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  1. Marky

    The Quick Revive Theory

    Alternative Title: The Situation is Deteriorating. 115 displacement, a common theme in all of zombies. However, I’ve come to notice that it’s getting worse and worse as the games go on. At first it was just displacing perk machines and the Mystery Box, but now the effects of Element 115 are becoming much more apparent. My examples include the Quick Revive machine, the ghostly perks in Mob of the Dead, and the floating debris in Der Isen- Der Ischen- the Awakening zombies map, which I will now explain, obviously. Ghost Perks in Mob of the Dead Flickering in and out of existence. Could it be that the energy that once solidly placed perk machines was, at that stage, weaker, resulting in the perks, while drinkable, being only half-there, always in a state of travel between dimensions? The Actual Quick Revive Theory This connects to my point on Quick Revive, possibly one of the most powerful perk in all of zombies. If we refer to the Black Ops II zombies leaderboards, (I know, I can hear you all groaning already) we see that we have two categories that are rather.. interesting. ‘Downs’ and ‘Deaths.’ Downs refer to the amount of times your character has been floored by the zombie horde, and Deaths must refer to the amount of times that your character has succumbed to the horde, but died, AKA a non-EE-related Game Over. So, in a multiplayer match, if you run out of health, you’ll be floored until you’re either revived by a teammate, or bleed out, die and then be resurrected by the current Announcer at the start of the next round. The latter would be a Death, with the former being a Down. In a single player game, you can die and eventually revived by the power of Quick Revive, which could mean that Quick Revive has the power to literally raise the dead, or at least ‘revive’ the ‘recently’ deceased. It would make more sense for this to be a more powerful drink with a higher 115 concentration than, say, a drink that increases your strength or improves your reflexes (Juggernog and Speed Cola). With the drink being so unstable, it would make sense for it to literally just up and *poof* within a few uses, hence the Quick Revive machine flying off into the air. Same goes for Electric Cherry, the 115 concentration would have to be phenomenal in order to generate a large electrical corona around the player, enough to incapacitate creatures of the undead, hence its constant state of near-deterioration. Outro As for the floating debris and the method of assembling the Pack-A-Punch in Der Eisendrache, it further proves my point of how 115 is becoming more and more apparent, and bleeding into our world in more tangible forms than meteorites and perk machines. As for what it can present itself as next.. well.. only time can tell. Thank you for taking the time to read. If you can spot any errors or have any ideas of your own to add, please do, I only have credible information that I’ve gotten myself from Black Ops II backwards, as I haven’t gotten a chance to play Black Ops III yet. -Marky Afterthoughts: I made this hypothesis before I learnt of DLC 2’s setting, and now that I have, well, that just gives us even more things to theorize about. I will most likely write a piece on 115 infection once it’s actually come out.
  2. Marky

    The Kn-44

    I can imagine the devs back at Treyarch HQ just stroking their chins and looking at the OP's post, cackling evilly to themselves at how easily they're trolling people with nothing but the addition of a random AR in a few random locations. In all honesty, I think the point of the Japanese soldiers is a good one to raise, could it have to do with more and more 115 displacement-related problems?
  3. I'm glad Zombies is in an alternate reality. Why, you ask? Because in this reality, exo-suits don't exist.
  4. Marky

    Your Ultimate Loadout?

    Usually on Town I aim to PaP the Galil, then PaP a HAMR or a Ray Gun. Couple that with Jugg, Quick Revive, Double Tap and Stamin-Up and I'm set for round 30+. Of course, Monkey Bombs are always nice and Semtexes are a must for me.
  5. That may be the case, especially since when you complete the major EE for a map, buying the next DLC could be viewed as the next 'chapter' in their story but if you haven't got any DLC, you're forced to play that same map over and over again...
  6. ^^^ Those are zombies, 1/15 would kill them. On a serious note, could someone tell me where the aforementioned poster comes from?
  7. Welcome to the forums Marky :)

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