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  1. Im not complaining im just pointing out sum problems i hav wit da map I try to be nice, but you are complaining and I don't appreciate facepalms that don't even have ground to stand on. You have a right to your opinion, but don't act like you can discount mine. Plus solo is too easy that's one of the reasons it should not be on the score boards in my opinion.
  2. Really? Just wow. I'm just tired of people complaining about zombie maps. If you can't get past 20 then you obviously don't know how the map works. COTD is one of my favourate zombie maps. It is so big and easy to survive solo or not. "Every" map anyone can survive into very high rounds. I'm not trying to flame. I'm just saying try to find stragegy and maybe some decent teammates before complaining about a map.
  3. You cannot play the WAW on Black Ops even if you download them, unless you have the Hardened Edition of Black Ops. You can download and install it, but it will do you no good. :facepalm:
  4. My best is 38, I think I'm pretty good, but have a little different strategy for 7-11 that gives a load of points. PSN-slaprath tell me if interested
  5. I was playing Der Riese with myself and one other player. We had about five guns a piece fully upgraded then I made a mistake and I died. That is not the worst of it. So, my teammate survives and I spawn in the beginning of the next round. Ok I have time for one shot at the box. What does it give me? A Kar 98k, cocktails, maybe a monkey? NO, it gives me hand grenades. Like really I haven't even ever seen the box ever do that and when I only have one try....FML
  6. What is so special about going through all maps? Do you have something in mind? I don't give my PSN out to whoever asks.
  7. Good eye. You may have spotted a hint from Treyarch.
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