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  1. I respectfully disagree. If you dig far enough you will find that they are inseparable. What did they find under the temple mound? They say that they are the illuminated ones. Who is the Light bearer? The answers to both is the Devil, Satan, Baphomet, Lucifer. What ever you want to call it. (I do not believe in god or the devil by the way). The link is definitely there for you to find. I believe the masons are the lesser of the evils but they are a part of the whole grand scheme. Regards Snake. i believe that you are right. I think that Treyarch started with this illuminati thing since shi no numa as there are many references to it.
  2. same here im not very hyped up for black ops like i should be... cant wait for the first tho!!!
  3. nice! check out mine here: i used the song almost famous by eminem!
  4. I just made this trailer for black ops which is actually different clips from all trailers and gameplay put into one. The song I used is Almost Famous by eminem. I think this stands out from other remixes because there is actually sound in the background. So please watch and post what you think about it and like the video on youtube thanks! Here it is:
  5. someone go through the sound files for snn and search for it to prove him right or wrong!
  6. Fixed the link! Here: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1734
  7. Let the voting begin! And remember that you must judge on the realisticness and originality of the Menu, and how believable it is that it would be in the game. My vote goes to The Rotator because of the way you select things. Very original!
  8. Here are the menu submissions for Black Ops. I didn't make a poll because people would vote for themselves so I will post the images and links below with names that I made up and just post the name of the one you want. RULES: NO VOTING FOR YOURSELVES! NO CHANGING YOUR VOTE! AND NO VOTING TWICE! Main Menu Websites: The Site http://www.BlackOpsMenu.t83.net New Menu http://youtu.be/D-cBei-k8_g Main Menu Images: Behind The Glass Sepia Feel De Oppresso Liber The Beta CoD5 Style Rotator Last But Not Least So once again simply post the name of the picture or website you like the best. The name can be found above the picture or link. Keep in mind I made up the names so sorry if they suck and don't judge them by what I am using to identify them! Goodluck to the participants! Thanks. :mrgreen:
  9. Contest Over! No more submissions! I'll edit this and post a link to the poll. EDIT: Go here to vote! http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1734
  10. honestly i just did it so it would be on the homepage! :lol:
  11. Is that a lazer on his gun? They've all gotta go together somehow :/ LAZAR CONFIRMED!!!!
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