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  1. This is strange it's the first time that's happened to me... I just barely prestiged and went up 2 levels. On the second match on Cracked, the SMG class had flashbangs instead of smoke grenade, marathon instead of tactical mask, and steady aim instead of hardened. It just happened that one match which is weird.. Is it a glitch or a screwup on the servers or what?
  2. Yea that's what I mean sorry for confusing post, and I have tried it's the same.
  3. The guns upgraded and not are: AUG: AUG-50M3 Winter's Howl: Winter's Fury M1911: Mustang and Sally AK-74u: AK-74fu2 M14: Mnesia Olympia: Hades MPL: MPL-LF MP40: The Afterburner Stakeout: Raid MP5k: MP115 Kollider PM63: Tokyo and Rose M16: Skullcrusher HK21: H115 Ocillator RPK: R115 Resonator M72 Law: M72 Anarchy CZ75: Calamity CZ75 Dual Wield: Calamity and Jane China Lake: China Beach FN FAL: EPC WN Python: Cobra G11: G115 Generator Famas: G16-GL35 Commando: Predator Galil: Lemantation Spas: Spaz-24 HS-10: Typhoid and Mary Dragunov: D115 Disassembler L96A1: L115 Isolator Ballistic Knife: The Krause Refribrillator Crossbow Explosive Tip: Awful Lawton Ray Gun: Porter's X2 Ray Gun
  4. If this has been already talked about I apologize. On "FIVE" when you look in the sight of the AUG (PaP'd or not) in the war room by the elevator, you can see (barely) the bottom of the war room next to the PaP room. Also if your in the PaP room you can see the middle of the war room where the teleporter is. If you look around its like your in that spot looking around. Has anyone noticed this?
  5. Dang the only pictures I found were all really bad quality. :)
  6. How did you get them in such great quality?
  7. The quick revive is on in solo from the start. If you buy it, it revives you when you get downed.
  8. It didnt work for me?? Thats strange... What button do you press for PS3??
  9. I still have not finished it but what I have complete was absolutely astonishing... When dimitri died I was about to cry then my parents walked in... So I didn't cry. XD
  10. Or it could mean the dogs. Since they come out every 6th round...
  11. Can someone tell me how do i watch it, because i cant watch it anywhere. :(
  12. Well i just saw it and really want to harderned edition but dont have enough money So i cant play the old WaW maps. But hopefully they will make something like nazi zombies for Black Ops.
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