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  1. or maybe allow you to go throught the tunnel in the wall at some point.
  2. Is it just me or is virtually everyone on MW2 now using the MP5 all of the sudden as if to practice for Bops? It seems like it and i joined in but i was just wondering if anyone else noticed this.
  3. I can see Penguin Warfare lol. Primary: Freeze ray Secondary: Ballistic Icicle Lethal(not really) grenade: Snowball Non-Lethal grenade: smaller snowball Perk 1: Scout- hold breath under water longer Perk 2: Hardened- Snowballs become iceballs Perk 3: Super beak commando- self explanatory.
  4. they would be playing it, not onCodZ. ha :lol:
  5. timing of the explosions to the beat was just perfect. Tre shoulda had a trailer contest and the best one could be aired on tv or sumthin. any way cool vid
  6. Dead ops could be like activisions museum (sp?) level but there could be multiple computers/terminals/games you could chose from. kinda like an arcade? just a theory
  7. HL fanboys are throwing a last bit of resistance out ha. They're in last stand XD
  8. new version of ebole = zombie elment 115 = anti zombie? (in the wunderwaffe?)
  9. I would PaP the barrett 50 cal and make it automatic and have no recoil and extremely over powered. (kind of like MW2).
  10. 115. what was different about the one with 115 on it (other than the tat) perhaps its telling us to analyze that pic for further hints. EDIT: The structure on the left in the 115 pic. i think they took it from SNN. Cant be sure as i cannot check as i do not have my game right now. could someone look into this ?
  11. sorry i see no proof. it has nothing to do with black ops XD
  12. both teams try to capture a nuke. then whoever does the most capturing when your team gets it, gets to launch the nuke. oh and everything is super slow.
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