If you’re really looking to push yourself to the highest round you think you can get to, rushing is not the ideal thing to do at all.

So get comfortable, open your eyes and prepare to be enlightened!


Dodging zombies

Although I’ll be showing you all of my chosen loops to run in the pursuit of high rounds, you will of course need to dodge zombies, in various ways depending on the situation, to get them to join your train. I could write about this, but I feel no need to as Ehjookayted (AKA EyeCntSpel) has already written about this as well as I could in his community project, the Master Zombies Guide:


Sprint Jumping: Your Best Friend

This is a tactic that not a lot of people talk about, but it is one that you repeatedly see in the world records for No Man’s Land. It involves sprinting and then jumping while you are sprinting, to avoid the reach of zombies. Now when you do this, make sure, as you jump, your analogue stick is pointed straight ahead or away from the zombie(s). Same deal goes for keys on the PC. I have found that while living on a red screen or on two hits, this technique beats normal dodging tactics any day of the week. However, it requires practice, as your reflexes will take time to develop. Don’t get mad if it doesn’t work at first.

Maybe you’re jumping at the wrong time or overusing the technique. High-level zombies play, in the end, comes down to a simple action-reaction tug of war. The zombies win in the end, but preventing them from victory for 50 rounds sure is a ton of fun. The best way to do that, undoubtedly, would be the well-known strategy of kiting/training. More on that later.

The Screen Shake

This technique will make you look so pro when you use to save your life when you’re red-screened. All you need to do is jolt your right analog stick back and forth while passing a zombie or a group of zombies. This turns your character ever so slightly, that the zombies will change direction/change animations and nearly 100% of the time, not hit you. Now, it does take practice and I wouldn’t recommend this (as it’s kind of like last resort mode) if you have another way out, but for general dodging at full health, I highly suggest you try it out. If you watch closely at some of the best players in the world, you’ll find that they use this multiple times to get out of sticky situations. Don’t rush and get frustrated when you are mindlessly swinging your stick around! Be patient and you’ll learn the technique.

Tip: beware what sensitivity you play on and don’t adjust it immediately; test the tactic out and then switch.

The Sidestep

The sidestep is perhaps the easiest dodge to learn, the hardest to master. This is running right in front of the oncoming zombie and then dodging immediately to your right or left to avoid getting trapped. If you are in a narrow corridor, you should be able to use this effectively to your advantage. Beware, this technique tends to fail me and most others on staircases. When faced with a tight staircase and a zombie, you’ll need a bit of screen-shaking and sprint jumping (maybe even luck) to make it through. However, the sidestep/quick dodge is a valuable technique in surviving the waves of the undead and should be applied where applicable.

The Cut-back

[ Image ]

Not only one of the best dodging tactics, but a highly advanced training tactic as well. This technique should be used when round a corner full of zombies; your best option would be to turn back. Go to the towards the zombies then cut all the back where you have the open space. It is a bit hard to describe so here is an illustration of the cut-back:

The Drag-out

[ Image ]

The drag out is an exploitation of zombie animations so that you can easily get by one or two zombies. First of all, you should have a lengthy (or short) but most importantly, reasonably far train from you. This is for kiting only, but even without a train, this works. You see the zombies, move back and let them approach your side (you want it to seem like you are pulling the zombies towards you, when in reality, you are dragging them out). Now you can zoom right past them using either sprinting or sprint jumping! Here is an illustration of that:

The Cut and Drag: Escape Route

The cut and drag is a very complex route that you can use to escape certain death. It is a combo of cutting back then dragging out to escape the clutches of death!

[ Image ]

Thanks Eye! Also one I'd like to add which I've been using for a while that I've also seen some other players start to use, a more simple alternative to the screen shake:

The Faux-Screen Shake

A simpler alternative to the screen-shake which has the same animation-cancelling effect, suitable for players like myself that play with lower sensitivities. It's basically just jerking your analog stick away from the closest zombie to you, then moving it in a half circle, upwards before centering it again. Done like so:


Starting a game

On pretty much every map, you’ll start with an M1911 pistol with 40 shots, on round 1. You’ll try and keep the zombies out using just your pistol and knife.

On the first round, just knife the zombies and repair boards for points. At round 2, shoot times then knife once - this less risky than knifing twice, hence saving ammo by not shooting in round 1. You get the same amount of points either way as long as you knife for the kill.

At the end of the second round with one zombie left, it’s a good idea to let this zombie in before you kill it – you’ll be due a powerup, and it’s best to drop it at the end of a round WITHOUT collecting it, so you can save it for the next round.

It can really help to know when you’re going to get drops in the early rounds to help time them for maximum benefit – and you can do just that. You’ll get your first drop from a kill made at or after 2500 points are made. The second one comes at 5000 points.

If you’re confident at knifing the zombies during rounds 3 and 4, when it’ll take 3 knifes to kill, you may find huge benefit in buying no weapons and staying in the first room until the end of round 4. The reason this is so beneficial is because, on most maps, this will give you enough points to open up a number of doors and buy the Bowie Knife/Sickle, which of course can really rack up the points in the rounds below 10 with its single-knife kill ability. This of course without the need for ammo, and is especially beneficial if bought at such an early round. You can also get through the first couple of boss rounds just knifing away with it.

Of course, in these rounds when you get your first 2 drops you’ll be hoping for either a x2 or a Max Ammo, as both greatly increase productivity in regards to points in the first few rounds.

If you’re going for this approach in the early rounds, ignore my early round advice per map, as I’ll almost always advise an SMG for point-building for beginners as it’s a lot easier.

Powerup drops

If you’re a beginner at zombies, you’ll most likely dash for any powerup drop as soon as you see it no matter what it is. Most of us did the same thing when we first started, but you soon learn that there’s a right and wrong time to collect a particular drop:

Max Ammo: You can generally take these at any time and it wouldn’t hurt your situation. A few people say that not picking up drops will lead to more powerups being dropped later on, however there is no proof of this what-so-ever and upon trying not picking up any powerups, I didn’t notice an increased amount of them later on. There’s also been proof in the game’s coding that drops are based on points earned, regardless of whether you collect powerups or not you’ll still get them on the next amount of points determined in the coding.

So if a Max Ammo is dropped at any time, take out the current group with by any means (wonder weapon/M&S or tactical grenade) and make sure all weapons are reloaded before collecting the Max Ammo. The reason for doing this to take out zombies and get points before topping up your ammo, so you don’t have to use it on the same group of zombies afterwards.

Double points: This is another drop I’d advise you to take at any time; there’s never a time when it’d be a negative thing to make more points.

If you just took out a large amount of zombies then there will be some spawning in – do one loop of the area before collecting the drop, this will allow time for the zombies to spawn in so you can start shooting them and making use of the double points as soon as you’ve collected it.

Insta-kill: The only time I’d advise against collecting this drop is if you’re trying to get a crawler at the end of the round, as a grenade will obviously kill them rather then making them crawl. Also if you drop one in round 2, as you’ll make much more points by using 8 shots to the chest before knifing.

If one of these drops get it straight away if you can. If there are zombies spawning in at that moment, you can kill any zombies you pass by knifing them. If you use the Bowie Knife in the early rounds, you’ll be practiced at this.

Nuke: In the early rounds, completely avoid these during rounds. Only get them at the very end of the round as you’ll get an extra 400 points for nothing. The reason we don’t get them during rounds however, is because it’s not good for point-building which is really important to do in the early stages so you can set yourself up for a good game as early as possible.

Once you have all the weapons I recommend in each guide, all the perks and you generally no longer need the extra points, start taking the Nukes. As we just pointed out if you no longer need points, then you’ll want to start saving ammo where possible, and getting Nukes is a great way to do so.

Carpenter: In solo play, I’d avoid getting these at any time. The reason for this is, fixing all the windows on the lower floor can cause problems as you do your loop. Zombies will pile up at each window and jump through at the same time, and if you’re unlucky enough to be approaching a window at a tight spot on the map and a few zombies jump out of the window in front of you at the same time, you’re likely to get blocked off.

Death Machine: Try to avoid getting this when gathering the zombies up, and when you do get it let about 10 seconds go past before you start using it. The reason for this is that you can’t sprint with the death machine, which on this map can spell disaster – I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone down on this map because I’ve had the Death Machine in my hands at the wrong time.

This isn’t really a problem during the early rounds as you can just mow-down any zombies that block you off in less than a second, but as the rounds get higher take note of my first point.

Firesale: Another that there shouldn't be any harm in getting at any time. Very useful in the early stages when you're still trying to complete your arsenal.

Be aware that when these powerups drop they stay around for roughly 25 seconds. You’ll be able to hear when they drop, so knowing how long they stay around for is useful if you’re strategically delaying getting them.

Recovering from a down

When you go down with Quick Revive, you’ll be automatically revived. While you’re down, you’ll whip out your Mustang & Sally – do NOT be tempted to fire – you don’t want zombies spawning in on you as you make your way back to Juggernog. Just survey the situation while you’re down, gather the zombies back up when you’re revived and go to rebuy Juggernog with your train behind you. If you have Monkey Bombs or an Awful Lawton, these can be used to your advantage.

Stopping respawning in new areas on large maps

So as many of you will have experienced with the last 3 maps (COTD, Shangri La & Moon, as well as future zombie maps most likely), Treyarch implemented a system to accomodate their large-scale maps in which, if you get too far ahead of your hoard, they will instantly respawn in the area you're currently in.

Here is something that I've found and tested recently that cancels this effect...

It stemmed from my strategy for reaching round 115 on FIVE, in which I'd damage all of my zombies before using the elevator so they'd come through the teleporter rather than respawning through the windows. I found this out by accident - I thought they were coming from the teleporter on the top floor as I reached it because I got them onto the top floor of the War Room before using the elevator. A few times I didn't use any ammo though and soon realised that when I didn't shoot, they respawned through the windows and put me in danger. But when I shot them before using the elevator, they come through the teleporter and left me in a safe position to use the traps.

So the general rule is this; any zombies that have taken any amount damage no matter how small, will not respawn if you're far away from them. Any zombies that haven't been damaged at all will respawn on you. This means that if you gather a hoard without shooting them, then run across the map, they'll respawn all over you. Whereas if you shoot the entire hoard with a weak gun (a wall gun is great) then you can run across the map freely and none will respawn on you, exactly like older maps like Ascension. This is the exact reason why crawlers never respawn when they're far away from you - they've taken damage.

One of the best examples of a situation where new-area respawning causes a problem, and in which we're going to put this knowledge to use as an example, is hacking an Excavator before running a suicide-dash back to the Biodome on Moon.

Anyone who has played solo running the Biodome has experienced this one - you teleport as soon as you hear the warning, teleport back, hack the Excavator to stop it and make a mad dash back to the Biodome. Anyone who has done this knows how dangerous it is and often requires a Wave Gun shot to clear your path at the top of the labs. With this respawn-cancelling knowledge, it no longer needs to be dangerous.

Let's look at 2 ways in which this can be utilised to make hacking the Excavator before returning to the Biodome a safe task.

Example 1 involves teleporting to and from No Man's Land, then gathering a group in the Recieving Bay before using the trick.

This may sound dangerous, but see the video:

What we do here is hack both of the windows closed before any zombies spawn. You'll have 2 groups gather up behind the windows and both pour out. We wait over by the Quick Revive machine, and move when the zombies get close. By the time we approach the other side of the room near the Excavator Omicron panel, the zombies are all in.

We then shoot all of them with the MP5k to damage them, then make our way across the map without a disturbance as shown in-video. Simple!

If you don't like the look of gathering the zombies in the Recieving Bay, no problem. There's an alternate method we can use.

With example 2, we gather a hoard in the Biodome before damaging them with our MP5k. We can then safely make our way to the Recieving Bay with plenty of time to hack the panel before the zombies arrive:

Here I gather the group in the Recieving Bay. If you wish though you can go through the opposite Tunnel that you used to get to the Recieving Bay. I couldn't do that here as I'd locked the Astronaut in Tunnel 11 to keep him out of the way (tutorial on how to do that HERE). But as you see, gathering the group here is no problem.

Let's take a look at running cross-map without using this trick to remind ourselves of how much easier it is as opposed to now using it:

So there you have it, this annoying effect can be cancelled. You can also use it for other things, for example making a dash across the map to rebuy perks after going down. Always bear it in mind, you never know where this could be useful!

Full video version here

Practice makes perfect!

Getting used to dodging zombies and kiting/running trains is key to survival in solo, and the better you get at it the higher you can potentially go in terms of rounds.

‘But what maps should I play to practice this?’ you may ask. My answer would be Ascension and No Man’s Land on Moon.

You can use Ascension to find your feet and practice kiting in it’s generously laid out areas. When you feel you’re a competent kiter and want to take your skills to the next level, start practicing No Man’s Land. Becoming a good No Man’s Land player will take you from being a good kiter to one of the greatest in the world. You’ll quickly learn how the zombies react to your movements, which is one of the single most important pieces of knowledge of kiting.

And for general tips, that’s about it. All other tips needed to do well on each map are written in that map’s specific guide. With that, on to the map-specific guides!


One of the easier maps, laid out well for all types of strategy.

I’ve actually not played this map a whole lot compared to other maps, mainly because the scenery is just plain boring, but I’ve reached round 102 in solo play before suiciding; this was my first 100 and I didn’t have any desire to go any further once I’d hit 100.

This strategy differs a little to the exact strategy I used to get to that round, as I said it was my first 100, it was a little while back and I’ve made improvements to the strategy from general gameplay experiences.

Starting area

First round: Knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Let one zombie in at the end of the round, knifing them first followed by some headshots, so they drop a powerup right at the end of a round which you can pick up at the start of the round. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round: Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, open the next 2 doors to the MP40 room, buying the MP40 as you arrive.

This will be your camping spot until we have enough points to move on and buy Juggernog; camp next to the MP40 window. You’ll have 2 windows and the 2 sets of stairs to watch, which sounds difficult but isn’t really.

When it’s safe i.e. if there are any loose zombies, go for a shoot-knife combo to maximize point gain. At this round, you’ll need 2 MP40 shots to the chest before finishing off with a knife.

Rounds 4&5: Same strategy here; when it comes to using the shoot-knife tactic, in round 4 you’ll need 3 MP40 shots to the chest before knifing and 4 shots on round 5.

We’re aiming to build 5000 points here so we can go through the next 2 doors to turn the power on and buy Juggernog.

Before round 10

You’ll now be using the MP40 to point-build, using the stage area to gather your trains before shooting them.

There are 2 different strategies I would recommend for you to use here, try each one and see which one works best for you.

For the first loop, here are a couple of images showing how to gather your groups up until round 35:


You’ll start each round/group by waiting on top of the podium/turret.

I’ve coloured the lines differently here to make things easy to understand.

The blue line shows the first loop of the stage, the second loop of the stage is shown by the green line.

The grey line shows a cut-back that can be made if the tight squeezes get blocked. It’s a simple cut-back and shouldn’t give you any trouble.

As shown, after 2 counter-clockwise loops of the stage you’ll wait in the green circled area.

The majority of your group will be gathered in by this point – time to gather all of the loose zombies into a nice tight bunch:


This is essentially a ‘crescent moon’ type loop, using the ramp of the podium to allow more flexibility.

The grey lines also show sub-routes; the first one, dropping off the podium to the right as we look here to run more of a circular shape. The second one shows a loop using the stairs; this is mainly used if it looks a little dangerous to gather the zombies on the actual stage.

The second method, which I personally prefer to use, is a figure of 8 loop using the turret area and stairs on the stage:


With this, you'll be going up the stairs, turning to approach the front of the stage and jumping off of it over any zombies on the ground. Sounds a little dangerous but it's actually very simple - from the stage you get a little overview and you can decide on which direction to jump and if you need a sprint jump or just a simple drop off. The circled area in the picture show you where you'll be standing to survey the situation before dropping off.

As mentioned, you’ll be using the MP40 to take out the zombies and build a nice amount of points, which will be the case up until round 10. Leave a crawler at the end of rounds when you have a few thousand points to go and hit the box in an attempt to get the Thundergun, Ray Gun and Monkey Bombs.

First Hellhound round

This may occur before you get Juggernog – just keep on the move so you don’t get caught out while reloading. You’ll of course be using the MP40 to kill here.

Round 10-20

Continue using the same main-round strategy. Preferably you’ll have a strong weapon to quickly dispatch of your hoards – if you don’t, just use the loops shown above to give you space to pick of some zombies, then return to the gathering technique when the zombies start to respawn.

Remember to gather a full group in before you start shooting.

You’d preferably use the Ray Gun to quickly take out a full horde quickly in these rounds; it’s much less dangerous to ‘rinse-and-repeat’ i.e. gather a full group, take them out quickly and gather another in the same way.

Remember to keep your Thundergun in hand when you have it, to free yourself from any dangerous situation that may arise.

Once you’ve gotten your box weapons, buy the rest of the perks: don’t bother buying Mule Kick, as it’s not necessary.

Hellhound rounds

Try to gather both hellhounds that spawn before shooting them with the Thundergun.

If you’re out of ammo, you can turn on the Turret on the stage and just keep running around; in most cases, you’ll be able to finish the round with one turret use.

Alternatively, you could buy Claymores and make a small stash of them at the back of the stage. If you have no Thundergun ammo, gather 2 dogs before planting a Claymore and running over it to kill the dogs.

Make sure it is only a small pile, as stashing big piles can lead to G_Spawn errors in the 50+ rounds. You shouldn’t need any more than 4 stashed, as you’ll get 2 more at the start of the Hellhound round. Even stashing 4 is just to make allowances for only catching 1 dog with your Claymore.

Rounds 20-30

You’ll be speeding through these rounds just using the Thundergun to get all of your kills, rounding up a full group of zombies before blasting them at close range.

If you do run out of ammo on the Thundergun at any point, kill a few zombies with your other weapon to see if you can drop a Max Ammo, or at least a Nuke or Insta-kill to take out the next group. If you don’t get a Max Ammo, upgrade to the Zeuscannon. The only reason you should ever upgrade the Thundergun is to get more ammo.

It’s unlikely that you’ll also run out of ammo on the Zeuscannon at this point, but if you do then refer to the following tips for guidance on using the traps to get through the rounds.

Rounds 30+

Fast spawns now, time to change up the strategy to take advantage of it.

This is a typical spawn-mechanics manipulation strategy, in which we’ll be getting the zombies to spawn in the theatre before running to the lobby, gathering with a figure-of-8 loop and killing them there, then waiting in the lobby for a bit to get them to spawn there before running out into the theatre for another figure-of-8 group and kill.

This is heavily based on a strategy that I believe was invented by DaveTheRave.

After killing them in the theatre, you’ll also see me standing on the stairs where the trap is. There’s a very good reason for this; all the while you’re standing here, you’re manipulating spawn-zones. You’re not quite in the theatre, so you won’t trigger spawns from the 2 rooms on either side of the theatre from which you enter it for the first time before the power is on – cancelling these spawn points out means they’ll most likely spawn closer to you, which basically means faster spawns.

At the same time, you’re not quite in the lobby, so you won’t trigger spawns there or the MPL room either. Although, just the same as being in the theatre, one or two zombies may spawn from the window just above the stairs, so look out for that. Just hang to the left on the stairs, and you can easily dodge them if they come out.

Let’s take a look at this strategy in action:


1) Wait on the stairs between the theatre and lobby to trigger spawns only in the theatre and make it easy to avoid spawns from the window just above the stairs, hanging to the left to avoid the near-window spawns as discussed above.

2) When you’re forced to, move off to your right and into the lobby.

3) Use the lower floor of the lobby to run a figure-of-8 as shown.

4) Kill the train and place a board on the window next to the Olympia.

5) Face the theatre and look for shadows on the wall near the window on the right as an indicator of when to sprint to the theatre, waiting no more than 9 seconds after killing the last group with the Thundergun.

6) With all of the zombies coming from the lobby down the theatre pathway, use the stairs on the stage to gather a train as shown.

7) Kill the train, sprint to wait on the stairs and repeat.

Rounds 50+

At some point, you’ll run out of Zeuscannon ammo mid-round if you're using a Thundergun strategy. The nova 6 crawlers make it too risky to use the box mid-round in most places, so wait until the end of the round. You should always save your last shot of Zeuscannon ammo, if possible, for emergencies.

Once you’re out of ammo, just use the traps to finish out the rounds, always letting one or two zombies through it unharmed to ensure keeping one at the end of the round to ‘recycle’ your Thundergun.

We’ll be using the stage to gather our hordes here, as it’s more convenient for using the traps.

To use the trap between the theatre and the spawning area, simply gather your group, then sprint towards the trap, turn it on and do a full loop of the map to get back to the stage.

‘Why do a full loop when I could take them into the spawn area, gather them and run back through the theatre to turn the trap on?’ you may ask.

My answer to that is that it’s easier to do it my way and doesn’t sacrifice time. At this round, as you’re sprinting round the map to get back to the stage, most of the zombies will spawn in behind you. So you should already have a full train behind you as you come into the theatre; as you walk from the dressing room to the stage, stick to the right and walk to the far side and wait for the zombies (good chance to spray the oncoming zombies to point-build), then move off to the right as the zombies reach you and use the front of the stage to finish gathering.

Keep the Thundergun in hand when looping the map; you shouldn’t run into trouble, but best to be safe.

To use the dressing room trap use a similar strategy to the theatre trap, gathering the group on the stage before running into the dressing room, turning on the trap and doing a full map loop back to the stage; of course, you’ll be looping clockwise when using this trap as opposed to your counter-clockwise loop after using the theatre trap.

Remember to let a zombie through before turning on the trap, so you can keep him alive while you hit the box to replace your empty Thundergun before next round.

It always helps to keep count of how many groups you’ve killed each round; if you’ve got a small amount of ammo left towards the end of the round, you may as well keep one zombie alive by using the trap, so you can go and replenish your ammo.

I’ll help you with this in the High Round Runs section towards the end of this guide, which of course you can refer to whenever needed.


Considered by many to be one of the hardest maps, but I’d put it somewhere in the middle and it can be a very east task to get to rounds 30+ once you set up the game.

This is one of the maps that I’ve played the most, trying out tons of different tactics to piece together what I believe to be the best strategy for reaching high rounds in solo.

Be warned that the higher rounds are really long and drawn out due to the positioning of the only traps in the map and no infinitely-powerful wonder weapon like you’d get in most other maps. I did however find a faster and still safe method than everyone else had been using to do their high round runs, and applied it very recently to achieve a new world record of 115 rounds before suiciding, with 0 downs!

Video tutorial of the strategies explained

I recently made a video guide for the following strategy guide for this map, as it was essential to demonstrate certain things. The video also contains some basic information, but the depth and further information lies in the written guide below.

I'll be referencing to this video several times throughout the guide:


Starting area

First round: Knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Let one zombie in at the end of the round, knifing them first followed by some headshots, so they drop a powerup right at the end of a round which you can pick up at the start of the round. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Rounds 3-5: Knife 3 times, or shoot 8 times and knife twice if you got a Max Ammo. Try and stay in the first room until you have 4000 points if you plan on buying the MP5k once you get downstairs or 4500 points if you’d rather buy the Stakeout.

Next floor

Once you have your points, open all of the doors to buy your chosen wall gun and go down into the War Room.

This can actually be the trickiest part of playing this map on solo - running this area without Juggernog. However, in the early rounds you can use the area to your advantage to point-build without needing to open barricades.

On the lower floor, you’ll notice the 2 barricades that open up the area that you’ll be looping in. You’ll be using the side with the 2 perk machines (Juggernog and Mule Kick) to gather the zombies into a train before spraying into them.

This is how to run this area safely:


This is fundamentally a typical ‘crescent moon’ or ‘wonky figure of 8’ style loop, starting on the inside and running wide of the zombies to the next inner corner. You’ve most likely been told to stay away from corners, but there are some cases like this one where corners can be used to your advantage.

Next to the stairs, just wait in the circled area, shooting the group of zombies while for them to reach you, then run wide of them to the right and down to the next circled area on the far side of the room. Same thing on that side, though you’re best to move off a little early if you see any zombies coming out of the window closest to your left.

From here you’ll need to save another 4000 points to open up the lower elevator, turn the power on and make your way to Juggernog before buying it.

Once you have 4000 points, leave one zombie at the end of the round so you can move around the map freely without being blocked off. Open the elevator and go down to the laboratory. Go past the first locked room on the left, enter the next room you see on the left (no door-purchase needed) and turn on the power switch. Then go back to the elevator to go back to the middle floor (War Room).

You could of course go through the teleporter in the same room as the power switch, which will always take you to either the first or second floor. However, it always seems to take you to the top floor the first time you use it, so you’ll need to take the elevator back down anyway. Choice is yours. Once on the middle floor, buy Juggernog.

Instead of buying a wall gun and Juggernog, you could instead buy the Bowie Knife from the first room on the left as you come into the labs, if you have the points. You’ll need 1250 to open the door to get it and another 3000 to buy the knife. You’ll need to wait a little longer to buy Juggernog of course, but buying this knife early on yields great reward. It’s a one-hit kill on all zombies up to round 10, nets 130 points per kill and of course needs no ammo.

Buying this depends on the amount of points you have at the time and how confident you feel about getting up close and knifing zombies with no Juggernog. If you’re killing with the Bowie Knife though you’ll only need to kill a max of 20 zombies before you have the points for Juggernog, so there’s that to be considered.

Be aware that once you reach round 10, the zombies will take 2 knifes to kill, hence the reason for buying it as early as possible to take advantage of the one-knife kills. It can also be used to kill the Pentagon Thief in the early stages.

Take some time to go and buy Quick Revive at a suitable in the following rounds.

First Pentagon Thief round

Let the Thief take your wall gun. It’s important to keep your M1911 pistol for later.

If you stick close to him, you can knife him for the Firesale in this first round, no problem.

Take the middle teleporter to go to one of the upper floors. Use the Firesale to see what you can get from the box, but don’t get greedy and take too much time.

Keep your pistol for now, trade out your wall gun if you get something better. We’re ideally aiming for a Winter’s Howl and M1911 combo, with both to be upgraded from a Bonfire Sale after the next Pentagon Thief round. For now, any weapon better than the wall gun will do.

Before Round 10 (with Juggernog)

Another good early-round camping spot near Juggernog is shown in the video. Save 2250 points to go and get Claymores as soon as possible. We’re going to start stacking our Claymores next to the Juggernog machine to deal with the Thief for the next few rounds until we have gotten the Winter’s Howl and have both our guns PaP’d.

You’ll get 2 Claymores each round, stack them all here when you get them. With the lasers pointing towards the door, the zombies won’t disturb your stack unless you go down.

Keep hitting the box at the end of rounds when you have the points.

Make sure you save 3500 - 2500 to open up both the barricades when you need to, and 1000 for the next Thief round, which will always come 4-5 rounds after the last one.

Once you've opened the barricades and it's time to keep on the move, a counter-clockwise loop of the lower floor of the War Room does the trick. Just walk round the room, only sprinting past a zombie coming towards you to minimise hits taken. This will help bunch up the zombies behind you.

If you didn’t get the knife and are using guns instead, don’t kill any zombies until they’re all spawned in - just walk round as mentioned. This will minimise the chances of you getting trapped. Once they’re all in you should have them bunched up and following you (this technique is known as training, kiting and other names). Shoot at them, but only at points that you won’t get stuck e.g. as you walk just past the teleporter on your left. As you take some out, more will spawn in. As this happens, continue to gather i.e. don’t shoot.

At the end of each round, leave a crawler by blowing it’s legs off with a grenade. Be aware that if a zombie has an arm missing, it will not be able to crawl and will die instead. If you can’t make a crawler, just leave one zombie running.

We're only hoping to get the Winter's Howl from the box at this point, and keeping the M1911. Monkey Bombs are just a bonus at this stage, although it's worth going to get them later as they'll aid you in recovering from a down.

Here's a video of how I personally like to go about the first 10 rounds. It's a little more advanced but you can see many of the points I make above demonstrated:

Second Pentagon Thief Round

We're aiming to get a Bonfire Sale out of this round; this is where our Claymore stacking comes into use!

Stand behind the Claymores and let the Thief run over them - simple!

Collect the Bonfire sale and Max Ammo, place down your Claymores and wait until the round starts so you can have all of the zombies outside while you’re in the PaP room. PaP your M1911 for 1000 points!

With some good fortune, you'd ideally have the Winter's Howl by now. If so, PaP it during the Bonfire Sale. If not, just wait until the next Bonfire Sale to PaP it once you have it.

After the Thief round (until 17)

We're now going to use the 'auto-train' method (going to DEFCON 5 to gain access to the PaP room via the teleporter, jumping in the teleporter just as the zombies are spawning to they'll all group up outside of the doors without you having to gather them yourself) as a base to start our rounds here.

End each round by pressing the switches to go to DEFCON 5. At the start of the next round, wait by the teleporter until you’re forced to go into it, to give the zombies time to spawn in the War Room.

Sit by the doors until they open – all of the zombies will be waiting when they do.

Blast the group to dust with your M&S, before they disturb your Claymore stack.

Gather the next group out in the War Room, and gun them all down with your second gun. There are only 2 groups in these rounds, so you can kill them without them respawning.

You’ll continue with the Claymore stacking until round 17 - we'll then start to use auto-train in full effect, so we won't be able to have our Claymores in our place. More on that to follow.

Rounds 17-35

The spawns will start to get faster now so the War Room won’t be as safe to run. You’ll also start getting more than 2 groups a round, you stopping to shoot will become a little unsafe. Time to switch up the strategy to what’s known as ‘auto-train’ – this is where the game gets very, very easy.

Start the round by hopping into the teleporter on DEFCON 5 as usual. Rather than killing your group, let them into the room, standing in this position.

Walk around the table very slowly so they don’t turn around on you, then sprint out of the door.

The zombies will all come back into the War Room via the teleporter. Hit the switch just next to you and sprint up the stairs.

Walk your group around the top floor slowly, hitting the switches as you go by.

Hit the last switch at the bottom, then take your group to the other side to kill them, still walking slowly.

Hopefully you’ll have gotten your Winter’s Howl upgraded by this point so you can group-kill with it. If not, you can kill the whole group with the M&S as you did before – from a distance so you don’t hurt yourself.

Rinse and repeat!

Be aware that the Winter’s Fury gets weaker as the rounds go by. However, the ammo stock is enough to get you through to round 30.

If you get Nukes, take them as late as you can to give zombies time to spawn before you trigger it.

If you get an Insta-kill, gather a group in the War Room and take them out with one shot of Winter’s or M&S.

Keep your Winter’s Fury in hand when gathering – while insta-kill is on, you can easily get out of trouble with it.

After you’re finished using either drop, hop into the teleporter and continue as usual. Always avoid taking Carpenters, as they tend to mess up spawns.

Later Thief rounds

Run to the top floor on the far side of the room, putting a couple of Claymores down. Blast the Thief with your M&S. He should die before he even gets close to you.

Wait until the round starts before taking the Bonfire Sale, which will switch you to DEFCON 5. Hop in the teleporter to continue the auto-train strategy.

Preparing to use the traps and 30+ Thief rounds

At about round 35, the zombies will be too strong to keep killing. Time to start using the traps.

Leave a crawler before a suspected Thief round after round 30. Take the trap piece from the War Room and put it in the trap upstairs closest to Quick Revive.

Go to DEFCON 4, leaving the lower switch nearest to the Stakeout unpressed. Kill the crawler and start the round.

When the Thief comes, let him take your M&S.

Wait next to the power switch for the Thief to go through the last teleporter and drop a Max Ammo. Follow him though the teleporter immediately.

If you end up on the top floor, call the elevator ASAP and go back down to the War Room. If you land in the War Room, buy the MP5k immediately.

Press the last switch at the start of the round, and hop in the teleporter when forced to do so.

High rounds trap strategy

Time to start using the traps. Here you’ll gather your group using one of 2 methods, and finish them off with the traps using a spawn-control trick I discovered:

I made the discovery, that if you're in the War Room with a bunch of zombies that have all taken hit-markers, when you use the elevator to go up to the top floor, around 18-20 out of the group of 24 will follow you up via the teleporter. This means, 3 will be waiting for you by the MPL as the elevator opens again on the top floor, a few will come out of a window somewhere, 99% of the time all in the Speed Cola/MPL room - all of these easily dodgeable. The rest will come out of the teleporter in a big clump and form a train behind you as you go into the first room. Safe and consistent!

I've come up with 2 methods to use the traps using this trick.

The first one is my personal choice and one I used to set my round 115 world record; it's pretty safe and pretty quick as we'll be using both traps, but it does require you to gather your groups in the War Room which can be tricky with the fast spawns of the high rounds.

The second one is far safer but pretty slow. This involves using the auto-train method to gather your group before using the Quick Revive trap.

The quicker strategy

So, you'll gather the group in the War Room using the usual strategy.

You'll then spray the entire group with MP5k bullets.

Then run up the stairs, buy more ammo off the wall, then hop in the teleporter.

As you come out of the elevator, hang to the left , walking slowly.

As you see the 3 zombies all coming to the left, sprint past them to the right and out into the middle of the first room via the far door.

Walk slowly through the middle and into the Olympia room.

With all of the zombies now behind you, you can either use the Olympia trap or, if it's recharging, take your group around the first room to use the MPL trap. Taking them back through the far door you came in here works better.

Then, sprint back to the elevator safely, back down the stairs to the War Room, and repeat!

Here's a video of my run to 115 as demonstration of the strategy; skip to about 3 minutes in to see it in action. The first minutes also show alternative ways to get through the rounds before 40 nice and quickly.

Remember, your group must be damaged for them to come out of the teleporter - if not, they'll spawn out of the first room windows instead and you'll have a tricky situation on your hands.

The safer strategy

As the whole group enters the room, hit your group with just 1 Winter’s shot, just to damage them so they don’t all respawn through the windows when you take the elevator to upstairs.

Buy the MP5k off the wall as you run up if you don’t have it already.

Once the switches are set to DEFCON 4, leave the last switch and use the elevator instead of going back down.

With the MP5k in hand for fast running, sprint to the left to start with to lure zombies, then veer off to the right to dodge them.

The rest of the zombies will spawn come through the teleporter. Slowly lead them to the Quick Revive trap to kill them, before sprinting back to the elevator.

Sprint back down, hit the last switch and hop in the teleporter. Rinse and repeat!

Refer to the video at the start of this guide for demonstration on how to do this.

Rounds 50+

At this point, ammo will start running low on the Winter’s Fury pretty frequently – wait until the end of the round, keeping a zombie to swap it out for an Awful Lawton, which you can use to distract zombies if you get into trouble.

To damage your group without the Winter’s Fury, just gather your group via auto-train as usual, taking them back down to the bottom to damage them all with the MP5k. You can then run up to the elevator and continue the usual strategy.

Don’t forget to leave the switches on DEFCON 4!

Anyone will tell you that this is one of the easiest maps out there. Everywhere is wide open and the traps are pretty conveniently placed.

A run I did not too long after the map was released saw me getting to 161, which was actually the highest by anyone at the time but could not be considered as a world record as I didn’t have significant proof (didn’t livestream it or capture round-by-round footage).

This is pretty much the same strategy that I used on that run, a few tweaks applied for improvement here and there.

Starting the game

First round: Knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round: Keep knifing the zombies until you get overrun. When overrun, open the lower door and buy the MPL.

From here you’ll be basically camping at the lander, standing just next to the M14 on the wall and shooting the zombies that come at you. You can use the whole lander area to move around if you get overcrowded.

When it’s safe i.e. if there are any loose zombies, go for a shoot-knife combo to maximize point gain. At this round, you’ll need 2 MPL shots to the chest before finishing off with a knife.

Rounds 4&5: Same strategy here; when it comes to using the shoot-knife tactic, in round 4 you’ll need 3 MPL shots to the chest before knifing and 4 shots on round 5.

We’re aiming to build 6750 points here so we can go turn the power on and buy Juggernog. Once you’ve gotten this amount of points, leave a crawler at the end of the round. Leave the spawn room via the door on the top floor – do NOT, at ANY point in the entire game, open the door above Juggernog, is this will make the monkey rounds difficult.

So you’ll go out of the top door from the spawn, through the first gate next to the MP5k and straight up the stairs to open the power door. Then, go back the way you came, through the spawn and MPL room to Juggernog.

Buy the MP5k off the wall, replacing the MPL – very important to keep the M1911 to upgrade to the Mustang & Sally later.

Before round 10 (or so)

You’ll now be using the MP5k to point-build, using the PhD Flopper lander area to gather your trains before shooting them.

Here’s an image of the loop you’ll be using during the rounds for the rest of the game:


I truly believe this to be one of the easiest loops in this game. I fail to remember the last time I went down whilst running this area in this way, any downs I’ve had playing this map are from being elsewhere or not running this area in the way I’ve shown here.

You’ll see in the image that you’ll be approaching the back corners before going diagonally to the opposite corner at the front of the area; I find what works best is to walk when going straight from the front to the back and sprint whilst going from the back corner to the opposite front corner.

As you approach the upper stairs running from the back corner, things may get a little blocked up because of zombies coming down the stairs; if this is the case, use the sub-route shown in grey to drag-out the zombies before sprinting back down to the front corner next to the box.

Another tip – it’s very important that the lander is elsewhere when running this area, as you could get stuck on it.

As mentioned, you’ll be using the MP5k to take out the zombies and build a nice amount of points, which will be the case up until round 20. Don’t bother using the box until then as you don’t need to do so.

To safely buy MP5k ammo mid-round, just gather in all of the zombies before going to buy it. With that done, sprint down the stairs to buy the ammo, then tuck yourself in the corner circled in the picture below, then sprint around the zombies as they approach you:


First monkey rounds

To make things easier on yourself, as you’ll only have an MP5k at this point, don’t buy any more perks until after this round. Just stand in the doorway of the MPL room and shoot the Monkeys as they come – they will all come from the front of you since you’ve kept the top Juggernog door shut.

This round is easy even with the MP5k and should result in you getting a free perk due to the monkeys not touching the Juggernog machine.

After this round, time to start spending some points! Leave crawlers at the end of each round to go buy the things you need.

Firstly, you’ll need to save 11500 points (115, creepy…) to open the doors to all of the landers and fly them back to the spawn to open the PaP, then upgrade the M1911 to the Mustang & Sally and get PhD Flopper to accompany it. You’re now equipped to protect yourself from any sort of danger and make the monkey rounds easier.

Prioritise protecting Jugg first, then if you see no more monkeys coming towards Jugg then run to protect Flopper if need be.

After the second monkey round, buy Quick Revive before you collect the free perk if you dropped one, as this will of course guarantee Quick Revive being one of your perks without relying on the monkeys dropping them.

Round 10-20

Continue using the same main-round strategy, killing with the MP5k while making tons of points. Remember to gather a full group in before you start shooting or go to buy more ammo. Have the M&S in hand when gathering for added safety.

Leave a crawler at the end of round 19; you’ll now attempt to get the Thundergun from the box to replace the MP5k. and the Gersch devices.

Monkey rounds after getting 4 or more perks (before round 50)

At the start of the round, switch on the turret outside of the spawn room and the Staminup trap. This will help to take out a large number of the monkeys and help to protect the perk machines.

You’ll be prioritising Juggernog and Quick Revive, especially Quick Revive as you can only buy this perk 3 times throughout the game. Just sit next to the Quick Revive machine and take out any monkeys with the M&S – any going to Juggernog will also come from the front so you’ll be able to take them out.

It's also helpful to place a few Claymores around the Quick Revive machine - this won't kill them of course as the monkeys just destroy the Claymores, but it makes a good distraction and you can hear if the monkeys are trying to get to Quick Revive if you're in another location.

If the other machines are being attacked, make sure there are no more monkeys coming into the spawn room before making a move to protect them – always remember, you can quite easily buy other perks back whereas losing one Quick Revive could possibly be the difference between round 50 and round 100.

Rounds 20-40

You’ll be speeding through these rounds just using the Thundergun to get all of your kills, rounding up a full group of zombies before blasting them at close range.

If you do run out of ammo on the Thundergun at any point, kill the next few groups with Gersch Devices to see if you can drop a Max Ammo, or at least a Nuke or Insta-kill to take out the next group. If you don’t get a Max Ammo, upgrade to the Zeuscannon. The only reason you should ever upgrade the Thundergun is to get more ammo.

If you need to go and PaP mid-round, make sure to gather a full group before sprinting to the PaP room, then waiting for the zombies to reach you in the launch room just outside before gathering them a little and running round them back to the PhD lander area.

It’s unlikely that you’ll also run out of ammo on the Zeuscannon at this point, but if you do then refer to the following strategy for the 50+ rounds for tips on using the traps to get through the rounds.

Rounds 50+

You’ll now start to find that the Thundergun will now run out of ammo far too quickly. You’ll now start to incorporate the trap closest to Mule Kick (between the PhD area and PaP room) into the strategy.

You’ll be alternating between the 2 killing methods here, killing on group with the trap and the next group with the Thundergun while you wait for the trap to recharge.

To use this trap, simply gather your group, then walk down to the trap and turn it on. Now run up the stairs just next to it, and proceed forwards to the ledge at the other end of the room. From the ledge you can see the zombies run towards the trap; you’ll simply wait for the group to run through it before dropping down and sprinting back to Mule Kick.


At this point, you’ll no longer need the Mustang & Sally as the monkeys will start becoming too strong to use it ideally. So, trade it out for the MP5k again to point-build cover the cost of the traps.

Of course, this means you’ll need to save Thundergun ammo for the monkeys – saving 8 shots is usually ideal, you shouldn’t need to use all of it but it’s good to keep some in the clip when you get your Max Ammo, and it’s there just in case you need it.

So once you get down to this amount of ammo, just keep using the trap. Be aware that there is a time of about 100 seconds between each time you can switch on the trap (40 seconds active, 60 seconds recharging). You can use this time gap to spray into your group with the MP5k to build points.

Now, many players like to use all of their Thundergun ammo, then get rid of it and put it back in the box to try and get it again. I’ve also done this, and overall I’d say using the traps in conjunction with that strategy is the better option. You’ll find that you’ll have to replace the Thundergun a lot less doing this.

At some point, you’ll run out of Thundergun ammo mid-round, you’ve taken out the last few waves with Gersch Devices and you haven’t dropped a Max Ammo. If the box is in a place in which it’s a little risky to run a train in, carry on using the trap until the end of the round, dropping down from the ledge on the last group before the last couple of zombies run through the trap to keep them alive. This takes a little practice to get the timing right every time, but will enable you to hit to box safely; hopefully you don’t have to chase the box round for ages to get it back!

Of course, it’s not always easy to tell if you’ve got the last group of zombies in a round, so this may not always be possible without counting your kills each round; as mentioned in the guide for Kino, I’ll help you with this in the High Round Runs section towards the end of this guide, which of course you can refer to whenever needed. I’d say always count your kills each round just in case it’s too hard to tell which is the final wave.

So as a general 50+ rounds strategy:

Use the Thundergun and upgrade it to the Zeuscannon when out of ammo, alternating between Thundergun shot and trap.

Save 8 shots if it’s possible that the monkeys may come next round (they always come every 4-5 rounds).

When out of ammo, use the trap to do the rest of your killing.

After running out of ammo, when you’re down to your last group, use the trap, dropping off the ledge before the last zombie runs through it, then let him chase you while you go and hit the box until you get the Thundergun back.


This is a medium-easy difficulty map; the George Romero zombie character walking around can be an annoyance but also beneficial. The worst thing about this map that makes it harder to reach really high rounds is the lack of both traps and infinitely-powerful wonder weapon like you’d get on most other maps.

My highest run on this map was done fairly recently, reaching 76. This is pretty much the exact strategy used to do that.

First round: Knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round: Keep knifing the zombies until you’ve made 3750 points. If you feel like you’re getting overrun, go ahead and clear the debris to the MPL area. This costs 750, so your new point-target will be 3000.

When you go up the stairs, go past the MPL to the end and turn left. Go straight to the end and clear the debris to drop down onto the ship. Then turn left, go to the edge, drop off and clear the debris to the AK74u area. Buy the AK off the wall.

Rounds 4 & 5

Use these rounds to point-build with the AK, buying ammo off the wall for it when needed. Try to gather the zombies up into a bunch so you can spray into them and make more points from collateral damage.

By the end of round 5 you should have at least 5500 points. Leave a crawler so you can go and turn the power on and buy Juggernog.

You can get back to the starting area without spending any points; just go back the way you came, using the stairs to get back to the upper level of the ship. Then where you dropped off after opening the debris, you can drop down to the lower level, where you’ll be able to drop off into the starting area.

From here, open the stairs next to the MPL and proceed up to the power room.

After the power is on, you can proceed to the PM63 room to open the door to Juggernog.

If you’re a confident player then you may instead opt to buy the Sickle this round, as it will yield more points up to round 10.

You will need to have 6000 points by the end of this round to open up the route to it and buy it. Open the door to PhD Flopper and go through the lighthouse to get to it that way – At NO point should you open the bottom door of the lighthouse in the AK area – doing this will make running trains in this area much harder for you. All areas in the lighthouse and beyond can be accessed by taking the PhD Flopper route.

After opening the PhD Flopper door, go to the upper floor and open the door to the lighthouse, then go to the lowest floor and open the rear door, go down the waterslide and you’ll find the sickle on the left. You can then carry on forwards and drop back down to the AK area.

You’ll make enough points in the next round to go get the power on and buy Juggernog, provided you don’t collect any Nukes.

Don’t bother getting the Sickle after round 6 – by that time the extra 5000 spent on getting it won’t really be rewarded.

Rounds before 10

If you bought the Sickle then continue to use it until the end of round 9.

If you didn’t, continue gathering up the zombies and shooting the group with the AK to maximise point gain. Remember to let all of the zombies in and group them up before you start shooting. The image below demonstrates what I've found to be an easy and effective loop:


Within these few rounds, you’ll need to buy the following items in order:

Quick Revive

PhD Flopper

Mustang & Sally (PaP the M1911)

Mule Kick

Make sure to leave a crawler at the end of each round so you can go and buy these items.

Rounds 10+

Continue using the AK to kill and make points. You should by now have all of the items listed above. Have the Mustang & Sally in your hands just in case you get stuck, as this can be used to blast your way out of trouble.

Leave a crawler at the end of each round to go and hit the random box. You’re aiming to get the Scavenger and the Matryoshka dolls.

When you do get the Scavenger, trade it for the AK74u. Then go and replace whatever your third weapon is (not the M&S) with the AK.

This may seem like a waste of points, but this is actually done to save points and effort in the future; if you go down, you’ll lose Mule Kick and your third weapon. If this third weapon is your AK, it’s easy to replace again. But there’s no telling how many points it will take to get the Scavenger back. Not to mention the time it takes.

When you do have the Scavenger, you’ll still continue to use the AK to kill for now – the Scavenger at this point will be used to kill George.

At the end of each round leave crawlers, knife George and lead him to the next area (the one between the AK area and the PM63 room). Sometimes if you kill George in the water, you will not get a perk and Death Machine/Wunderwaffe as George will disappear before he drops them. To take precautions, wait until he’s out of the water, fire 6 Scavenger shots at him in rapid succession and lead him back into the water to cool off. Repeat until he’s dead (will only take a couple of minutes).

Repeat this every time George respawns until you have all 8 perks.

At these rounds don’t bother taking the Wunderwaffe, just collect the perk bottle. You will of course need to have gotten the achievement for completing the Easter Egg before George will drop the Wunderwaffe in all of your games. If you don’t have this achievement yet, make sure you complete the Easter Egg before killing George in the later rounds. The EE can be done in solo or co-op, instructions for both can be found on the internet.

Getting Max Ammos from a group shocked by George

As you may have guessed by the title of this section, or may have already known, it is possible to drop Max Ammos from groups of zombies shocked by George. But so many people (almost everyone) are unaware of the specifics of doing this. Here's a video tutorial I put together on all you need to know about doing this:



Rounds 20+

You’ll now start using the Scavenger to get all of your kills instead of the AK.

Leave a crawler at the end of round 19 to hit the box again. You’re aiming to replace the AK with a VR-11 – nothing else. PaP the VR-11 when you get it (you may have to wait for the PaP machine to appear).

If you still don’t have all the perks from George, you’ll be taking a different approach to killing him from now on. As you gather your horde and shoot them with a Scavenger shot, circle them around George so the shot also damages him. Then lead him towards the water in the AK area to cool him off before the zombies spawn in. You can also shoot him with the VR-11 to cool him down when it’s not safe to lead him into the water.

At the end of each round, leave a crawler and continue with the first method of killing him.

If you run out of Scavenger ammo, try for a Max Ammo by killing the next few groups of zombies with the Matryoshka dolls, PhD Flopping and M&S – save the last clip of M&S ammo for emergencies. If you don’t get a Max Ammo, PaP the Scavenger.

It is possible to take out a group of 24 zombies with the Matryoshka dolls. To do so, make sure they’re all grouped, and lead them towards a wall, preparing the dolls before you reach the wall. Keep the zombies close, and release it against the wall so it bounces back at you, then do a u-turn and run round the zombies. They will all be in a tight bunch with the dolls at their feet, which will easily kill all of them.

Once you’ve got all of the perks, you can make George go away by shooting him with the upgraded VR-11 when in the water. He won’t drop anything, but it’ll keep him at bay which will make things easier. Just remember not to do this the round before you want to drop a Max Ammo from him, as he may not return in the next round.

Rounds 34+

You'll now change up the strategy here to a safer and more reliable strategy, taking advantage of the rapid spawning. At this round, the Scavenger also takes 2 shots to kill. 1 Scavenger shot followed by M&S shots also holds the chances of dropping powerups.

You'll basically be killing your groups on the 3rd floor of the lighthouse, before running up to the top floor and waiting on the ledge to get all of the zombies to spawn in the lighthouse, before dropping down when they reach you so you can run a crescent moon shape at the bottom of the light house as they all come from one direction - out of the bottom lighthouse door.

Of course, you'll now need to open the bottom lighthouse door to start using this strategy.

A video demo of this strategy and the best way to get Max Ammos from George every 4-5 rounds while using this strategy:


Rounds 42+

The Scavenger will now take 3 shots to kill. Still continue the strategy as before, but with 3 shots to each group instead of 2, or 2 Scavenger shots followed by M&S shots for the kill to hopefully drop some powerups.

You'll start to run out of ammo during these rounds - you may want to get George in the crossfire of your shots on purpose so he gets damaged and eventually dies and drops a Wunderwaffe.

To do this, you can kill the groups on the 2nd floor of the lighthouse and quickly shoot George with the VR-11 to calm him down. Make sure you run up to the top very quickly afterwards to avoid respawners.

Rounds 48+

Congratulations on making it this far… now prepare for a long ride!

At round 48, the zombies will take 4 Scavenger hits to kill. Every few rounds they will take more and more hits to kill from now on, with the upgraded version of the Scavenger killing with fewer shots than the regular version.

Definitely one of the harder maps, all of the areas are tight... but you have a good wonder weapon at your disposal with a lot of ammo, and a very effective and safe strategy here to help you get to those high rounds.

This is nott the exact strategy I used to reach round 100 recently, but I just wanted to get it done quickly so I used a fast and pretty risky strategy to get there. The following strategies are much easier, which is needed on a tough map like this if you're trying to make it to the high rounds for the first time.

Starting area

First round: Knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Let the last zombie in during this round and head-shot it so it can drop a powerup. Let a monkey grab it and change it to a Double Points if it isn’t one. If it is, defend it from any monkeys by knifing them before they can get it, so you can save it for the next round.

Third round: Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, clear the debris next to the Olympia and head down the bridge. Open the door to the tunnel.

This will be your camping spot until we have enough points to move on; camp at the top of the tunnel. This works well because, as long as you don’t enter the tunnel, no zombies will spawn behind you so they’ll all come from the front.

You’ll just be using your knife here.

Rounds 4&5: Same strategy here; we’re aiming to build 5500 points here so we can go through the next 2 doors to turn the power on and buy the Bowie Knife.

Don’t forget you can knife the monkeys before they steal your powerup for an extra 500 points. This is an extra 1000 points while Double Points is on!

Before round 10

Keep using the same strategy, getting all of your kills with the Bowie Knife.

Try not to collect drops straight away from your knife to allow the monkeys to come so you can either knife them for extra points, or change your drop to a Double Points. If it’s a Double Points already then you can collect it and knife for monkey when he comes for that extra 1k. Be aware that you’ll need to knife him before he hits you to gain those points.

You should only need to survive on round with the Bowie Knife before you can get Juggernog, as long as you don’t collect any Nukes. If it’s past the M14 door from the spawn room then no problem, just open that door for 750 points so you can get it.

If you encounter a Napalm Zombie at any time, the best way to get rid of him safely is to run close to him, then quickly turn back round and run away. This will trigger the explosion, but you’ll back off enough to avoid getting downed by it. Once you get the shrink ray later, just shoot him with it whenever you come into contact with him and he won’t be able to down you unless you’re red-screened.

Leave a crawler at the end of rounds if need be to go and stock up on essentials. You’ll need to buy these things in order:

Quick Revive

PhD Flopper

Mustang & Sally

Open all doors

Shrink Ray (31-79 JGB 215)

Monkey Bombs to help if you go down

Another perk of your choice

To access the PaP in solo play, you only need to stand on one of the slabs raised from the ground. There’s one in the spawn room, one at your camping spot near the bridge, one in the power room and one in the tunnel between the MPL and AK74u rooms.

Rounds 10+

So this is a half-map loop that we'll be using for the rest of the game, that has always been pretty popular for its sheer ease. No idea who created it originally, I think people just spotted it by themselves or variations of it at least.

What we do here is start at the top of the tunnel near the MPL, then casually walk (do NOT sprint) through the AK room and power room before using the geyser to shoot up to the first room. We then do some simple gathering using a little space in the first room and the spikes between the first room and MPL room, before killing the train above the tunnel using the Shrink Gun and Mustang & Sally.

This strategy generally starts working at round 10, but works much better the faster the spawns get, so I personally like to camp the minecart area near the MPL using a Ray Gun and M&S combo until round 20 or so.

Here's how to run the strategy:


1) As soon as zombies start spawning, walk through the tunnel to the AK room and proceed to the power room.

2) As you enter the power room, walk past the Spikemores and wait at the window at the end until zombies reach you.

3) Proceed over the bridge in the middle and out to the geyser.

4) As you launch into the first room, wait to the right of the box.

5) When zombies get close, move off and pass the Quick Revive machine before sprinting through the spike trap as shown.

6) While the hoard gathers itself in the spikes, wait in the lower part of the MPL room as shown.

7) Use the same zig-zagging technique that I'm using in the video, waiting for a split second near Speed Cola, then by the top of the tunnel.

8) With your train bunched up tight, zap them with the Shrink Ray and quickly switch to your M&S to kill the group to avoid collecting unwanted drops (Carpenters are bad). Move off down the tunnel as soon as your group is killed to avoid the bottom window. Rinse and repeat!

Dealing with napalm zombies

This guy can cause big problems in the wrong places, messing up spawns and therefore messing up strategies. However, if you can avoid him until the right time then he can also save you some ammo.

In general, avoid him until you get him in the MPL room with a full train gathered. Then get close to him and quickly run away, causing him to explode without downing you. Your train will then run through the flames, killing them and leaving you to continue your loop.

Ammo management

Ammo normally isn’t too much of an issue with this map. Max Ammos tends to drop fairly regularly, and even when it’s not upgraded the JGB still has a nice ammo count which is often replenished by an Ammo before it runs out in the run up 60 or so. After the normal version runs out and you upgrade it for more ammo, the ammo count is monstrous. On my run to 100, I only had to ‘recycle’ the gun 3 times throughout the whole game because of the pretty frequent Max Ammos. I didn’t have to recycle until 80+.

When it comes to recycling, I’d suggest trying to keep 1 zombie at the end of the round so you can hit the box safely when you’re running low on ammo on the upgraded version.

It isn’t out of the question however, to hit the box mid-round in any location on this map. It’s not the preferred method at all, but it’s a realistic option. Each room simple requires a slow circle round a structure with your group following behind, hitting the box on each loop.

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One of the easier maps here. It can be a little tricky getting to the new tweaks thrown in here (Cosmonaut zombie and Excavators), but once you learn how to handle them they don’t present much of a problem. No Man’s Land can also be very hepful but also a big hinderance if you happen to go down on your way back from hacking the Excavator. I’ll of course be helping you with all of this.

On that note, throughout this guide I provide you with a lot of advice about handling the Astronaut and how to deal with Excavators, all with standard methods. However, at the end of the Moon guide you'll find 2 sections with very unique strategies and tactics that I've devised, that will make the difficulty of dealing with the Astronaut and Excavators a thing of the past if applied (sections An alternate, faster strategy and Getting rid of the Astronaut completely).

I’ve not actually played solo all that much on this map until quite recently after developing my Receiving Bay strategy (which will be detailed at the end of the Moon section) with 100 being my current best before suiciding.

Starting in No Man’s Land

The first and foremost thing you’ll need to do is to watch what perk machine comes up, as it’ll either be Juggernog or Speed Cola. If it’s not Juggernog, restart the game. The reason we do this is, in solo play there is no reason what-so-ever that you shouldn’t be able to get Juggernog before going to the Moon and starting round 1.

Ideally, the best thing to do when starting here is the same strategy people use to get a high amount of kills in No Man’s Land, i.e. rack up points, upgrade the M1911 to the Mustang & Sally, make more points, buy Juggernog, then get as many kills as possible with the Mustang & Sally.

This can be tricky though and you may prefer to just buy Juggernog and go to straight to the Moon. Stick with the following strategy, as I've added a little alternate method later in the strategy that will allow you to get Juggernog quickly and safely as well as make a few thousand extra points before going to the Moon.

Getting a nice score on NML in order to get the best start on Moon is pretty dependant on PaPing the M1911 in a good time. With that said, here is my take on getting a 90 second PaP on a pretty consistent basis. I’ve tried all of the main tactics and from personal experience this technique is not only a little easier but provides consistent results:

To start with, you'll want to make at least 1670 points (9 kills or more) before the 1st siren.

As soon as you hear the 1st siren, haul ass to the teleporter pad.

You'll get a few loose zombies coming to the teleporter pad first - duse about 8 chest shots and a knife to kill them.

No more than 10 seconds after the first siren, cook and throw a grenade on the telepad.

Finish shoot-knifing until the 2nd siren.

Let the 2nd siren pass you by as you carry on using all of your ammo.

At the 3rd siren you'll want to start cooking your first grenade. You'll need to aim the throw so that all crawlers from the grenade are positioned at the top of the stairs. Bouncing the grenade off of one of the front walls next to the stairs ('back-fragging') is a great way to do this.

Knife any remaining walkers and crawlers. You might get the odd couple of 2-knife kills but they will mostly require a single knife. As you're on the teleporter pad, any new zombies spawning in will take some time getting to you, so you'll easily have time to knife all of the crawlers and make the money to PaP, most of the time with some to spare.

If done right you'll have the points to PaP at around the 4th siren, which more or less marks 90 seconds.

Here's a video demonstrating the strategy:



Now comes the point that I mentioned earlier about getting Juggernog with the above strategy rather than going for the PaP. Carry out the same strategy, but buy Juggernog as soon as you have the points rather than saving them. The part before the second siren is easy, and you should be able to make your Jugg points in this time with a good spawn. Carry on using the strategy to make a nice amount of points before going to the Moon; it will of course be much easier with Juggernog, knifing the leftover crawlers off the second grenade will be nice and easy.

Video demo here:



A more kill & points effective strategy

So in the ongoing search of methods to get better and better starts on NML, I've created the bastard child of conventional PaP methods and my 90 second method, to maximise kills before PaP.

With conventional methods, the last part of the strategy can always be a huge pain in the arse; this method alleviates that tough last part into something much more manageable and just as effective.

Normally gets 50-60 kills before PaP, which with good following spawns can easily lead to 100-110 kills with 4 M&S shots by the time you get Jugg at about 2:45; as good a start as you can hope for.

1) Get at least 1670 points before the 1st siren

2) After the siren, hang by the side-drop for about 6-8 seconds and get some double-knifes

3) Approach the other side-drop corner, then approach the PaP before preparing a grenade in the cage (shown in-video)

4) This grenade should go off before the 2nd siren, killing your entire hoard

5) Make way for the teleporter pad, knifing any dogs

6) Gather a hoard, spraying them with your pistol, saving the last clip

7) At the 3rd siren start cooking your 2nd nade (you may have to delay a few seconds to wait for stragglers)

8) After the nade goes off, shoot any survivors and knife when out of ammo


Now, back to the high-kill strategy...

Once you get the Mustang & Sally back out of the PaP, I'd recommend getting back to the telepad again. Saving ammo for later is vital, and this strategy will see you using only about 4 shots to get you Jugg points as well as being the safest method.

Gather a full group at the pad, fire 1 shot into them, run around them and fire another shot when your health recovers. This should take out the whole group. May leave a crawler or 2, which can almost always be single-knifed for a kill.

Gather another group and do the same thing.

From here, stay on the teleporter pad, as this is the easiest method for getting a high kills record. You’ve been shown how to run the teleporter pad using a crescent-moon style loop and you’ve taken out a wave with the M&S – just keep it up, waiting until you get a full group and shooting one shot into them at a time as soon as they’re gathered, waiting for your health to recover between shots.

Sure, this tactic doesn’t net as many kills as other areas, but we’re not going for a high kill record here – the objective is to rack up a massive amount of points before going to the Moon, and this strategy will normally net you over 10k and over 200 kills.

Once you’re out of ammo on your M&S you’ll want to lead the zombies away so you can teleport to the Moon safely - run out of the pad, do a loop round the place by the PaP machine and sprint back to the teleporter. You’ve now started round 1 on Moon, you have Juggernog, 10k and a Mustang & Sally that will come in good use once you get PhD Flopper and a Max Ammo. Now that’s a good start to a game!

If you’re not comfortable doing this and just want to get Juggernog and get to the Moon as soon as possible, then do that. I’ll add some tips for racking up points on the Moon before opening all the areas.

Here's a video of one of my record breaking teleporter strategy games, to show how to run the area effectively as well as a demonstration of previously mentioned PaP & Jugg strategies:


Round 1

Just a few tips before we go into the strategy here:

Firstly, make sure the Astronaut doesn’t catch you. If he does, you’ll lose your Juggernog, have to teleport to No Man’s Land, Speed Cola will be there because Juggernog was there last time, so then you’ll have to come back to the Moon wait until the teleporter is ready again before you can go back and get Juggernog. Huge pain, so best avoided.

On the above note, avoid killing the Astronaut at any time - killing him will only make him glitch out when you use Gersch Devices, as mentioned in the guide.

Do NOT use ANY type of explosive in the starting area or in the labs (the whole area in which the hacker can be found in). This will decompress the area, which will mean you’ll have to wear your PES in these areas even after the power is on, which will make things hard for you later. So no grenades, launchers etc.

Starting area – if you massacred No Man’s Land

If you built massive points in No Man’s Land, well done - you have a very simple start ahead of you.

In the first round, let all the zombies in and knife all but one of them. You’re now ready to start opening up the route to the Biodome and get a weapon. Don't forget Quick Revive – in solo, if you go down this will automatically revive you. Be aware that you’ll need to buy it again if you go down, and can only buy 3 in total.

Starting area – if you just got Juggernog

Here you'll be just using your pistol and knife to kill the zombies until the end of round 4. The aim is to stay in the first room until you have 8750 points, then go and open all of the doors to the Biodome, buy the Bowie Knife and get the power on. You'll have Juggernog so this should be pretty simple, and you'll already have a few thousand points from the start from NML.

First round: knife only. Let the last zombie in before knifing as you'll be guaranteed a drop from your point-gain on NML.

Second round:If you got a Max Ammo from the first round, 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Otherwise just double knife. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round:Same strategy here, it'll now take 3 knifes to kill or 12 shots to the chest and a knife will get more points if you have M1911 ammo.

Fourth round:Still only 3 knifes needed in this round. Try and hold them off until you have your 8750 points, then move to the outside area to give yourself some space and leave a crawler at the end of the round without blowing out the windows in the Recieving Bay.

Opening up the map

So, whichever of the above strategies you used, you’ll now have enough points to start opening up the map and making your way to the Biodome. I always choose to take tunnel 6 to the dome, as there are less doors to buy.

You’ll now need to open the rest of the doors to the Biodome. Grab the hacking device when you see it in one of it’s 6 locations in the labs, and hack open any remaining doors. Hacking a door will cost 200 points, a lot cheaper than the 1000 points it would normally cost to open any of the doors in the labs. If it's not safe to hack open the doors because you have respawners coming in on you, just open the doors normally; this is why you would have needed to save 8750 points if you spent the first 4 rounds in the starting area, just to prepare for the worst case.

When you first open the door to the labs, walk through and go up the first staircase. When you go up the second set, turn around to face the first stairs and look up – you’ll see the Bowie Knife on the wall above you. This will need a running jump to buy, just keep looking up and hold the action button as you jump (by default X on Xbox, Square on PS3 or F on PC). Killing with this will be a 1-hit kill up to round 10 and nets 130 points per kill.

Just avoid Nukes when possible and you won't lose out on valuable points at this early stage. You can take them at the end of a round when there’s no zombies left, as you’ll make an extra 400 points for nothing.

Use any remaining points to buy PhD Flopper and hack open the rear entrance of the Biodome for access to the teleporter.

Do NOT step on any of the launch pads if you don’t have PhD Flopper – missing the landing on the next launch pad will down you without Flopper.

You may also choose to camp in Tunnel 11 with the Bowie Knife, as the rounds go by a lot faster than the Biodome.

Take some time to go and buy Quick Revive at a suitable in the following rounds.

As for what other perk to get besides Quick Revive, Jugg and PhD Flopper, I always go with Speed Cola. Besides the quick reloads, it also makes you hack things faster. Mule Kick is not needed as you really don’t need a 3rd weapon until well after round 50. We'll discuss this later.

Before Round 10

Pretty simple, just randomly run round the Biodome, using the Bowie Knife to get all of your kills. Once you get a Max Ammo and PhD Flopper you can use the Mustang & Sally to free yourself if trapped.

Leave a crawler at the end of round 9 so you can go and start chasing the random box.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to get a PES from one of the airlocks before using the box in the power room and Mule Kick area.

The only weapon you’re really after is the Wave Gun and either a QED or Gersch Device. Both of the latter 2 are used when you need a Max Ammo for your Wave Gun – we’ll discuss this whole process soon.

You could trade out the Mustang & Sally for a Ray Gun if you’d prefer, but keep in mind that either one will only be used for killing the Astronaut and the Mustang & Sally makes a much quicker job of it. Sure it has less ammo, but the only time you’ll need to kill him is when getting a Max Ammo anyway. Again, this process will be discussed soon.

Back to the box chasing – if the box is in the Biodome or starting area, you can use the hacker to get more spins on the box for less points. Firstly, use the box as normal. Then, use the hacker to hack the current weapon shown if you don’t want it – this will change the weapon and will cost 600 points. Then, whether you want the next weapon or not, hack it. This will give you 950 points back and the same weapon will appear. Keep in mind that this last hack can also be used in co-op to allow a teammate to take the weapon.

Of course, you’ll need to keep another weapon just in case you don’t get the Wave Gun this round. Try and opt for an MG (RPK, HK, Galil etc.) until you get it. Do NOT trade ANY weapon for the Mustang & Sally.

When you’re done using the box, either you ran out of points or have the Wave Gun, Mustang & Sally and QED/Gersch Device, make sure you get the hacker back if you don’t have it already. Once you have all of these weapons, there’s not really any need to give the hacker up again. Holding onto the hacker will give you increasing point rewards for such things as completing a round, hacking the Excavator panel and teleporting to No Man’s Land. You also get points for hacking the PaP machine in No Man’s Land for the first time in any game.

A video summary of how I like to start a solo game on Moon:



End-game strategy

Once you have the Wave Gun, Mustang & Sally and QED/Gersch Device, you’ll start using the main strategy from now on. You’ll be using the Wave Gun/Zap Gun to do ALL killing of any zombies.

Loop point

The best place for looping in solo play has to be what I call the ‘Claymore loop’. The basic strategy here is to do a counter-clockwise loop of the rocks on which the Claymores are found. I’ve added a picture below to demonstrate some points I’ll be discussing about this loop:


The only time you should sprint is a quick sprint to dodge a zombie. Just walk round at all times otherwise.

There are other loops in the map of course, other places in the Biodome and one in the Stamin-up room which can help you get through the rounds really fast, but this is the best loop for solo for many different reasons.

This is not only a nice, open and easy loop to do; you can also effectively eliminate any danger of being grabbed by the Astronaut while you’re killing the zombies. Just dodge him as he approaches you after spawning, and as you continue to run round he’ll end up in the green area labelled ‘1’, and will stick there all the while you keep walking round. This is a nice safe area for him to be in as you can just steer wide of the rocks and still be able to dodge oncoming zombies by going over the stairs.

There’s also another green area which I like to lead him to labelled ‘2’. It’s even safer to have him here as you’ll dodge any oncoming zombies in this area by steering wide of the rocks anyway.

Killing the zombies

As already mentioned, you’ll only be killing the zombies with the Wave Gun/Zap Guns. The basic strategy here is to gather all the zombies in and shoot the entire group with the Wave Gun to kill them all in 1 shot. You use the Zap Guns to pick off individual zombies at the end of rounds and to get kills once you’re down to your last clip on the Wave Gun. Have the Wave Gun out at any time that you’re not actually using the Zap Gun, as it can be used to free yourself if you get trapped.

The reason we only use these guns is this – all powerup drops are based on points earned. The amount of points needed to drop a powerup will increase per round.

Now, here’s the genius part and where the hacker really comes into use – the Wave Gun/Zap Guns drop no powerups at all. Even past round 50, the amount of points you earn from killing with these guns (using all but the last clip of all the ammo on both guns) and hacker bonuses will be enough to drop a powerup, so you’ll be due a powerup by the time you’re down to your last clip on both the Wave Gun and the Zap Gun.

So, you’re down to your last clip on both versions of the gun and you need a Max Ammo. The hacker can be used to change any drop to a Max Ammo at a cost of 5000 points – this won’t hurt considering the amount of point’s that you’ll have made so far and will make with all the ammo you’re about to get.

So now all you need o do is drop a powerup, change it to a Max Ammo to fill up the Wave Gun/Zap Guns and you can carry on killing. But the Wave Gun/Zap Gun doesn’t drop powerups. This is a VERY GOOD thing – this means you can use all but the last clips of the Wave Gun and Zap Guns as mentioned, and you won’t drop the powerup you’re due until you need it, and when you do get it you can make certain that it’s a Max Ammo. So effectively you’ll have infinite ammo on the gun until some point after round 50 – I’ve used this strategy up to round 73 and I got a drop every single time I attempted to get one, of course using all 3 of my Gersch devices at some points.

Getting a Max Ammo when you need it

So how do you get a drop if the Wave gun/Zap Guns don’t kill? Simple – you use another weapon.

This is where the Mustang & Sally and QED/Gersch Device come into play. There’s a few different ways to handle this, I’ll list my favourite to least favourite:

Mustang & Sally – killing the last zombie

This one requires a bit of luck but is easily the best way of getting the drop, as it won’t require you to kill the Astronaut zombie – the Astronaut zombie is best left alone because another Astronaut with more health than the last will replace him very soon.

This method as I said requires luck, as you need to be at the end of the round when you’re down to your last clips on the Wave Gun/Zap Guns. You can of course use some of the ammo from your last clips if you’re certain you’re near the end of the round.

You’ll basically pick off the last zombies with the Zap Guns, leaving just one of them. Lead this one away from the Astronaut, so you don’t kill him and he doesn’t disturb you when you’re trying to hack the powerup. Once he’s a good distance away from the Astronaut, use the Mustang & Sally to kill him and get your drop, then hack this to a Max Ammo and prepare for the next round.

Mustang & Sally – killing the group of zombies

Basically the same thing as above, but done if you need a Max Ammo mid-round. Gather up all of the zombies and unload on the whole group to kill them all. Hack any drops to a Max Ammo if there’s not one already.

Note that this method will start to become uneffective at round 50+.

Gersch Device

This method will most likely need you to kill the Astronaut due to a glitch (maybe intentional) in which the Astronaut looks as though he’s going to get sucked into the Gersch Device, but doesn’t and instead moves round the map very quickly in the same way that he was moving when being sucked towards the Gersch Device. You’ll need to kill him with the Mustang & Sally if this does happen.

The preparation for this is simple – gather the zombies as normal, then throw a Gersch Device when they’re all in. This will kill all of the zombies and drop a powerup, or multiple powerups.

Throw another Gersch Device while you hack your powerup, just to ensure that you'll be safe while hacking it even with the glitched Astronaut around. Kill the Astronaut if need be, preferably before you take the powerup if possible so youcan replenish your M&S ammo afterwards.


I don’t like this method at all, as it won’t always work and can have disastrous consequences e.g. losing a perk, being teleported to another part of the map, losing a large amount of points etc.

To do it, gather up the zombies; lead them away from the Astronaut so not to kill him, then sprint ahead of them and throw a QED. With a little luck it will simulate the same explosive-wave type thing that occurs when you kill the Astronaut, which will kill all zombies in it’s radius.

It’s definitely worth mentioning that you shouldn’t go for a Max Ammo for the Wave Gun if it’s not upgraded. If you need ammo for the non-upgraded version, go to the teleporter via the rear entrance to the Biodome and upgrade it. We’ll talk about getting back to the Biodome from the starting area shortly, when we discuss hacking the Excavators.

As I mentioned earlier, drops are point-based and the amount of points required rises a little each round. Eventually at a ridiculously high round, you’ll stop being guaranteed a drop. I’d then recommend replacing the Mustang & Sally with the MP5k, as the M&S will be useless at this stage anyway. I’d also recommend upgrading the MP5k and hacking it’s position on the wall so that the ammo will only cost 500 instead of 4500 (the only point in doing this is the upgraded version has more ammo). The MP5K can then be used to build some extra points before going for the next drop to ensure getting it.

Hacking the Excavators

To people that don’t know how to properly deal with this, it’s a huge pain and often results in death. It needn’t be this way however, as it’s a pretty simple task, and one that’s definitely worth doing, as having no air in the Biodome will mean you’ll have to wear a PES and therefore won’t be able to hack any drops. Which of course means you’ll have to keep the tunnel you’re using protected from Excavators as well, not only so you can make your way through the tunnel without it being blocked by the Excavator, but to ensure there’s still air in the tunnel to make travelling through it without a PES safe.

There are 3 Excavators in total:

Pi - Breaches Tunnel 6

Omicron - Breaches Tunnel 11

Epsilon - Breaches the Biodome

There’s always one that you can ignore – the one to the tunnel you’re not using. If you use Tunnel 11 to get to and from the Biodome (the one closest to the M14 from the starting area), then you can ignore Excavator Pi as this will breach Tunnel 6, which you’re not using so won’t matter. If you use Tunnel 6, you can ignore Excavator Omicron.

To hack the Excavators

This has all been outlined in the General Tips section at the start of this guide, under the Stopping respawning in new areas on large maps section. Please do read this section if you haven't already, as it uses hacking the Excavators from a Biodome start as an example of putting the said trick into action, and there really is no easier way to hack an Excavator when you're running the Biodome than this method.

What to do if you lose Juggernog

As handy as it is to be able to get Juggernog before the game, having it in No Man’s Land and alternating with Speed Cola can be a problem.

If you do lose it, either by the Astronaut taking it (which should never really happen if he’s dealt with in the ways we discussed earlier) or by going down, hop back in the teleporter to go back to No Man’s Land as soon as you can without taking too much risk. Use the Wave Gun to protect yourself if need be.

If Juggernog was down there last time then Speed Cola will be there this time. Even if you know Speed Cola is down there it’s still worth going down, as you’ll need to get that out of the way so you can go down again when the teleporter is active so you can re-buy Juggernog.

You’ll then of course have to make it back to No Man’s Land with no Juggernog, which can be very tricky so make sure you put the Wave Gun to good use. Also make sure to buy Quick Revive when you arrive back in the starting room

Once you get back to the Biodome it’s not too tricky to survive without Juggernog for a bit, doing the ‘Claymore loop’ you rarely take more than one hit while you walk round if you’re cautious.

An alternate, faster strategy

So this here is what I consider to be one of my most innovative strategy creations so far.

Basically, simply by fixing the Quick Revive window after killing each group, the spawns become manageable enough to run the Recieving Bay safely.

This is genuinely a great, or better, alternative to running the Biodome - it's a simple and easy loop, it's about twice as fast as running the Biodome and there's no mad dash needed to hack the Excavators, as you're already more-or-less right next to the panel when one goes off as the round starts. This strategy requires basic-intermediate kiting skills, so if you're not too confident with small area kiting like this you may want to stick with the Biodome strategy and just take your time.

So the following video will show you how to run the area safely, as well as how to safely and effectively stop the Excavators and hack Max Ammos from powerups dropped by Gersch Devices at the right time.

This strategy works from round 10 upwards and gets easier as the rounds go up and the speed of the spawns increase - the hallmark of a good kiting strategy.

The following footage is from a single round 50 game, 0 downs or perks lost by any means, which shows that the Astronaut causes no problems.

You'll see all of this in the video anyways:



Getting rid of the Astronaut completely

Whatever strategy you use, the Astronaut glitching out with Gersch Deviced can be a huge pain and a potential game-ruiner.

I've come up with a little trick here to lock him in one of the tunnels, utilising Excavators and doors. This will effectively eliminate him for the rest of the game and is very useful for using either the Biodome or my Recieving Bay strategy.

Here's a video showing how to do it:

This is shown with Tunnel 6 which I find a little easier to pull off, but can also be done using Tunnel 11 by keeping either the bottom or top door closed since the Excavator drops down in the middle of the Tunnel.


Unanimously the hardest map there is, but I feel that this is only the case due to the lack of perks as the running areas are pretty decent.

My highest solo score on the Black Ops version of this map is round 80 on which I suicided, which is the current world record. This is pretty much the exact strategy I used to do it.

Starting area

First round: Knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round: Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, open the stairs (NOT the HELP door), go along, and open the 2nd set, down to the HELP room and buy the Thompson.

Finish out the round by camping in the HELP room.

Before Round 10

In this map, all of the areas are small and tight and it’s risky to start running trains before round 10, as the walkers in the group will straggle and you’ll probably run into them and get stuck. You’ll be camping up by the grenade spot until then. Leave a crawler at the end of each round to use the random box.

As for what weapons to aim for:


LMG/Ray Gun


Obviously you’ll need Mule Kick to have all 3 of them.

Once you start running trains/kiting, I’d advise you to carry the Thundergun at all times while gathering a group just in case you get blocked off in any way.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Ray Gun on this map while running trains – making crawlers will most likely spell death.

Rounds 10+

You’ll now start using ne of the main strategies, which will apply to rounds 10-30. This will basically consist of a full-map loop - starting in the Thompson room to trigger most of the spawns on that half of the map, then moving to the first room to gather your train around the pillars, before leading them back to the Thompson room and using the Thundergun to take out full groups.

This strategy was devised by VzuaLxVenoM for the high rounds, video by me showing how to run it in the earlier. It generally gets easier as the rounds go higher:



Take note of the windows being fixed on each loop to help control the spawns. You can also listen out for boards being ripped off as a signal of when to move from your initial waiting place, but in general you'll start counting to 10 once you shoot the Thundergun.

It's a wise idea to finish of zombies at the end of a round with a weapon other than the Thundergun, to conserve it's ammo and to maybe get a drop in hope of a Max Ammo.

Rounds 30+

If you've made it this far, you've done well - pat yourself on the back. Now the real fight begins!

We're going to be switching to a faster strategy now to take advantage of the faster spawns. This is a strategy I devised during my world record run, and is loosely based on VenoM's strategy that we used earlier. With this strategy you start the first half of the strategy in the same way. However, once you've gathered your group in the first room you'll kill them there, and jump straight into the corner nearest the HELP door to trigger a zone-mechanics trick.

All the while you sit in this spot, zombies will only spawn in the first room. So you'll shoot the Thundergun and sit in this spot immediately, for 9 seconds. You'll then take them to the top floor with a little zig-zagging, before gathering them in the Thompson room before killing them and waiting for 9 seconds before you move off.

See this video for demonstration:


Recycling the Thundergun for more ammo

You'll run out of Thundergun ammo at some points in the game. Time to 'recycle' it.

Gather a full group as normal, before leading them to the Thompson room, standing by the Thompson until they reach you.

You can then loop clockwise around the room, hitting the box on each loop until you get the Thundergun back.

Always hang as far to your left as possible to control the zombies.

I'd recommend spraying the zombies with the Thompson in the higher rounds, not only to keep building points as you spend them but also to lessen the chances of zombies respawning.

Another map that’s considered to be on of the hardest by many, but it’s actually fairly easy if you have a good strategy like my one following.

I used the map loop in the high rounds to reach a world record breaking round 120 recently, without going down which proves it's effectiveness.

Starting area

First round: knife only.

Second round: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Third round: Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, open the next area and buy the Thompson/MP40 (depending on what side you’re on).

Before Round 10

Once you’ve opened the next area from the spawn room, as mentioned you’ll grab the Thompson or MP40. You’ll start on a different side from game-to-game, with Quick Revive being on the Thompson side and Juggernog being on the MP40 side. The door separating the 2 sides is opened once the power is turned on.

Back to the strategy. You’ll be using a camp-and-move strategy up until round 10. Using your Thompson/MP40, camp with your back to the next openable door, shooting the zombies as they come at you. When you feel like you’re getting overrun, open the door, move to the next area and do the same thing.

Keep a zombie at the end of each round, preferably a crawler, to buy perks and box weapons. You should be aiming to get the following things in order:


Quick Revive

Double Tap

Winter's Howl

Ray Gun

Speed Cola

Monkey Bombs

You’ll be keeping the Thompson/MP40 for the rest of the game, so will need to trade out the Ray Gun for the M1911 when you get it.

Keep the Winter's in hand when looping round the map, as you can use it to free yourself if you get stuck in the rounds leading up to about 25, which is the most common time that you might get stuck due to the slower spawning.

Use the Ray Gun to do all of your killing, only using the Winter's when in trouble. When it comes to using the traps later on, the Winter's will be useless by that time so you may as well just trade it out for the Thompson for point-building for the trap.

If you have opened all of the doors before round 10 because you kept getting overrun, no problem – just start running the main strategy. Carry on reading for instructions on how to do this.

Rounds 10-30

You’ll now start using the main strategy. The base is pretty simple; you’ll just be doing a full-map loop in a clockwise direction.

The key to making this strategy work is controlling the spawning of the zombies i.e. getting them all to spawn in one area so you can loop round the map freely. Sounds difficult, but it’s actually really simple, safe and generally helps you avoid any sort of dangerous situation throughout any part of the map.

There are only 3 main rules that need to be adhered to in order to make this strategy work and give you an easy time:

1) Start each round or wave next to the STG.

2) ONLY kill zombies in the MP40 room

3) NEVER fix any windows or collect a Carpenter power-up. Doing this can mess up the spawning and put you in danger.

To start any round, stand next to the STG-44 on the wall. As soon as you hear zombies, start walking towards the power room to begin your clockwise loop.

Just continue to casually walk round the map – you shouldn’t be confronted by any zombies so it will be a casual walk.

Once you get to the Thompson room, use the space to help bunch up the zombies to make it easier to take out more of the group shortly. Here’s an image demonstrating a manoeuvre I like to use to gather them together:


Continue past Quick Revive and Juggernog and up the stairs, turning left into the MP40 room. You might get one zombie coming down the stairs as you come towards Jugg, but he comes down the stairs way before you reach them and is easily avoidable. It's never more than one zombie if you stick to the strategy and only kill in the MP40. Sprint to the end next to Double Tap, then turn around and spray into the zombies and kill as many as you can before you get overrun, preferably using a Ray Gun but a Thompson works well in the earlier rounds.

Continue through the door to the STG, rinse and repeat.

As mentioned, it’s very important to only kill in this one spot. Done this way, all of the zombie s will spawn into this area and will all come in behind you, leaving the rest of the map clear for you to walk through. In the earlier rounds you may encounter a zombie on your way to the Thompson room, but if you go to the left side of the stairs on the way to them (where the Trench Gun is on the wall) you’ll easily squeeze past him. Either that or you can take him out with the Ray Gun. As the rounds get higher of course the zombies will spawn in quicker and you’ll never encounter a zombie here. You tend to get 2 stragglers come in the 2 windows next to Mule Kick after you’ve entered the Thompson room, but they’ll just join your train as you do the gathering manoeuvre.

Speaking of Mule Kick; this perk is in no way needed. The Ray Gun & Thompson/MP40 are the only weapons you need. I’d actually avoid using the Winter’s Howl on this map unless you have it in the early rounds and really have to use it – some of the runners could be turned into really slow walkers, you’ll encounter them on your next loop and possibly get blocked off, which of course can be very dangerous. As we’ve established, if this map is played correctly there’s really no reason that you should get stuck and have to blast your way out of trouble. The Winter’s Howl won’t really save you after round 20 anyway.

Round 30+

You’ll continue the same strategy as before, but you’ll now be using the MP40 trap to get all of your kills.

Of course you’ll still need to shoot the zombies to make points for the traps; if you use the Thompson/MP40 you can build points for the traps without killing any zombies, as their health will be high by this round. After you leave the Thompson room, sprint to the stairs before the MP40 area, turn round and shoot a few clips into the bunch before they reach you, then proceed up the stairs.

By the time you’ve completed each lap, after the delays you cause when gathering in the Thompson room, the trap will be ready to use again.

Of course, you’ll need to make sure you get the zombies on the right side of the wall so you can run them through the trap. You can gather the zombies on the right side by walking round the edges of the room just after the stairs. Use this simple gathering technique and you’ll have no problem with this:


You may get a few stragglers from the end of the train that don’t go through the trap because they went do along the other side, but this is no problem as they’ll just lead the way in your new train.

Of course using the trap to get all of your kills won’t drop power-ups, but you won’t need them anyway. The only gun you’ll really be using at this point is the Thompson/MP40, which of course can be replenished by buying ammo off the wall.

Even so, it’s a good idea to use the last group of zombies at the end of a round to do some point-building, which also carries a large chance of them dropping a power-up. If this is a Nuke or Instakill, it can be saved for use at the beginning of the next round. Just be sure to kill them somewhere that allows you to get back to the STG area before the next round starts. Running a loop in the Thompson room or MP40 areas both work well if it’s a small group.

Here's some video footage of my highest round on Verruckt so far (only stopped by an error at the end). This video demonstrates the way the loop should be run and traps used:



Round 40+ double-trap strategy

Here's a strategy I devised that becomes safe at about round 40, using both traps rather than just 1 to deal with spawns at 45 seconds per spawn rather than the 60+ seconds it takes using the single trap. It's a little riskier but a lot faster:

Considered as a medium-easy map. It can be just a little tricky to get through the first 30 rounds, after you start using the traps things get easier and you can afford to relax.

My highest score is a reecent 115 world record using something similar to the following strategies.

Starting area

Round 1: knife only.

Round 2: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Round 3: Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, open the gate (NOT clear the debris to go down the stairs). Proceed down to the Thompson, buy it and wait for the zombies.

When safe, it’s much more beneficial points-wise to shoot a little with the Thompson before knifing for the kill, as you’ll get the hit markers from the shots plus 130 points for the knife kill. At round 3, shoot 2 shots into the chest before knifing.

Round 4: Camp in the doorway leading to the entrance to the Comm Room (near the Thompson). Use the same shoot-knife strategy, at this round shooting 3 shots into the chest before knifing. Leave a slow walker at the end of the round as you should now have enough points to open some doors and hopefully find and get Juggernog, provided you didn’t collect any Nukes. If you have less than 4250 points, wait until the next round.

Firstly, open the door to the Comm Room area and the hut in the Comm Room. With a little luck, Juggernog will appear. If it doesn’t, start opening the huts in other areas with your remaining points until you find it. Don’t bother buying any other perk, your priority is to find the location of Juggernog and buy it as soon as possible.

Before Round 10

At these early rounds, it’s best to do a full, counter-clockwise loop around the whole Comm Room area. It’s real simple at this stage due to the slow spawning of the zombies. Just use the wooden walkways to loop round, and hop through the water parts so you don’t get slowed down too much. Wait until you have a full group of zombies before you start spraying into them with the Thompson.

At the end of each round, leave a crawler so you can go and open more doors to find Juggernog if need be. Buy it once you’ve found it and be on the look out for Quick Revive next, buying it after Juggernog when you find it.

After you’ve gotten these 2 perks, hold off on the perk buying for now and focus on getting some nice guns from the box. You’re aiming to get the Wunderwaffe and the Ray Gun from the box. Monkeys are also helpful if you go down, but not essential and should be left until later if you get the other 2 weapon first. After you’ve gotten the Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe, go ahead and buy Speed Cola and Double Tap.

So, to re-iterate, these are the things you should be buying in order from the start of the game:



Quick Revive

Wunderwaffe & Ray Gun

Double Tap

Speed Cola


Rounds 10-30

You’ll now switch up the strategy here, opting to run a small clockwise circle just outside of the entrance to the Comm Room area. See the image for demonstration:


The grey line shows a small cutback you can make if your loop gets blocked off. If you have to do this, make sure to get back to running clockwise when it's safe to do so.

Running this circle is actually a bit safer than running a full loop of the Comm Room, mainly due to the tight squeeze you often face when coming out of the small hut and heading towards the front entrance during the full area loop. Running a small circle also enables you to gather the zombies a lot faster. I’ve found that a clockwise circle works a lot better than a counter-clockwise circle – the way the zombies spawn permits you to run a smaller circle going clockwise, you don’t have to jump in the water as much so you won’t be slowed down as much as you would running counter-clockwise. You also just seem to run into fewer clumps of zombies and it’s easier to make a cut-back if you do.

Once you’ve gathered in a full group, start shooting them. Once you have the Wunderwaffe, you can start using it to take out some groups to speed up the rounds. Make yourself an allowance of 4 Wunderwaffe shots per round to balance it across the rounds, using your other weapon to finish out the round once you’ve used your 4 shots. Using the Thompson to finish out the rounds is fine for now but you’ll preferably want a Ray Gun to finish the rounds between rounds 20-30.

I personally prefer to keep running my small circle while shooting the zombies, but once they’re gathered you can loop round the whole Comm Room area with your train, turning before stopping to shoot at them. Go with whichever you find easiest; just make sure to return to your small-circle running when the zombies start respawning.

Hellhound rounds

Not any real strategy here as these rounds are generally easy. Just use the whole Comm Room to keep on the move.

Round 30+

You’ll be switching up your strategy again, now to use the Flogger trap to get all of your kills. We start using the trap at round 30 not only because the rounds start to take a long time using your weapons, but because the zombies start spawning in really fast, and it’s easier to widen your loop when this happens.

This for me is where things take a turn. Between rounds 10-30, running the small circle mentioned earlier gets increasingly difficult. Now all of a sudden, using this strategy, the game becomes a lot easier and you can afford to relax.

You’ll no longer need the Ray Gun; trade it out for the Thompson, which you’ll be using to point-build for the traps from now on.

You’ll be looping about a quarter of the map to gather the zombies and wait for the trap to recharge before each use. You’ll be going from the Flogger, straight forwards into the hut, then out to the Comm Room, straight ahead through the small hut, past the Comm Room doors and to the edge of the walkway. By the time you’ve done this, all the zombies should have spawned in, you’ll wait for them to reach you before sprinting back past the Comm Room doors and through the way you came back to the Flogger. You’ll then turn it on, sit on the other side of the Flogger and wait for the zombies arrive, shooting them with the Thompson as they approach it to make some points. May sound confusing but it’s simple and easy, here’s a sequence of images to illustrate the loop step-by-step, with written instructions underneath each image explaining it, followed by a video for demonstration:


Walk from the Flogger straight ahead into the huts.


Walk through the back huts and out through to the Comm Room area.


With most of the zombies coming from the way you just came, you can run this figure-of-8 style loop as well as some counter-clockwise circling where safe, to gather them all with ease. You'll always get a few zombies spawning where you are, due to respawners running through the Flogger before it stops spinning, but they're easily dodgeable.

Once all of the zombies have been grouped, sprint all the way to the Flogger, buying Thompson ammo from the wall as you pass if need be.

Turn on the Flogger as soon as you reach it and crouch underneath it, on the back side of it a little to let the zombies actually run through it as they try to get to you.

To make points for the trap, spray them with a few clips of Thompson ammo as they run towards you/the trap.

After the Flogger has killed the group, repeat!

The Flogger may appear as though it has not been recharged when you go back to it - do not fear, there's a trick to this.

The Flogger has 2 seperate switches, each with their own recharge time. So with this strategy, you alternate switch-presses on each group and it will be ready for you each time you go back to it. You may get a notice that the trap is recharging, but you can still hit the switch and it will work. Just make sure you use a different switch from the last each time.

The reason we sprint back to the Flogger from the Comm Room and switch it on quickly is to get it spinning well before they get there; you don’t want it to be spinning for long after its taken out the group, reason being that if you take out new spawners with it as you continue your next loop then they’ll start spawning in on you when they should almost all have spawned in by the time you’re walking through the Comm Room. As mentioned earlier, it's inevitable that you'll get a few spawning in the Comm Room due to this, but you can keep this to a minimum by switching on as early before your group reaches it as possible, and a few zombies are easy to handle.

Have the Wunderwaffe in hand as you run, as this can be used to clear your path if you get blocked, which should rarely happen, but best to take precautions.

A video demonstration of this strategy:


You’ll keep using this exact same strategy for the rest of the game and you’ll notice the difficulty won’t really increase, apart from the length of the rounds getting longer and longer. As mentioned, you should hardly need to use the Wunderwaffe so you can use this to get through the Hellhound rounds.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s rounding up the zombies like this before trapping them that is the easy part. It’s getting to this point that can be a little tough, but once you’ve made it to round 30 then you’ve set yourself up to go a lot further.

To wrap up the guide for this map, here's a video for my world record run to 115, to demonstrate all of the strategies detailed above:


Overall this is an easy map - it’s only the mid-round Hellhounds that can make things tricky, and it’s this that stops this map from being ridiculously easy. Keeps things exciting though and throws a needed challenge into the map but not one that’s overly hard, so it was a good move by Treyarch. Once you get used to it it’s not hard to handle.

This is the same strategy I used to reach round 100 before suiciding.

Starting area

Round 1: knife only.

Round 2: 8 shots to the chest with the pistol, then knife. Knife 2 times when you run out of ammo. Rebuild all the windows at the end of the round.

Round 3: Keep knifing the zombies at the windows, holding them off for as long as possible. When they start to pile in, open the 2 doors to the Thompson. Proceed to the Thompson, buy it and wait for the zombies.

When safe, it’s much more beneficial points-wise to shoot a little with the Thompson before knifing for the kill, as you’ll get the hit markers from the shots plus 130 points for the knife kill. At round 3, shoot 2 shots into the chest before knifing.

Clear the debris at the end of the round, drop down from the ledge and turn on the Power.

Round 4: Don’t use the box yet – you don’t need any other weapons for now.

Camp in the power room, using the same shoot-knife strategy when possible, at this round shooting 3 shots into the chest before knifing. Leave a slow walker at the end of the round as you should now have enough points to go back through the Thompson Room, up the stairs and across the bridge to buy Juggernog.

Before Round 10

Up until round 10, you’ll be camping in the power-switch area with the Thompson.

If you start too feel as if you’re being overrun while standing still, no problem – you can use this area for kiting, and of course doing this stops you from getting overcrowded. Here’s an image demonstrating how to kite the zombies in this area:


At the end of round 9, make a crawler. You’ll now start opening all of the doors and linking up all of the teleporters.

Once you’ve opened the PaP machine, upgrade the M1911 to the Mustang & Sally.

“Mustang & Sally on a map without PhD Flopper… are you crazy?” you may be saying. Or you may not, most likely depends on how much experience you have on No Man’s Land (which we’ll of course be discussing later).

“But I’ll down myself with them!” you may also be saying if you said that first sentence. Not necessarily true, if you use them properly. They have so much power that it makes them worth using, to speed up the earlier rounds and to take out Hellhounds throughout the whole game. There are a few of rules you should abide by to ensure minimum risk and maximum effectiveness of these weapons:

1) Do not shoot them if you are damaged – not even a little bit. This includes damage taken from dropping off high ledges.

2) Only use one shot at a time, unless you’re absolutely certain you’re far away enough from the blast as to not take any damage. If you use 2 at close range, the next hit you receive will red-screen you.

3) Don’t shoot any shots if there are zombies heading at you in both directions. This could of course wind up with you taking a few hits after you’ve already taken damage from the blast, and you could go down.

That’s about it. They’re only dangerous to use if you don’t use them properly! That said, we'll be getting rid of them at round 20 anyways.

Back to the strategy. If you have some points left over then spend them, if not then wait until you do. You’re aiming to get these items in order, so leave a crawler at the end of a round if you have a nice amount of points to buy Quick Revive and either Speed Cola or Double Tap, your choice.

You’ll be keeping a Perk slot spare for later. Mule Kick will fill this spot, but a 3rd weapon won’t needed until round 30 so there’s no point in buying Mule Kick now, as it’ll just be a waste of points if you go down before then.

A video demonstration of the following rounds' strategies

So here is a video of my recent 100 run. In this video I demonstrate the 10-20 strategy, 20+ strategy and end-game trap strategy. I'll be giving suggestions as to when to refer back to this as we discuss the following strategies:


Rounds 10-20

You’ll be using the Mustang & Sally to take out all of the zombies (and Hellhounds) in the next 10 rounds.

At the beginning of each round, start up on the Double Tap ledge. Fix both windows; this will delay the zombies coming in and will build a nice little group up behind them.

Stand on the ledge and wait for the zombies to reach you before dropping down.

You should have most of the group already spawned in at this point, now you’ll just gather the rest of them up using the power-switch area and Bowie Knife area.

You can use the same loops in the power to gather them. As for the Bowie Knife area – small but pretty simple:


Finish gathering your train into a tight bunch in the Bowie Area, then turn back round and run through the power-switch area, stopping round-about where the trap is.

Turn and kill the entire group with shots from your M&S. At round 10 you’ll need only 1-2 shots to take out the wave, about 3-4 at round 19. If you get up nice and close, you'll use less shots, but this is more risky. Go with whatever is more comfortable.

Once you’ve taken out the group, continue using the 2 areas to gather your next group, starting in the power area and working your way into the Bowie area.

See the above video for demonstration.

You can also use the STG room to finish gathering if you get a little overrun in the Bowie area:


Hellhound rounds

Not any real strategy here as these rounds are generally easy. Use the Mustang & Sally, and remember the rules we discussed earlier!

On round 19, leave a crawler and hit the box. You're looking to replace your weapons with a Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe, as well as get the Monkey Bombs.

Rounds 20-30

By now you should have replaced the Thompson with the Wunderwaffe. If not, just continue with the same strategy until you manage to coax it out of the box.

You’ll now be using the Wunderwaffe to do all of your killing up until round 30, minus the mid-round Hellhounds that will have started spawning in by now which you should take out with the Ray Gun. You’ll be using a similar gathering strategy as before, starting on the ledge and fixing the windows, dropping down and gathering the rest in the power and Bowie areas.

Rather than taking out the group here though, run down through the power area and into the right tunnel as you look. Wait for the zombies to reach you before sprint off to the next area, just past Speed Cola:


Sprinting to the circled area just past Speed Cola will split your train to 2, on going through each tunnel and joining again in the middle in a nice tight group. As you see them join, shoot into the group with a couple of Wunderwaffe shots. This will take out 20 zombies, leaving you with 4. Don’t waste ammo on these 4, just turn around, sprint through the Thompson room and up the stairs back to the ledge, putting a couple of boards on the windows. The stragglers will just join your next train.

You may run out of Wunderwaffe ammo at some point, just upgrade it for more ammo if need be.

You can also take out a very small group of zombies at the end of a round with a few M&S shots, which holds a high chance of dropping a powerup if you’ve used the Wunderwaffe to take out zombies, and you may get a Max Ammo.

See the above video for demonstration.

Round 30+

You’ll now start using the Warehouse (Thompson room) trap to take out the zombies.

You’ll basically be using the same strategy, gathering them in the main areas before taking them past Speed Cola and leading them into the Warehouse trap and running back up to the ledge to repeat the loop.

You’ll be using the Thompson to make all of your points for the trap here. Once you’ve gathered them all, turn round and run down to wait at the left tunnel this time. Turn and spray them with a clip or 2, then turn round and go through the tunnel before they get too close. Then stop at the Wunderwaffe spot and spray a bit more from there before going to turn the trap on. Rinse and repeat.

See the above video for demonstration.

Recovering from a down

In this map, it’s not too hard to recover from a down. When you go down, you’ll pull out your Mustang & Sally. As we’ve already discussed, do not kill any zombies and instead survey the situation as you’re down, look at where the zombies are going and throw a Monkey Bomb when you get back up if needed. However, you’ll definitely wanna take out any Hellhounds with your M&S; they can be a real pain because of their fast speed.

Once you’re up you’ll wanna head to Juggernog via the labs (Trench Gun area). If you go through the Thompson room and across the bridge way you won’t be able to go back that way to buy your other perks back while you still have your horde, and you’ll have to go the long way round.


Starting area

Stay in the starting room until round 3 or 4, just using your pistol and knife.

When you get overrun, open the door and buy the MPL. Open the elevator ASAP as an escape route if everyone gets overrun.

You’ll want to hold of up here for as long as you can, going down to the next floor when you feel like you’re getting overrun.

It’s in the whole team’s interest to always have the player with the most points opening the next door.

Next floor

Once you get down to the next floor, leave the barricade closed – the upper floor makes an ideal camping spot for 4 players as there are 4 windows. It’s also pretty easy to hold off with 3 players here.

Everyone should buy the MP5K off of the wall with the exception of one player who should buy the PM63 instead. Obviously this player will guard the window closest to the PM63’s location.

I’d recommend one or two players keeping hold of their M1911 with the purpose of upgrading it to the Mustang & Sally, for use in the Pentagon Thief rounds and for taking out big bunches of zombies later in the game. It’s best for the players at the windows close to the locations of the guns on the walls to be the ones to do this, as they won’t need to rely on the MPL as a back-up weapon mid-round being that buyable ammo for the MP5K/PM63 is pretty much right next to them.

It’s ideal to stay here until the end of round 9, leaving a crawler at the end of the round to go and turn on the power, use the box and buy perks.

Of course, if you do get overrun at any time, you may need to open the barricade and move down to the next floor. If you do have to do this, camp on the elevator side of the room, keeping the elevator closed unless overrun to effectively disable the elevator window and make things easier.

Preparing for the next round

So, it’s the end of round 9 and (hopefully) you have a crawler. Time to start spending some points!

As mentioned, have the guy with the most points open the door every time to make sure everyone has a few goes on the box and people can afford perks. You’ll of course need to open the elevator, go down and look through the windows in each of the rooms to see which room the random box is in. Turn on the power switch while you’re down there.

I’ll clear up the basic strategy now as this will affect each player’s priorities in perks and weapons; you’ll have one player running a loop in the War Room, while the rest of the players will camp in the PaP room. The ‘runner’ will need to prioritise getting Juggernog and opening the barricades in the War Room, as having a good weapon when running loops is not absolutely essential especially in the early stages. An SMG will do the job for the runner for now.

The rest of the players can feel free to spam the box and get Juggernog in the coming rounds; it’s more important for them to be able to hold off the zombies from coming in the PaP room windows than it is to be able to get hit a few times extra.

As for what weapons to be aiming for, these are the best choices:

For the runner

Ray Gun


Winter’s Howl

Awful Lawton


For the campers

Ray Gun


Mustang & Sally

Awful Lawton




Following rounds/end-game strategy

You’ll now start the main strategy, with one player running a loop outside in the War Room and the other 2-3 players camping in the PaP room. Obviously, the guy with the most skills in running loops/trains/kiting should be the one do to this.

The runner will get the majority of the zombies going for him (about 80-90% most of the time, sometimes more), so it should be easy for the PaP room guys to defend.

I won’t go into detail on running the loop in this guide; for a detailed guide on doing this with all the tips you need, please refer to the FIVE solo guide. Just be aware though that, since the players in the room will also be killing zombies, they will be constantly spawning. I point out the best place to shoot in the solo guide, which is just as you pass the elevator on your right, turning and shooting at the bottom of the stairs. This should help you avoid getting trapped by zombies coming out of the windows.

At NO point should any other player walk out into the War Room while the runner is doing his loop – this can cause the zombies to spread everywhere which will make things dangerous for the both of you.

In a 4 player game, it’s ideal to have 2 players watching a window each in the room and have one player in the hallway of the room, shooting the runner’s horde of zombies as they pass by the room. It’s important for this player to stand at the very back of the hallway, far away from the doors, to stop the zombies turning round and coming into the room.

Another important thing; do NOT shoot the horde with the Ray Gun as they pass – this has the potential to make crawlers, particularly at higher rounds. Leaving crawlers in that particular area can spell danger for the runner, so best avoided.

To speed the rounds along, you can take out the entire horde with the Mustang & Sally. Make sure you do take them all out and don’t leave any crawlers though.

The Awful Lawton can also be very useful here if you get overrun. It’s a good idea to have the door-watcher have an Awful Lawton in their arsenal, using it to shoot a bolt out of the room when overrun to lure the zombies out of the room. It’s really best to communicate when playing this map, especially when it comes to doing this. Tell the runner what you’re about to do so he knows what to expect. It’s best for him to stand close to the group of zombies gathering around the bolt, so when it blows up they’ll chase him rather than turning back round and coming into the room.

Monkey bombs can also be used for the same purpose, these are preferable when possible as they last longer and allow everyone to prepare, but the Lawton is quicker to prepare initially and so more suitable if you need to get the zombies away very quickly.

If one of the guys in the room goes down, one of the other guys in the room should try and revive them without using a monkey or bolt when possible; it’s best to avoid distracting the runner’s train whenever possible. Quick Revive will help you do this.

Of course, you will almost always need to use a distraction if the runner goes down. Try when possible to throw the monkey or bolt outside of the PaP room.


I won't be going into full strategy with this one, as most players know the basics already. However, what I will be doing here is showing a bunch of good kiting spots (more than enough for a 4 player game) and recommending weapons for varying purposes.

Start area


This is a simple area to run. There are no good wall weapons you can use on-route, but the M1A1 Carbine is on the wall just outside of the running area, which is a respectable gun when upgraded as it becomes auto-fire and does a good amount of damage. The problem though is that is doesn't hold much ammo, and will cost 4500 to replenish the upgraded gun.

Note that as you go up the stairs that lead to the door, you may need to jump over some zombies at the drop-off.

You can use a 'cut-back' at the Kar89k area if you get blocked off on your way to the stairs (turn around and run around the zombies in a crescent-moon shape, then turn back, run back around them and continue your loop).

Thompson room


This room can be tricky to run in later rounds, but with some practice it becomes easier. The Thompson on the wall on-route is an added bonus that makes this area very considerable.

As shown you can use the stairs as a sub-route if the front area gets blocked up. You can also go around by the furnace for an alternative route. A cut-back by the Thompson also works well if you're blocked off by a bunch of zombies coming from the stairs.

This is the area that's most affected by where your team-mates are. If your team-mates are in the power room or the start area then you'll get a moderate amount of zombies coming here. If you're playing a 2 player game and the other player is running the STG train, you'll get a LOT of zombies here.

Power-switch area


Another simple area and one that seems to be one of the most popular. Most people tend to run in a circle shape, but I find the way shown above much safer, and a circle shape can be used as a sub-route.

There's no wall weapons on-route, but the FG42 on the wall just outside in the Speed Cola area is a nice option.

Bowie Knife area


This is an area that any experienced No Man's Land player will feel comfortable with, basically run in a figure of 8 but it's very important to 'drag' the zombies at the corners closest to the power-switch area. It may seem like a tight area but it's very effective and not very hard, and becomes even easier when someone is running in the STG room.

I wouldn't recommend running this if someone is running their loop in the power-switch room as this can cause problems for both of you, but as mentioned I'd definitely recommend it if someone is in the STG room.

There are no good wall weapons near-by, although due to what I've mentioned there shouldn't be anyone in the power-switch room if you're running this area, so the FG42 is a possible choice. An STG is a better choice, but this depends on if someone is in the STG room or not.

STG room


This is an easy area to run in co-op, as you'll get a smaller amount of zombies than anyone else.

The STG is on the wall in this room, and ammo can be bought while using the sub-route shown.

You can also go up the large stairs and drop off the balcony if the main area is blocked off. Just make sure you don't drop into the Bowie area if someone is running it!

Weapon choices

Mule kick would definitely be recommended on this map. There's 3 main groups of weapons that you'd ideally choose from:

Main killing/point-building weapon

This will be the main weapons that you'll be killing the zombies with and gaining points. Recommended:


Ray Gun (beware of crawlers in the smaller areas)




M1A1 carbine upgraded

Dog killing weapon

This is mainly used for taking out Hellhounds when they spawn with zombies after the 3rd dog round, also used during the dog rounds. Recommended:

Ray Gun

Mustang & Sally

Gut Shot (PaP'd Trench Gun)

Any other upgraded shotgun

Emergency weapon

This will be used to free yourself in you're in trouble, either while going to revive or running your train as normal. Always have this weapon in hand when you're not shooting the zombies e.g. when you're gathering them or on your way to revive. Recommended:


Awful Lawton (PaP'd Crossbow)

Reviving a downed team-mate

There should be 1 designated player to revive another player, dependant on which areas people are running. Basically, whoever is closest to the downed player will revive them. So the Thompson and start room players will revive each other and the power-switch/Bowie area and STG room players will revive each other. Of course in a 3 player game, the player in the middle of both players' rooms will be responsible for reviving both.

There may be occasions where more than 1 player goes down, in which case the next closest player will revive both of them.

When someone goes down, all players should stop killing immediately where possible. The players closest to the downed team-mate should have their emergency weapons in-hand; the downed player's group will be coming to join you shortly. The idea is to let the group of zombies join your train so you can go and revive your team-mate without getting blocked off.

Ideally, once your team-mate is revived you should accompany them to the Juggernog machine via a route that won't require you to run through someone else's room and disturb their train (this can be very dangerous for all players and is best avoided at all times.)

Quick Revive will always help in reviving your team-mates, but with certain strategies it’s not a necessity.



So I devised a strategy here that was more or less derived from my 90 second PaP strategy for solo, modified for 2 players getting Jugg before going to Moon.

I collaborated with my partner in crime and fellow CoDz user Tom852 to come up with this split-screen perspective video for you guys; credit goes to him for video editing and commentary.

It's a nice consistent strategy, not too difficult... Tom explains everything in-video so I should stop waffling on here and just let you watch :lol:



As Tom points out, the last clip shows an alternative strategy we tried out and found that it was inconsistent mainly due to dogs screwing you over frequently, whereas with the teleporter strategy dogs are eliminated and we actually managed to capture those 3 takes within 20 minutes ;)



So after recently coming up with a fast and efficient solo strategy for Moon using the Recieving Bay, and improving the strategy's effectiveness by discovering that you can eliminate the Astronaut using the Excavators to block him on the other side of the map, I realised it would also be a realistic 2 player strategy for the 'train-and-merge' stages of the game (30-40+ rounds, but will work from 10+) after the Easter Egg is done, even easier than the Tunnel 11 strategy and just as fast.

Tom and myself tried it properly for the first time, found it very effective and eventually suicided at round 66 because I really didn't wanna play anymore :lol: We both recorded some footage in the 60+ rounds and I passed mine over to Tom, who then did some editing and commentary to create this brilliant split-screen perspective guide on all of the different aspects on how to use this strategy effectively.



So you’ve learned all of the strategies, you’ve been improving your play and you want to start going for the really high rounds.

Granted, high round runs take a lot of skill. But it’s also the mental side of the game that will help you reach you goal, be it getting to round 50, 100 or breaking the current world record.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve seen/heard people say ‘Well, I’ve been to round 50 and given up so I know I can do round 100’. This couldn’t be further from the truth; with all due respect, these people are speaking from an inexperienced point of view. Getting to round 50, and getting through the rounds past round 60 are two completely different things. Past the round 60 point and especially after round 80, the rounds become painstakingly long, you start to lose focus and lose interest if you’re not mentally prepared – or even if you are prepared, but not to so much of an extent. Not to mention that in some strategies, you’ll rely on ammo to get through the rounds, and at these high rounds your wonder weapon ammo will run out frequently and you may find yourself hitting the box mid-round in an attempt to get the weapon back with full ammo - no easy task in some cases.

Again, no disrespect to anybody, but if you haven’t been to this point then you can’t possibly comment on how easy or difficult it is as you haven’t experienced all of these things. When you have experienced it, it gives you more respect towards others that do it. So if you’ve dipped your toes into the waters of the 50+ rounds, just be aware that doing another 50 rounds is no walk in the park.

With that said, far be it from me to discourage anyone - the previous paragraph was somewhat of a reality check; round 100 runs should be treated with respect if you want the best chance of achieving them.

So we touched upon mental preparation for these high round runs. Hopefully you’re now asking ‘So Superhands, I realise runs to 100 are no easy feat and it takes a dedicated player to achieve it - how do I prepare myself for these long, drawn-out games?’. Well, here are a few tips that will help:

Do not rush these games. Sure, you don’t want to drag them out for longer than necessary, but rushing will result in costly mistakes.

Always have a target round in mind. As I mentioned, it takes focus and determination to reach the really high rounds, and keeping a target that you want to hit will give you an extra morale boost when things start to get tedious. If you hit your target and want to go further, reset another target round.

Don’t just jump back into the game after a really long break. If you’ve left the game on overnight and you come back to it the next day, you’ll most likely be feeling a little rusty, and gathering a train from scratch when you’re not feeling comfortable can cause mistakes. Before you finish for the day, build up a train before pausing the game. When you come back to it the next day, you’ll have a train already built and you can run around with it for a little bit to ‘warm up’ – practice your cut-backs and stuff with this train to ease back into the game. When you feel like your back in the comfort zone, kill your train and continue the usual strategy.

Don’t lose sleep over it. If you stay up all night playing and wake up early the next day to continue, your concentration levels will be way off. As a general rule – tiredness + gaming = bad combination.

Stick to the same strategy. We all tend to zone-out on the higher rounds at some point. You can afford to do this if you stick to an easy, reliable, rinse-and-repeat strategy. This is the reasoning behind some of the higher-rounds strategies I show you here – they may not be the quickest, but as I said, taking it easy is guaranteed to see you to higher rounds than rushing things.

Enjoy the game. Don’t get stressed if something goes wrong. If you were going for 100 and ended up hitting 88, no worries – that’s still a respectable and satisfying result, and you’ve gained plenty of experience for a future attempt at it.

Planning each round

In some strategies (for Ascension and Kino in particular) you may need to put the wonder weapon back in the box to get it back out to replenish your ammo. As I said during the Ascension guide, this is best left until the end of the round, keeping a zombie alive to make it easier to hit the box in an obscure location.

You can make sure that you keep the last one when you need to buy keeping count of your kills. ‘But how do I know how many zombies are going to be in each round?’ you will probably be asking. Well, it seems at though any formulas for zombies kill-counts are inaccurate, so I've taken the time to get a group/wave count up to round 85 so far, up to 100 to come at some point.

So, at round 66 and 67 you'll have 18 groups - you’ll gather in a whole group of 24 zombies, kill them by any means and tally down 1 wave. Keep tallying until you’ve reached 17 waves taken out. After the 17th wave, you’ll get your last wave. Try and keep one of them!

Of course, you’ll need to make allowances for if you kill some zombies in the middle of gathering them, for example if you get stuck and have to blast your way out of trouble with the Thundergun.

Without further ado, I’ll now conclude this section by giving the group count I came up with through general gameplay, no traps or Nukes taken and only full groups taken out to make sure I got an accurate result. I’ll be starting from round 40 onwards, as you shouldn’t have to ‘spin the wonder weapon’ before then:

40 – 7 groups

41 – 8 groups

42 – 8 groups

43 – 8 groups

44 – 9 groups

45 – 9 groups

46 – 10 groups

47 – 10 groups

48 – 10 groups

49 – 10 groups

50 – 11 groups

51 – 11 groups

52 – 12 groups

53 – 12 groups

54 – 12 groups

55 – 13 groups

56 – 13 groups

57 – 14 groups

58 – 14 groups

59 – 15 groups

60 – 15 groups

61 – 15 groups

62 – 16 groups

63 – 16 groups

64 – 17 groups

65 – 17 groups

66 – 18 groups

67 – 18 groups

68 – 19 groups

69 – 19 groups

70 – 20 groups

71 – 20 groups

72 – 21 groups

73 – 21 groups

74 – 22 groups

75 – 23 groups

76 – 23 groups

77 – 24 groups

78 – 24 groups

79 – 25 groups

80 – 25 groups

81 – 26 groups

82 – 27 groups

83 – 27 groups

84 – 29 groups

85 – 30 groups

As mentioned, the groups from 86-100 will be added at some point.

However, it's not strictly necessary to have them when it comes to using the Thundergun. Here's why.

At rounds 85+, you'll have 30 groups and more as the rounds go up. The Zeuscannon holds 28 shots in total.

What I'd suggest here is to have the Zeuscannon in these rounds, use all of your ammo taking out the groups, then finish the last few waves with the traps, letting a zombie or 2 through each time to guarantee keeping one alive so you can use the box safely.

When you've gotten the Thundergun back out of the box, upgrade it to the Zeuscannon.

Now, this may seem like a waste of Thundergun ammo, 14 shots to be exact, but remember this - it's much simpler to keep track of things when you use the Zeuscannon to get through most of the round, then take out the lest few waves with traps rather than running out of ammo close to the start of a round and having to finish out the entire round using the traps - especially since traps can also kill a few of the zombies from your current spawn, so if you're counting groups then you'll experience inaccuracies.


So there you have it – about a year’s worth of my solo zombies experiences all rolled into this handy guide so you guys don’t have to do hours and hours of experimentation like I’ve done.

I’ve said that high round runs can be tedious - even with that, this is still a game that gets me coming back to it again and again.

I’ve also said practice makes perfect – that, it does. With this game though, practicing is done with general gameplay, which of course is good fun.

I said too that you should enjoy the game – a piece of advice some often forget. These games may be long and tedious, but at the end of the day we’re all playing this game because we enjoy it. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I’ll leave you all now to get on with slaying the zombies, with a relevant quote from none other than Winston Churchill:

Victory at all cost; victory in spite of all terror; victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.

Superhands, out - thanks for reading!

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Perfect timing! I sadly missed CoDz for a day. I come back and this is now up! :D

This is beautiful man, some of the best work I have ever seen. Your strategic mind is legendary on this site and this work, as well as all your previous works, have helped people in ways we may not even fully realize.

Congratulations on this great work, my friend. I request that this thread be stickied. 8-)

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Appreciate that Eye, really do ;) In all honesty I think it was the Master Zombies Guide that brought the strategy-writers out in most of the strategists here in the first place, myself included, and it's that that's made the upcoming strategies section possible.

Thanks Hellhound, well I think a lot of us, myself included, were intimidated by playing solo at first :lol:

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Great guide! Now between you and Eye, we should all be ehjookayted enough to reach 100 on all 11 maps! :lol:

Seriously though, this is a great guide, lots of quality information, and I really like the format, and the images. I cannot wait to see what you two come up with for the next Treyarch game. You both will probably release 3 strategy guides each the day before launch day :lol:

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This is coooooool. But the section about dodging zombies got me thinking; what if you combined the sprint jump with the screen shake. It would be called he jump shake haha. I actually tried it the other day and it worked very well. [brains] for all the hard work!

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This is coooooool. But the section about dodging zombies got me thinking; what if you combined the sprint jump with the screen shake. It would be called he jump shake haha. I actually tried it the other day and it worked very well. [brains] for all the hard work!

It works really well actually; it's really advanced (or just requires a lot of practice), so that's why I chose not to include it, also I couldn't think of a good name. :)

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Thanks for the feedback guys, was actually planning on putting a Contents section with click-links to each map but the site doesn't support anchoring through BBCode. Ah well...

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Just a CTRL+F function would probably be the best solution! 8-)

No problem, man, you deserve it for your hard work!

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Can I use your Shangri-La guide mate? Just want to make a content update to the MZG! :D

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First off, I really enjoyed reading this, its wonderful! Brains for you. [brains]

Secondly, would you mind if I copied & pasted this into a word document, so I could have it for later reference? Thanks.

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First off, I really enjoyed reading this, its wonderful! Brains for you. [brains]

Secondly, would you mind if I copied & pasted this into a word document, so I could have it for later reference? Thanks.

Thanks dude :) I'm pretty sure it'll stay here for people to refer back to, especially with the new strategies section that's supposed to be coming soon... but if you wanna keep a copy of it then go ahead ;)

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First off, I really enjoyed reading this, its wonderful! Brains for you. [brains]

Secondly, would you mind if I copied & pasted this into a word document, so I could have it for later reference? Thanks.

Thanks dude :) I'm pretty sure it'll stay here for people to refer back to, especially with the new strategies section that's supposed to be coming soon... but if you wanna keep a copy of it then go ahead ;)

Thanks much. :) I just wanted to make sure it was okay if I took a copy for myself.

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Excellent work! I only red the part for FIVE, very very good. I wished I could have read this when I started to play and had serious probs on FIVE ;)

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Thanks guys, when I manage to capture a full 300+ game on No Man's Land I'll be adding a new section under NML with my strategy for getting a high kill record.

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