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  1. You cant use the rolling thunder and the Blackbird, they are both 8 killstreaks. Damn now i have to plan for another one, maybe switch rolling thunder for napalm strike because the napalm stays on the ground for a few so i can herd people yah
  2. LMFAO hahhaahah this literally made me lol http://images2.memegenerator.net/Carbon ... points.jpg idk how to put it here so....yah lol
  3. Isn't the 15 kill-streak gunship?(Correct me if I am wrong) I would use Rolling Thunder, Black Bird(SR-71), then dogs
  4. Wel what imma do is play ODST Firefight with my friend and play Capmaign in Legendary gonna be hard but still.... and play some MW2 Search and Free-For-All Schoolwise. Dont change nothin cuz im passin all my classes i cant wait 131 more days!!
  5. What I think is that after you beat the game you unlcok the zombie mode.( Idk if its the one unlocked in the begginging) Then you can play that map. So when you click it it has a cinematic intro where the other three heroes bust in and save him give him a gun then try to escape?
  6. I just started quickscoping and i dont care really much. I only do it if someone else is doing it I pull out my Intervention and show him/her how its done thats IT. Nothing really badwith quickscoping. Mostly people just mad because they cant do it. not trying to start an argument okay?
  7. 1.Go home 2.Get money 3. "MOMMA LETS GOGOGO! 4.Get in car 5. Wait 30-90 minutes in Gamestop line 6. Tell Cashier to hurry the F up 7. LEAVE! with or without mom 8. Open door connect to XBL 9.Open Box 10.Invite friend to party while simultaneously putting Cd into box 11. PLay Multi 13. Put in Zombies code for WaW maps 14. Sleep
  8. Well its not a new way to drop shot unless you can cancel in the middle like reload cancel. I remember i seen a video where the player does it. He sprints dives a little and pushes himself up idk to what crouch prone or normal idk. Do it will have a little bit of delay to get up
  9. Bleh it might only be on the Campaign mode as someone said sorry if i didnt quote you. Just like the Models? or idk if they WILL be in Multi. Like how in MW2 there was a Dragunov in single player but not Multi. this is what i tihnk
  10. Night vision Goggles FTW lol. But the actual idea to lessen the effects of flash grenades and stun grenades is a great addition IMO. But does it also makes you move a little less slow when hit with stun if it does then I'm for it. And nice summary of the whole thing
  11. What I think is that Treyarch didnt want to make NEW character skins and models and the like. So they chose some unique charecters in the main story besides the main ones that could have been used and still have a personality? Hence(idk why i used this word idk what it means lol) the reason they are similar to the nazi zombie charecters
  12. That is kind of true now that shotguns are a primary again less people are going to use them. If they where in multiplayer why would Treyarch make them the same as in MW2? The range of the other shotguns are pretty short so i expect it to be the same for the Model(s).
  13. when i use the FAL i tap it twice then once just in case they dont die and if they dont die then fire the rest. Have a Magnum as a back-up had a nasty kill-cam just the other day where i killed a guy another guy popped up switch to magnum and blasted him
  14. Lol i think Treyarch is gonna ride out on the fan wave that came out with MW2. Like people are going to get it because it LOOKS like MW2 so the majority of the 10-2 year olds that got MW2 will get this game so its gonna suck, But more noobs to pwn on the plus side
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