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  1. I thought Jesus' birthday was 25th December? This new-fangled 'Electric' Jesus must work differently... --- Happy Birthday
  2. Banned for living in the forest
  3. You're banned for being a fat yak
  4. Just had to 'park' a game for the night on level 50... my best so far 
  5. Building a custom wonder weapon as an integral part of a character development mission-set would be great... starting pistol imbued as part of first few levels into bullet, laser, explosive or sonic hand weapon... charge with zombie kills to upgrade into second-tier form (shotgun, automatic rifle, dual-wield pistols or 'artillery') complete challenges throughout game play to add weapon-perks such as quick-load, double tap, vulture aid etc, complete final upgrade into wonder weapon form.
  6. I'm sure some [most?] of these have been mentioned elsewhere, but for me:-   Custom Avatar Sandbox 'Home' Zone with Portals to Maps, MP Challenges and 'Housekeeping' areas Housekeeping: Class Trainers, re-Appearance, Theatre incl. Observer mode, Leaderboards Class Trainers: Nothing too OP, but choice for Starting Pistol, Grenade / Equipment type and one Perma Perk effect? Custom Game Options: Choice of WWI, WWII, Cold War or Modern Weapons, choice Wonder Weapon, choice of Tacticals, choice of bonus round (none, Hellhounds, Monkeys, Minions etc), Difficulty (Easy, Original and Hardcore), Game Type: Survival, Grief, Turned, Gun Game, Kill Game (free bonus each round to player with most kills) and choice of Boss Zombie (Warden, Panzer plus new) Personalization Packs for Zombies 3 mini-DLC with re-mastered versions of the [email protected], BO and BO2 maps Two map types - expansive EE / campaign maps and claustrophobic dungeon / building 'crawl' maps... comes with one of each and one each with DLC New Wonder Weapon and 'wonder' Tactical... I like the Staffs, but something more 'weapon' than 'wand' would be better... maybe an option to build four gun options (bullet, energy, explosive and sonic) with four attachment types (grenade, shotgun, target-finder or reserve clip maybe?   Lots of ideas, but am beginning to ramble... may expand on these more later.
  7. Welcome to the forums Ulysses1975 :)

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