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  1. Honestly, as crazy as the ideas are, I think they are very interesting. I always thought an Area-51 map would be absolutely brilliant; and, the moon landing hoax theory would fit perfect to Area-51. I think it would be cool to travel from the moon map to Area-51 using QED. Classic map integration would be amazing as well. Esp Der Riese
  2. honestly u complain about playing with randoms yet your on a site filled with tons of people who are avid zombie players and are willing to complete the EE and get to high rounds. Ive already met like 6 people and added them to my friends list. I did the EE today with them so that is my suggestion.
  3. i got to 29 with 4 player.. proof i have is leader boards
  4. hit all 4 buttons next to quick revive i believe and it will turn night out. this has got to be the first step
  5. way2g00, im from chicago as well. Add my gt: N2L Inception if you ever wanna play some zombies!
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