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  1. i hope you die in a car accident
  2. everyone seems to have their own theory :roll:
  3. they wont know if they like what you say until they read it you always get a max ammo aroun round 4 so ya i am sirous i was just making a post trying to help new zombie players if you dont like what i have to say then dont read it Somebody tell me how to give this man [brains] and I will. I love that you're taking no poop from anyone! he was taking no poop but unfortunately now he is having to take your cock
  4. i found that helpful; I assumed that zombie hit zones were either head/ anything else. so thankyou :)
  5. you didn't really connect the evidence to your point. at all. try harder
  6. First off, how does Richtofen changing his uniform have anything to do with him being in trouble with someone? And yes, Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo all had their short-term memories erased before all this happened when they were test subjects at Der Riese (presumably) under the watchful eye of Dr Edward Richtofen. But, slowly, the three characters seem to be getting their memories back, as they are starting to question what is going on. Paticularly Dempsey, who I think plays a bigger part in all this than we think. It is a strong belief with good evidence that Dempsey was in Verruckt. By the way, please try to learn how to use correct grammar and punctuation. It's nothing against you but you have no idea how irritating it is to read through a post written by someone who doesn't seem to be aware of the existence of the 'Caps Lock' button. What he said. If you want our attention, at least have the courtesy to express yourself properly :facepalm:
  7. damn. fwiw, i can't watch the video, says its set to private
  8. i find the button on it really curious. it needs more investigation
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