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  1. Jason Voorhees ;; that would have been so awesome, having Jason Voorhees on a zombiemap and for you that somehow don't know who Jason Voorhees is, he is the "zombie/monster/something" in the movies Friday the 13th
  2. the only part he was missing was the focusing stone?
  3. i don't see how any of you can believe Call of the Dead is before Ascension. Dempsay says something about Gresch on CotD, and Gersch was in ascension.... anyone wanna change their mind? plus, they timetravel, it might be that ascension is after Moon in the characters mind
  4. well, don't trust Callofduty Wikia, everyone can go there and change things
  5. wait, you were Takeo right? only Takeo Masaki can see that red ball kinda thing, but no one seems to know why yet... it's like a red version of the orb from the mystery man easter egg... edit: the part with you teleporting is kinda weird tho...
  6. kennymann95

    Best LMG?

    who cares what the best LMG is, my famas/aug beats your stoner63 or m60 all day long
  7. now that's sweet! great job dude! [brains] for you
  8. kennymann95

    Best LMG?

    the m60 is the slowest firing gun on black ops(except the semi-auto guns such as the M14, FAL and the pistols)
  9. kennymann95

    Best LMG?

    on zombies, it's the HK21 due to the damage, clip-size and the extra ammo. Multiplayer: who gives a shit, i run the Famas or AUG anyways :P
  10. where is the strategy part? or stratergey as you so beautifully spelled it
  11. of course! ricthofen is talking about tank, takeo and nikolai, they were his experiments, remember?
  12. ascension is beaaaaaast on solo i've made it to 73, but got tired :L trust me, the monkeys get hard, when you pass 50 they start taking almost 10 shots of mustang and sally... and in the 70's, you have to use the thundergun.... which they take 2 shots of no matter which round you are in ; ) BUY IT! ; )
  13. good point... you can see the berlin wall outside kino... maybe someone should try? that would have been sick if treyarch actually detailed it that much :D
  14. hello there welcome to CodZ, i think you will enjoy it here i sure hell do :P
  15. it was his first post, so don't try to correct him : P just makes him feel like we are a bunch of wise-asses Welcome to CodZ btw :D
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