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  1. or it could be something else,and i am pretty sure there was another thread about this. Next time please don't waste space by posting new threads.
  2. There have been 3 threads with this already, it was announced that there will be 5 prestiges and 50 lvls
  3. In the leaked gameplay video it shows all the old characters in an abandoned government building. I believe it is mp4s zombie map, it looks pretty nuch the same but better graphics and better sounds.
  4. The first map is supposed to be called Kino der untoten (cinema of the undead) and another is called flashback. I saw a few vids on youtube with links to vids that activision took down at about 10 am mtn time claiming copyright infringement.
  5. Sorry won't be able to donate anytime soon
  6. I think it would make the players too powerful. The powerup that turns all barriers could hurt the team if accidently activated.
  7. Go to zazzle.com and search for call of duty zombies and World at war
  8. You do know that the Desert Eagle uses a .50 Caliber round.. rght? And that you can get a high cap clip. The isreali desert eagle is .50 cal. There are also mods where you can shoot it automatic, just like the barret, you can order it fully automatic. I'm thinking if can get a barret full auto you can get a desert eagle full auto.
  9. I heard that the microphones are supposed to be better than any on the market. (I can't recall where)
  10. I would PaP 3 things: 1. A lazor cat and call it Mr. Mittens it would shoot the deathstar's lazor. 2. Steyr AUG it would have a box magazine with 12,000 rounds and would shoot 50 cal rounds instead of 556, I would name it God's judgement. 3. Tdi Kriss Super V, it would have sulfurus explosive rounds that would sense zombies It would be the Kriss Kross 3000.
  11. My cousin showed me a glitch on Skidrow On the rangers spawn near the garage theres a door on the right side thats closed, you dont need fmj to shoot through it but he got 3 headshots using it. He found it by trying to make a smiley face on it. There are alot of glitches on the game for obvious kill spots through walls and buildings. He/she might have had an aimbot and used a glitch.
  12. I didn't much see the difference when I played on both consoles. It must be your tv or connection. But it did look a little better on 360, not too much though. Atleast it's not like Fallout 3, where it takes a long time to load on PS3 and everything glitches on 360.
  13. It looked kind of like it was light that made it blurry, there might be 115 but I can't tell what the third symbol is. I think the frames are just from the campaign.
  14. I do say, I do believe this fellow may hold an answer to your predicament, I should know, I'm an expert.
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