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  1. I grew up with Resident Evil!! So when this REMAKE came out in 2002 I was crazy excited!! I went out and bought a GAMECUBE just so I could play this game!! I will say that as a die hard fan of the ORIGINAL Resident Evil games meaning RE1, RE2, RE3, Code Veronica, RE remake and possibly ZERO, this game Resident Evil Remake in my opinion is arguably the best Resident Evil game ever made!! And I highly recommend it to anyone who actually likes to think when they play a game..... but honestly to anyone who may be new to RE, I suggest you get your hands on all the old games 1st, be
  2. I like the FAL too man, but the one thing I really wished they had in BO2 zombies was the actual FAL from BO2 multiplayer! That gun was such a beast! Until they NERFED it that is........ I liked the BO1 FAL as well but I would have liked to see the BO2 FAL used in zombies that year..... They could have had the PAPed version with select fire to make it full auto.. I think that would have been cool....
  3. What is your favorite weapon in zombies? It could be a regular weapon or a wunder weapon from WAW, BO or BO2! I'm personally going to say I think MUSTANG N SALLY is mine!!
  4. Oh and one more thing I forgot to list that I disliked about moon was the horrible lag and frame rate issues that plagued that map on higher rounds...... Once you get to a higher round and say an excavator goes down the amount of lag is crazy sometimes makes matches completely unplayable! It just goes to show you that these developers are pushing out unfinished products that have not been fully tested and then even after they release the product they don't even have the decency to their loyal fan base to go back and correct and fix the problems...... It's disgusting!!!!
  5. I'm gonna say YES to your question but only a partial yes... I think that if they are going to keep a "STORY" they need to erase everything they did in BO2 and pick up where MOON left off because in my opinion the BO2 maps, characters & story were just not all that great!! Honestly I would be okay if they just scrapped the idea of a story or even having characters for that matter! I'd rather be a MARINE or a SOLDIER or some kind of GOVERNMENT AGENT fighting my way through countless zombies!!! And they need to implement full character customization too....
  6. AGREED!! and yeah I probably could tone it down a notch but it frustrated the heck out of me when moon was in its prime! I like team work too but it just seems like maps like moon were made without every type of player in mind.... I don't mind them trying to switch things up a bit and make things a little more challenging but I think they could have gone about it in a different way....
  7. I actually loved MOON for the most part besides these3points that are tied together...... JUG, PAP and the TELEPORTER...... I thought it was so stupid that you had to have everyone teleport to go back to earth so pretty much when someone goes down or wants to PAP they're pretty much screwed and can't get jug or upgrade their weapon until every one drops what they are doing and runs to the teleporter which can be extremely frustrating if you happen to be playing with randoms without mics or if you have some nerd hiding in that glitch by PHD FLOPPER that treyarch refused to patch COMPLETEY
  8. I'm starting to get really pissed off at these Glitching dumb asses exploiting Black Ops and COTD specifically. I don't really run in to them all that much anymore just because I tell people straight up in the pre-game lobby that if I see anyone in a glitch i'll automatically leave or end the game if i'm host..... But leaving really isn't all that satisfying and ending the game is really only partially satisfying! What I REALLY, REALLY want is someway to F^*K these glitchers up and make them leave MY game! When I see someone in the glitch under the lighthouse I immediately open the door and
  9. I'll tell u how I got mine..... On release BO2 ZOMBIES was the 1st thing I played!! NOV 13th 2012!! I was super hyped for that game! Anyways, I started playing nuketown and tranZit with other players and eventually got to the rank of the SKULL with the knife/blue eyes but I just couldn't go any further for some reason.... I then decided to try things out SOLO! I can't remember exactly how long it took me to do because this was almost 2 years ago.I decided to run solo on tranZit to see if I could try and rank up.... Me and all my friends were trying to see who could get the double shott
  10. I always wondered what was up with that! Why was the SMR such a beast "PRE PATCH" in multiplayer but it sucked [email protected] in ZOMBIES....
  11. As of 24 JUL 2014 at 1000 PS3: Players online - Kino Der Toten = 5, 675 - Five = 1,139 - Dead Ops Arcade = 186 - Ascension = 546 - Call Of The Dead = 290 - Shangri-La = 105 - MOON = 295 - Nacht Der Untoten = 179 - Verruckt = 143 - Shi No Numa = 102 - Der Riese = 732 These numbers were taken from Black Ops on the PS3
  12. There is ways of dealing with people in other glitch spots that require knife lunging to get into them. One is to pretend you are joining them in the glitch but intentionally lunge into them when the zombie passes them and you will lunge into the player killing both of you. I loved doing that one back in the day. Another neat trick is the one on the cabins at mule kick on CotD. You would join them in the glitch but keep hopping between the cabins making the zombies run off. The glitcher would try to jump over to the other cabin so you would jump in there way knocking you both to the ground
  13. Not sure what system you play on, but on Xbox there is barely anyone still playing. Roughly around 150-200 people per map with the exception of Kino which has around 1500-2000. Regarding the "nerds glitching", that is one of the most off putting things about playing public nowadays on BO1 (and BO2). Why would you want to play with a bunch of glitching idiots!? I play on both consoles but mostly on the ps3.... On ps3 KINO has an average of 5500 - 6000 or more people on a daily basis.... all the other maps have around 250 - 300 people playing at any given time... I always play C
  14. AGREED my friend... AGREED! You should hop on some BLOPS 1 zombies man!! All the fun is still there.... plenty of people online too. You now have all these nerds hiding like twats in GLITCHES treyarch has refused to fix on certain maps but it's still a superior zombies experience than anything BO2 can offer!!
  15. Actually you are wrong bro, they are not even!!! Snipers are the most BS OP weapons in BO2! Snipers BROKE BO2 with their little tac inserts. All these nerds running around with their "panic LEFT TRIGGER RIGHT TRIGGER" AUTO AIM QUCKSCOPE / BLACKSCOPE BULLCRAP.... Snipers are broken in BO2 PERIOD! Snipers outgun SMG's at close range in BO2,,,,, now how does that make sense? Following are the BS shotguns like the "REDD SCREEN GUN" otherwise known as the Remington, meaning I can empty an entire clip into someone only for them to sponge all my bullets, cancel them out and in one short ass
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