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What round have you made it to?


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33! I was 3rd of the world haha. but nr 1 and 2 are hackers cause they died at lvl 99. and that's impossible in that short of time.

here's me and my friend on 3rd and 2nd place. i had more then 1500 kills

Haha, when I made 22 that was the world record before we started. We were all pretty mad to see the new record to beat was 33.

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Round 20 with 3 other randoms. Could've gone higher but some immature kid kept going down and kept complaining like crazy in the mic. Then I told him to calm your shet and he got mad and started yelling at me. Needless to say he went down, I teabagged him, let him die, and left the game.

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i hosted a private match with some randoms, got to round 15, then had a power cut, how annoying :x. got to round 21 solo :D which i was quite happy with. Also one other thing why have they taken off solo scores off the leaderboards its ridiculous IMO :x

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