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  1. I think all the cheaters, hackers and glitchers should have their stats reset ASAP!!
  2. Best 2 Worst Zombie Maps... My Opinion 1) CALL OF THE DEAD - I absolutely loved this map just because I think it was the perfect size. It was open but at the same time there were areas that were tight and crammed. I liked the characters all except GEORGE, George was the only down side to that map. 2) ASCENSION - Great map in my opinion, not to big, not to small. Plenty of room for all 4 characters to do their own thing. LOVED PHD flopper!!! This is where I found my Mustang N Sally PHD flop combo.... Didn't like the monkeys. 3) KINO DER TOTEN - Really like this map..... as of yesterday 12 JUL 2014 there were over 6000 people still playing this map on the ps3! I really hoped to see STAMIN UP and PHD FLOPPER added to this map... I personally think on this map TRAPS should have given the player that bought the TRAP counted kills because on the higher rounds it's the guy with the thundergun who's getting all the kills not really fair for the guy without the thundergun. 4) MOON - One of my favorite maps! I loved all the innovative things they put in this map! The easter egg was awesome and I loved the microwave gun! The fact that you could use the hacker to flip the ammo prices on wall guns.... On the other hand I hated the spacesuit zombie and how he could jack your perk! and the biggest thing I disliked about this map was the fact that jug was on earth... JUG should have been on the moon! If they wanted to keep jug on earth they should have made it so any1 could teleport at anytime. 5) TRANZIT - For me this map was most fun on solo! and for once TREYARCH finally gave me a reason to play solo now allowing solo games to post on the leaderbords! I made it to round 60 with 0 downs running trains with the jet gun and the HAMR. I could have kept going but it just got too boring and repetitive ... But I thought this map looked awesome... Downsides were the map being too big for multiplayer and those stupid denizens!! Can you imagine how bad a$$ this map would have been without DENIZENS?? I can!! 6) SHI NO NUMA - This map is where I personally really learned how to run trains.... Loved the way the map looked and how it was layed out. Not too many complaints... Although at times I hated how the perks would randomly be located.... 7) DER RIESE - Another one of my favorites! All the new stuff they added was a lot of fun! Not too many complaints. 8) NUKETOWN - Have to say that I thought this map was one of the best LOOKING zombie maps ever.... I did like it and I liked the orange eyes... not a fan of the blue.... in moon they were kind of cool but.... Dislikes about nuketown: Not enough room... they gave a map with 4 people 2 spots to run trains... You go on that map and look around there's all kinds of yards and roads and places they could have opened up and givin us! It didn't have to be exactly like multiplayers treyarch.. 9) FIVE - Had a lot of fun on this map.... Pentagon Thief was annoying.. liked the characters.... 10) VERRUCKT - A little to crammed for my liking but still a lot of fun none the least.... I would always just camp with friends at double tap and leave that door next to the machine closed... 11) NACHT DER UNTOTEN - Iconic map but just too small for me.... Plus no jug..... I had some fun with friends on this map but not my favorite... But I still consider it a good map... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I ABSOLUTELY HATE THESE MAPS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12) SHANGRI-LA - Coming from my favorite map to this..... gravely disappointed.... not enough room they should have given us room to run trains! The one thing that really pissed me off about this map was the fact that you had to have every player step on a stone to activate the PACK A PUNCH..... what if u are playing with randoms with no mics... it just didn't make sence! Hate that map! 13) MOB OF THE DEAD - The only thing I liked about this map was the characters and the IDEA of it being on ALCATRAZ.... that's it! You would think of all the things they could of done with ALCATRAZ it would be a bad ass map right? WRONG!! For me this is when zombies started getting really fruity! I hated the crammed feeling and I hated the fact that you could turn into a ghost. I think I played this map maybe 5 times and then just said goodbye forever. NO PHD FLOPPER 14) ORIGINS - This map in my opinion just took fruity to the extreme! Giant Robots? Magical Staffs? Robot Zombies? Ghost Zombies??? WTF!! what happened TREYARCH? who's at the wheel??? come on..... NO PHD FLOPPER enough said! 15) BURIED - Now as far as a design point of view I somewhat liked this map, I thought it was kind of cool... But where they got off track was the witch and that big loaf moping around making noises... I mean who thinks of this sh$t? What happened to the formula that no one complained about? NO PHD FLOPPER zombies is dead... HERE IT IS The worst zombies map of all time drum roll.......... 16) Die Rise - There were all kinds of things I just could not stand on this map but what did it for me the most was the design! I just couldn't get passed the design.... Please for the sake of ZOMBIES do not allow who ever thought of Die Rise to ever work on a zombies map again...... please..... NO PHD FLOPPER 15 bucks down the drain.....

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