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  1. Been drowning myself in Gears hows everyone else doing?

    1. way2g00d


      Downloaded Hears, played campaign for 1 minute, Meh then MP for another minute, Meh, switched off and put my ghosts copy back on.

    2. way2g00d
    3. Fariko Zomb

      Fariko Zomb

      haha definitely an acquired taste for sure!

  2. Have you guys heard anything on a new SNN EE?

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    2. Fariko Zomb

      Fariko Zomb

      PTG Tweeted something out i figured you guys might be on that

    3. The Clay Bird

      The Clay Bird

      they blocked me on twitter i'm sure. whoopsies

    4. DeathBringerZen


      PlayTheWhoWhatNow? Ah... those guys! Reminds me of there tweet regarding Moon getting a hotfix several month back. I would take anything they say with a pinch of salt.

  3. Wait did i miss the site maintenance?

    1. GRILL


      It was just some back end stuff, no worries :D

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      Yeah it's all sorted, we basically upgraded the MySQL system and also introduced a little bit of optimization.

      You may notice some speed improvement with page load times (might only be slight though)

    3. Fariko Zomb

      Fariko Zomb

      Woo! Sounds good, love hearing improvements

  4. Whos slaying right now? Zombs that is

    1. GameChanger


      Aw, thought you meant people out on the street ;(

  5. Been learning about GoW Competitive & working on lots of Achievements!

  6. Still grinding GoW

    1. Slade


      The Cole Train runs on whole grain, baby! Whoooo!

  7. Wow, Prob 100% Correct on this, Can anyone confirm? Makes me wanna go play Nacht now
  8. Playing alot of Gears Of War lately :P

    1. Delta


      Clay was best Carmine.

    2. Fariko Zomb

      Fariko Zomb

      Love Carmine lol<3

    3. Slade


      As am I! What's your GT?

  9. Come on the remake isnt that bad Less scary and nostalgic of course, but you cant say its not better quality.
  10. It really is said that these are the kind of thoughts hackers make us think, Considering they destroy every leaderboard ever made.
  11. New Extinction Map Quick Opinions?

    1. DeathBringerZen


      It looks meh! If you like Extinction then I am sure you will love it, but for those who remain neutral then it still looks boring. I hoped it would improve dramatically so it could

      entice me, but alas it looks too samey so I will be avoiding it myself.

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      I don't really care for the gameplay, but I do want to be there when they finally admit to using the multiverse theory to link to zombies.

  12. Thank you for posting the picture btw, you're right about that. I just wish they didnt leave things in there like that so it made us wonder, Ahh Treyarch
  13. Amazing Tutorial Chop, Did you just make this, or already figured it out?
  14. Would it be ok if i sent in medal request? For proper ones of course

  15. Still amazing with all the NML Mato & Steve played this year nobody has yet break 400. My money is on Mato though, 100% Only because he doesnt stop when Steve beats his scores, dont get me wrong they go back & forth all the time but i just feel like Mato would be really satisfied if he had the WR for Solo Ascension & NML. I only have 176, but i actually havent sat down and played for a few weeks strictly NML I want too, like really really soon.
  16. Hahaha, is it you dont play Extinction alot? or it just never occured to you? Oh no, I play Extinction quite a lot, actually. I just like using the Hazmat and Astronaut better! Hahaha i see, they honestly both must fit in quite well. Astronaut is prob hilarious as well
  17. Hahaha, is it you dont play Extinction alot? or it just never occured to you?
  18. Im using the Ghost Mask from the Season Pass with Default Armor Im waiting on getting thr Extinction Pack but for now i like my character But i had no idea the voices were diffrent, i only bought a few Camos and not a character pack yet. I cant believe they didnt at least use lines from old CoDs or SOMETHING but no they get crappy voice actors? Its honestly prob funny lol, i wanna hear them now
  19. I agree I cant think of 1 map i could start up solo and not try for a HR/Decent Game But if i 100% HAD to choose, hmmmmm...... I would have to agree with you guys on SNN but only the BO1 Version because the [email protected] one i got 187 on so i cant complain or say anything bad about that map lol
  20. Hows everyones weekend going?!

    1. Delta


      Perfect dude. You?

    2. Fariko Zomb
  21. Hahahaha yup exactly. Point Of Contact is the best to learn on but NF & MD are fun if you're good at keeping your combo going.
  22. Quick explination on Brains?

    1. GRILL


      It's basically reputation.

      Sending you a PM with a link to the "brains" thread

    2. 83457


      Um. I can't seem to fix those typos nor delete...hopefully you know what i was actually saying

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