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Just discovered something interesting...


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I just discovered something interesting. There were 2 screenshots of the same guy, but I realized there was something different. I suppose this is an error at Treyarch, but tell me if you see what I see...

I also wanted to bring up the fact that on the second picture, his tattoo says "115". I was thinking of posting this in the zombies section since it may be a picture of a Zombie map in the jungle (similar to Shi No Numa) but decided to post it here... Just lemme know if I should move it...

On a side note, I tried to make the pictures come up, but all I got was a small white error box thingy. I did so any help is appreciated - Fixed it! Thanks!

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If you want to post images from photobucket go to that box that says "share this image" then copy and paste that code from the box that says "IMG Code". It should look like [/img ] (Without that last space)

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I agree with zBoyGamer. This could mean that there are many more clues in all of the screenshots Treyarch has released and we just need to look VERY carefully. We should make a list of ALL the screenshots in high resolution and go over them with a fine tooth comb

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I had a look at the wiki screenshots and I think this might be the only one of Woods that has been altered.

i agree. Im not even gonna waste my time posting all the screenshots ill just look at all of em and post ones that look suspicious. Remember though guys this is the second picture with a clue in it. The first one had the burning zombie at the top of the stairs, so search thoroughly!

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Apparently other people have noticed some errors too. I found this on a German page about Black Ops so the translated English might not be perfect. The section was about Project Delta and how the main character in BO might be part of that group. Here it is:

In this unit could be one of the main characters from Call of Duty: Black Ops are named Mason, when he will play in the storyline and, according to recent reports of some specific tasks. His tattoo shows, however, noticed the membership of the SOG. There you can see "ATOUGI", the meaning of this lettering is as yet a mystery.

Colloquially could "Touge" for "tough" (hard, brutally) stand. This conclusion can be the Urban Dictionary found. The article "A" would therefore "A hard ..." result. The importance of the "I" is unknown, and leaves room for conjecture. The logic for "may I" for "issue" position. "A Tough Issue" (A tough / brutal affair would) with regard to the unity of SOG at least a plausible explanation for the meaning of the tattoo. Under the logo a tribal flames and a werewolf can be seen.

An additional remaining phenomenon is the fact that the Mason-pointing graphs show differences. News On some images (including the games) you can see the writing "ATOUGI" while on the published official pictures with the trailer "SOG - TOU ..." is seen. Sloppiness? Cover-up? Black Ops is a mystery that needs to be deciphered

But I looked up touge and all I got is that it means "pass" in Japanese... I don't know where this is going but I don't think that tattoo is going to yield much more information, just that Treyarch has a problem with discontinuity errors...

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what was different about the one with 115 on it (other than the tat) perhaps its telling us to analyze that pic for further hints.


The structure on the left in the 115 pic. i think they took it from SNN. Cant be sure as i cannot check as i do not have my game right now. could someone look into this ?

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Ayy guys its probably a picture of woods playing on shi no numa, but the Black ops edition of SNN That came with the Hardened/Prestige edition. SO maybe they are telling us that the old WaW are updated with newer characters, which might mean they are updated with new guns.

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Well thats weird in this picture I took of him in the reveal trailer his tatoo clearly says TOUGH without any I's or A's in it.

I think this is a big clue/hint from Treyarch that maybe there is something important with his tatoos and that it might lead to the storyline.

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