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  1. Fellow zombie community, Today I was playing some solo (Xbox Live) mob of the dead. I was on round 28 with one zombie left, on the roof looking at the plane. All the parts were on and ready to go and I was just about to go to the pack-a-punch bridge for the third time. I paused (by pressing start) the game to go to the bathroom and when I came back to the game I WAS IN THE CAFETERIA. Same round, same guns, same everything, except I lost all my parts of the plane and I had to wait till the next round for them to reset. When i went back up to the roof there was NO PLANE. It was as if the plane had took off without me, just how it would if I used it. Why did this happen? Is this some kind of weird glitch? Thanks
  2. Welcome to the forums e3dion :)

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