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  1. kennymann95

    Hidden Symbol in Der Riese

    Jason Voorhees ;; that would have been so awesome, having Jason Voorhees on a zombiemap and for you that somehow don't know who Jason Voorhees is, he is the "zombie/monster/something" in the movies Friday the 13th
  2. kennymann95

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    damn, i'm really high up on kino der toten! my best is 77 on solo, using only one revive. died, and when i got back up i threw a monkey bomb, but some of the zombies ignored the monkey, and just fucking ate me :L
  3. kennymann95

    Abracadavre Analysis.

    lots of reading i had to do here but you guys are really clever, I love reading this kind of stuff. great job!
  4. kennymann95

    AK47: lets finally debate this!

    sure hell hope they bring back the flamethrower unlimited ammo ftw! the AK47 is something i've been waiting for a looong time to use in zombies...AK47, M60 and Skorpion
  5. kennymann95

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    me slaying some zombies :P
  6. kennymann95

    Is it worth buying COTD?

    So, a zombie? im in ther middle of downloading it and its 3% every 5 minutes....... :L on 48% so actually that 3% every 5 minutes is Bull Shit..... because five minutes ago it was on 47 %, and its been like 7 minutes now and its 48% still. So, apparently its worth it, and good luck with the store today anyway, after school...... AHAAH! 49% ;D, almost halfway! Oh, and i should be at school. but ive got tonsolitus, and my mum is so nice she is giving me 15£ on the psn account * * its not £15, its £10.49. I think ;D or £9.49.... something like that.... anyway, i think you're all sick of me now. so i'll shut up and go and rot in my bed waiting for it to finish downloading. . . . . . . . . . . . PSST! PSSSSSST! STILL THERE? GOOD! IT'S 50% ..... ALMOST! ...................................................NOW! Right, im going now.... im embarrasing myself now hahahahaha, yes, a ZOMBIE! ; o how creepy isn't that!!! lol, jk epic :L
  7. kennymann95

    Create ur own perk

    I will try and make a label for your Bipolar Cola Do you meen cost half HP and you get double DMG? HP= Hit points? DMG= Dual machine guns? What exactly would this perk do? HP = hit points, yes DMG = damage. but half HP fucks up the perk.... just make it like stopping power. then we got juggs, and stopping.
  8. kennymann95

    Create ur own perk

    how come so many perks be something you only gain anything from when you get downed? :L how about this one: can can't up with a good name, so i'll just call it something from the drink "7up" FasterUp picture of extreme conditioning from WaW. don't care about the color. gives you the effect of: Hardened pro(Penetrates more zombies with one bullet, and no flinch when hit) Sleight of Hand pro(just the pro variant, Faster aim down sights) Steady aim pro(pro variant only, pull out your weapon faster after sprinting) Scout pro(pro variant only, switch weapons faster) Marathon pro(unlimited sprint). cost: 3000 that's something i consider useful, since i have many times got down while switching weapon, running out of ammo because the bullets won't go through many zombies, and the flinch fucks me over with George sometimes(and i lose some bullets for nothing). and the other ones are just extra goodies.
  9. kennymann95

    Is it worth buying COTD?

    i really think CotD is worth it. George does absolutely nothing as long as you don't shoot him. he's kinda like a giant crawler with legs and the max ammo, it comes often i think, like every 2 rounds or so it usually appears. and when it doesn't, you usually get death machine, which also saves you some ammo. they've brought back the Wunderwaffe DG-2. if you really don't like George, you can get rid of him by killing him with death machine/Ray gun/Python/any PaPed Sniper rifle(the dragonuv is the best actually). you got many escape routes for just about any place on the map. although you need like 7500 points or so to get juggernog from the beginning. it's a good map, i recommend you get it ; )
  10. kennymann95

    Create ur own perk

    Cod 4 frags. perk is called: Frag x10 frags from call of duty 4, also referred to as "nukes", they do about 10 000 damage, approximately the same as the scavenger does. they cost 2 000. and you get 10 of them. or just a perk that makes you fart, which will instantly kill zombies that try locking you up in a corner. Fart-a-holic. cost 5 000
  11. kennymann95

    Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    i've made it to round 77, even have photographic evidence :L EDIT: btw, it's only "k1o" as my name there because i was at my cabin, and we have no internet there

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