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  1. I'm glad Zombies is in an alternate reality. Why, you ask? Because in this reality, exo-suits don't exist.
  2. Usually on Town I aim to PaP the Galil, then PaP a HAMR or a Ray Gun. Couple that with Jugg, Quick Revive, Double Tap and Stamin-Up and I'm set for round 30+. Of course, Monkey Bombs are always nice and Semtexes are a must for me.
  3. All you have to do is run circles in the road to the right of the Pack-A-Punch near the Juggernog stairs, circle around, run to the Bar, shoot the line then go back to the East road. NEVER and I mean NEVER try to train in the road where Double Tap and the Semtexes are, it's too much of a hassle and there's not enough space.
  4. For Buried where I can get all the perks except for Who's Who and Electric Cherry (I'm not complaining) I usually grab Juggernog and Quick Revive before round 4-ish, open up everything I need, hit the box, open the mansion door and grab Double Tap, go through the witch's mansion and grab that free perk, repeat every couple of rounds. Buried is so ridiculously easy that way.
  5. They all made it out alive and vowed to never speak of it again.
  6. That may be the case, especially since when you complete the major EE for a map, buying the next DLC could be viewed as the next 'chapter' in their story but if you haven't got any DLC, you're forced to play that same map over and over again...
  7. ^^^ Those are zombies, 1/15 would kill them. On a serious note, could someone tell me where the aforementioned poster comes from?
  8. Rule L33T: ALWAYS use at least a week to look for the major Easter Egg in Kino, even though two years of gameplay have proved it doesn't exist.
  9. Welcome to the forums Marky :)

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