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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

The countdown has finished, Firebase Z has arrived!


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  1. The maps I like least are:- WaW: Verruckt BO1: Moon BO2: Tranzit However, I still quite enjoy Verruckt and Moon, so not sure these realy count. Tranzit - I just never choose to play this anymore... prefer the Survival sub-maps much better.
  2. DAMN! I could have sworn you could make crawlers with Shotguns... will double check, but suspect the prevailing opinion is correct (it usually is!)
  3. @Boom I'm fairly sure you can shoot the legs off a Zombie with a Stakeout / Raid? Will have to double check, but could swear that is possible...
  4. Shooting the arms directly causes damage, and therefore causes the arms to fall off as per Boom's response... shooting a Zombie in the body also causes damage and therefore causes the arms to fall off. Shooting a Zombie in the legs causes the legs to fall off, but the legs can't fall off if an arm has already fallen off. Only one arm per can fall off per Zombie (shame). Melee damage never seems to cause the same effect... I could be wrong on this but have killed Zombies at fairly high levels with multiple hits from the starting knife and never seen the same effect. ...and did you mean
  5. Best gun to Pack-a-Punch in terms of how good the upgraded weapon is, or how improved the upgraded weapon is over the original? Going with the latter, and not feeling able to stick to a single choice:- M1911 > Mustang & Sally Crossbow > Awful Lawton M16 > Skullcrusher M72 LAW > M72 Anarchy
  6. Only need Knife, then M14 + Knife, and then Bowie Knife before Round 10... all kills should be melee kills. I LOVE melee kills... the point gain is outrageous. However, I note from the fact that you say purchase the AUG (awesome!) from the Theatre that this relates to the Android / iOS version of BOs, which I've never played.
  7. Thanks @lead_psychopath - I should really try that approach - I've never actually used the bank or the weapon locker in any map, so I should really make use of the facilities to speed-up getting my gear in order. I'm usually sat on the broken column with 50-70K unused points by the early thirties so there is really no excuse for not giving it a go. I also like the idea of using the PaP'ed SVU for the headshot perma-perk. I've not used the Trample Steam either, for some reason, but was thinking I might at least build it into my updated strategy to enable a return to the AN-94 wallbuy fo
  8. Hi all, Another step-by-step solo strategy - this one for Die Rise, as it's the map I'm currently trying to beat... have managed a high-30s so far but am aiming for 50+... but have now managed to die on three seperate occasions by jumping directly into a horde of Zombies [for some mad reason]. Will post update once a decent run is completed... Round 1 Your first objective is to reach 1,500 points before ending Round 1. Allow the first five Zombies to breach, and as they enter the spawn room, shoot each 8 times in the legs and then stab to kill. This yields 210 points per Zombie and
  9. Original post updated with completed solo strategy as per my Level 60 run as per below:- Round 1 Wait downstairs in the Centrifuge area until Zombies breach. Shoot each Zombie three times in the chest and knife to kill. If two Zombies approach together, shoot six shots through both Zombies for additional [collateral damage] points. Fix both downstairs windows. Round 2 Camp downstairs near the Lander site, and hold this position. Shoot each Zombie three to four times in the chest and knife twice to kill – make sure you maximise any opportunities for collateral damage. Unless you get a
  10. The addition of these features would make the earlier maps too easy IMO, although BO2 Zombie re-spawning would be more interesting...
  11. OK... picked-up and made to Level 60 today before suiciding... went to one trap, then two trap strategies... will complete write-up shortly (possibly in week) Very happy considering I started off aiming for 40 Any suggestions for my next map, strategy and target?!
  12. Yay! Made Level 50 on Ascension - still going, with last Quick Revive still active Need a break, but may pick this back up tomorrow and try for 60... Will complete strategy write-up with 30 to 50+ shortly
  13. They only take Perks that you have opened the path to, so if you are awarded a Perk via Random Perk Bottle that you haven't opened the path to, they won't attack it. Once you have opened the path to Mulekick, they can take it - I can assure you, as it costs me 5,000 points every Space Monkey round to replace my [Third Weapon] MP5K lol!
  14. If you don't kill the spaceman, he retains health as per the level he spawned in. Melee in close to the spaceman prompts a different response from the spaceman, almost like he's trying to shake you off him. Spaceman is fairly straightforward to avoid, so always best to leave his earliest incarnation unless stuck in a cornered situation - point gain is insignificant. Most annoying boss Zombie ever IMO (just downloaded Shangri-La this month and downloading CotD next month due to being late arrival to the Zombies storyline... thoroughly expect G.A,Romero to overtake at that point, from all accoun
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