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  1. yah I was sort of thinking treyarch got lazy and reused quotes then again i only did the easter egg twice.
  2. did anyone try to translate the quote the boss is saying in the der eisendrachen? I feel like it is saying the same quotes in shadows of evil or it is saying random apothican language
  3. Yah i miss having to earn to get all of the 9 perks in the map. Now all you have to do is eat the perkaholic gobble gum and you get all of the perks. From the videos I all saw they had master prestige so hopefully some other people can look into this too.
  4. maybe it is a master prestige award?
  5. I think it is saying astorro zornash which means grapple something on the upgrade completed quote
  6. going a little off topic here ,but I always thought maxis created the timebomb and the paralyzer in buried. If he isn't the one then who did?
  7. I myself have given up on the counter and i have only gotten to 6 hopefully you got a better shot at this then me
  8. Why can't you try it and do you have a video clip of you getting the audio quote
  9. @TheBiggerMuff On my most recent game I was the cop, I put my egg at the waterfront, and my first ritual was nero's lair and the second one was the boxer's ritual and the wonder weapon's name turned out to be mar-astagua.
  10. I saw noahj456 doing something with the upgraded sword trying to get 20 headshot kills with it, but he didn't get the counter all the down to 0. He was doing this on one of his older streams by chance have any one of you guys got the counter of the upgraded sword down to you 0?
  11. I like your theory and I think there are quotes in the giant such as Takeo's quote about his vision of a house of children connects to the origins cut scene
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