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  1. Holy crap... If you're right, this might be one of the best CoD campaigns so far.
  2. Pretty much this, really. The question is, how is the Mystery Box active at this point? Isn't it generally assumed that the current Announcer deploys the box after the zombies start arriving? In the trailer, the zombies happen after the NO3 make their entrance.
  3. Nuketown with thinner walls, and snipers get a penetration and auto-aim buff on it. JK, no-one likes that shit. Hm... I wanna bring back Raid and Yemen, those two were among my favorites.
  4. And I'm just sitting here, playing BO2 on my Wii U. Haha, jk, no-one plays that shit. *ahem* Back to the topic at hand, I think it might help kill off some of the less dedicated zombies channels and kill off some, I repeat some of the twelvies, but other than that, it's just gonna piss a lot of people off who are still on the last gen. This might just be me, but I don't want to pay an extra 60 or so dollars to get a PS4 but I also want to get my DLC early. I wish they'd just stop being dicks to one side of the community and release the DLC within a couple of days of each other.
  5. They looked more like larger Nova-6 crawlers to me, tbh.
  6. I was talking in the chat yesterday, and I saw the guy who exploded into blood. So, notice how towards the end of that clip, the blood started being sucked towards the book below him? Possible EE material?
  7. I have a theory regarding @Flammenwerfer's first time-travel theory. So, assuming that Origins Richtofen is from another reality, wouldn't that mean he had different experiences and knowledge? I mean, he worked alongside Maxis to create the staff clones, so why not time and space travel?
  8. That was among my first thoughts (now I remember what the boss reminds me of) but we'll have to actually play the map to see if there are any Nova-6 barrels or some shit. Something tells me it's a bit too early for Nova 6 to exist, though.
  9. Maybe the perk machines have taken on new forms and the "machines" will be map exclusive, like maybe in this one Jugg could be a slot machine or something.
  10. Alright, so I've been in the chat room and I think I'm onto something. So the trailer referenced sin, right? Femme Fatal- Lust. Using her body to get what she wants, she manipulate men with her beauty. The Magician- Pride. Confident that nothing can stop him, this man is arrogant and believes everything will go his way. The Boxer- Wrath. This man doesn't seek to win, he seeks to inflict damage on people- unleash his wrath on them. The Cop- Greed. This man will take any job if he gets the proper bribe. Now, bear in mind these classifications are based purely off of the character profiles and I don't know anything more about them. Yeah, not exactly seven sins yet but, it's a start. Anywho, onto the next part. We've seen a three-headed monster. What's a three headed monster I know of? Cerberus, the three-headed dog that guards the gates of the Greek Underworld. This monster could represent the three remaining sins, sloth, envy and gluttony. Also, Illuminati confirmed. Again, just an idea I'm bouncing off you guys. Seeya!
  11. Two brave players have played for over three days to reach this world record, it will be forever remembered as a great feat. SNhg7Hrf72Y for a brief show of gameplay. The user's Twitch is in the video description and you can find the full game there.
  12. Yay... I get to wait 1+ years until I can actually get said next-gen console and BO3. Still hyped for new zombies, though.
  13. Usually on Town I aim to PaP the Galil, then PaP a HAMR or a Ray Gun. Couple that with Jugg, Quick Revive, Double Tap and Stamin-Up and I'm set for round 30+. Of course, Monkey Bombs are always nice and Semtexes are a must for me.
  14. All you have to do is run circles in the road to the right of the Pack-A-Punch near the Juggernog stairs, circle around, run to the Bar, shoot the line then go back to the East road. NEVER and I mean NEVER try to train in the road where Double Tap and the Semtexes are, it's too much of a hassle and there's not enough space.
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