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  1. they should make it so that if you go into FFA then you can't use tac insertion, e.g. you have the tac on a class but once you go into FFA you can still use that class but the equipment will be disabled for that particular class
  2. i like the booster idea, but there will be a reduced amount of boosters due to camos not being unlocked via headshots, but thank you, have some BRRAAAAAIIIIIINNNNNNNSSSSSS!!!!!!
  3. you should rename the title to "Pictures of camos?"
  4. i would personally call it warlord, but thats just me :D
  5. Nope, check the create a class screen youll see that theres no arc angel. valkyrie rockets is what its called now and its a seven killstreak. thats what i thought at first though thank you ;)
  6. just found out the arc angel is actually a 6 killstreak, i was 5 in te trailer due to hardline :)
  7. in CaC you can see that you can attach an acog scope to the python revolver (a handgun)
  8. 2, got them by accident, trying to get handgun challenges and decided to put on the nuke killstreak setup and got it
  9. yeah come to think of it, the AR's didn't seem to have much recoil in the first place, but if it increased hipfire accuracy and took up perk 1 it would be a bit better, but that is if steady aim doesn't make a comeback...
  10. sorry my bad, i'll change it now, thanks for the heads up!
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