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  1. Hanger 18 is one of the new multiplayer maps available in the new third DLC for Black Ops called Annihilation. I watched the new video of the annihilation map pack on CALLOFDUTY's YouTube page. In the video Dan Bunting explains how the map Hanger 18 is based in the "highly controversial Area 51" and also he said that "there is a lot of easter eggs that play up to the conspiracy theory aspect." First Dan Bunting said it was taken place in Area 51 but its not JUST covering Area 51 as a whole because Hanger 18 is a real life hanger that is in Area 51. Hanger 18 is a very large hanger in Area 51 that people believe holds the remains of the Roswell UFO incident that happened in Roswell, New Mexico on July 1947. Now back to what Dan Bunting said about the easter eggs.... He said that the easter eggs are playing up with the CONSPIRACY THEORY ASPECT which is that Hanger 18 holds the dead alien bodies and UFO ship remains from the Roswell event in New Mexico! ALSO some people think that Hanger 18 is so big because they are trying to reconstruct the alien spaceship that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico with the help of alien intelligence and ufo ship remains. NOW FOR SOME ZOMBIE CONNECTIONS: If they are trying to rebuild a UFO spaceship in Hanger 18 they need a little help from someone else to make that happen....why not use some of the old Nazi files and documents about the VRIL spaceship that was for example drawn on the chalkboard in Der Riese! George Romero used Nazi Documents to create zombies why can't Americans in Area 51 use Nazi documents to recreate the VRIL spacecraft? I'm not flat out saying now that Area 51 is going to be the next zombies map in map pack 4 but im saying there is a lot of evidence and connections with hanger 18, Area 51, roswell, and zombies that i think there is a great possibility of it being the next map. Let me know what you think of this information and my theories please! Thank you [brains]
  2. So I was looking at Josh Olin's twitter JD_2020 and someone asked: Josh Olin then responded saying: Once he said that I started looking through all the Black Ops Multiplayer Trailers and found one in the Customization trailer. Here is a picture of what level 50 would look like without prestiging: Then here is a picture of being level 50 when you have prestiged: Notice the difference between them? My guess is that it is the first prestige emblem you can get because everyone else who was playing in the trailers was at a low level so maybe that person was one of the first people to prestige before anyone else. I think this emblem looks pretty cool imagine what all the other ones look like! [brains]
  3. When I was looking at the Inside xbox video of COD BO's Multiplayer Overview I found something interesting. When Dan Bunting talks about the MP there is writing on the blue walls behind him and I found the words TEDDY IS ....... I cant make out what else it says I can only see the words Teddy is. Also I noticed when David Vonderhaar was talking the writings on the wall changed and they are both sitting in the exact same spot. Also I circled what I believe says Vietnam/Laos and that wasn't there when Dan Bunting was talking. So I'm not saying it says Teddy i'm saying that it might say teddy. Also I need more help from you guys to figure out what else the wall says because it might say something else that could be important.
  4. Is there any video evidence of the PPsh-43 for it to be confirmed? Just wondering cause i want to see it so bad.
  5. I was watching a video of someone using Create A Class in Black Ops MP and I noticed that one of the special grenades is called NOVA GAS! Here is a picture I took of it. (I put a red circle around it so u guys would see it) Also if you want to see the video I got it from here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAM5AZxm ... r_embedded This means that Nova is a gas that must be used on enemies to torture them and the guy in the chair in GKnova6.com must be affected by it! GKnova6 has been mentioned in Black Ops gameplay 3 times now. 1. Gk symbol in Full Black Ops Trailer. 2. In some leaked gameplay I saw of the snow level I hear someone saying "We have to find out if Nova6 will be weaponized" 3. The Nova Gas as a special grenade. This proves to me that GKnova6 IS by Treyarch and it will play a major role in Call of Duty Black Ops.
  6. In Der Riese on a chalkboard near teleporter B it shows a newspaper article in german and it says "The bees have escaped ludvigsville" or something like that so I think this is hinting zombies for sure.
  7. Sounds like we may see info on the new co-op mode maybe in october?
  8. I'm sorry to everyone on this forum for posting this I mean I don't know for sure if he even did play it he probably saw treyarch showing a little 5 minute demo or something and thought it was dumb just like that. I don't like it when people post stupid stuff and I try not to do the same but I just wanted to see what you guy's opinions were on it but obviously I got some opinions I didn't expect lol Anyways I'm sorry and I feel like a total dumbass for doin it
  9. Ok so I was at my friends house today and in his basement his older brother and his friend were playing MW2. Then the topic of Black Ops came up and my friend's older brother's friend that was playing MW2 said that his uncle is one of the main guys that works at SONY and he is telling the truth cause my friend's brother who is friends with him have been to his uncles house and its big and he is rich and they get free PS3 games all the time. Anyways he said that his dad got him to play Black Ops on the PS3 for about 30 minutes and he played the MP and said that it sucks and that you get killed by "vehicles" every second and then I asked him: Will there be zombies? Then he said: No just stupid missions. This made me think that either there is no zombies or he was just playing the campaign and he didn't beat all of the missions to unlock zombies like you had to do for WaW. I was kinda disapointed but hopefully it will be better then he says it is.
  10. Well thats weird in this picture I took of him in the reveal trailer his tatoo clearly says TOUGH without any I's or A's in it. I think this is a big clue/hint from Treyarch that maybe there is something important with his tatoos and that it might lead to the storyline.
  12. Ya you make a good point plus the Hardened Edition is only 20 bucks more so I will probably just get that.
  13. I was thinking about buying the prestige edition for Black Ops so I was looking at the description for the RC-XD that comes with the prestige edition and then I noticed something interesting that might change my mind of getting it. In the red box it says the range can go up to 200 feet. I say to myself "ok this sounds like it can go really far" but then I realized that 200 feet is only about 67 yards so if I drove the RC-XD up a football field it would not even work if I go barely more than halfway. I know this isn't a REAL RC-XD but still even if i try to go up my street it would just stop working and be a waste a extra $70. So what do you guys think? I honestly don't think I'm not gonna get the prestige edition anymore because if I can't even drive it around my block without it failing then I'm not gonna get it.
  14. Also it has been posted on the Gamestop website! Here is the link!!!! http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/Product ... t_id=83922
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