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  1. ThE same theme also applies to voting for the president these days. lol. Nice thread.
  2. Ice. Was in love with it once I saw the trailer.
  3. All of the evidence so far points to aliens, or at least some sort of creatures. Not to mention that back in the days of pre-MW2, there were a lot of rumours going around that due to the success of World at War's Nazi Zombie mode, IW would include something similar in the form of an "Alien Terrorist" mode. Of course, this never came into fruition in MW2, but it is possible that IW is expanding off of this idea, akin to Nuketown Zombies. Im not saying it's aliens but... Lololol. Very funny. And you are right, there is an involvement of creatres. But akliens seems like as halo th
  4. You never cease to amaze me, MMX. It took me about 3 nights to read this (I took breaks), but it was certainly worth it. Job well done, MMX!
  5. Stop with the aliens. People won't stop saying it. Personaly I think the idea of aliens is stupid. Very stupid.I think it's a great idea, and I certainly enjoyed survival. Sometimes it's fun when they shoot back . it sounds fun. Based on the acheivments, it sounds like a lot of fun. Rushing to the lz with tons of enemies waiting for you. Sounds fun.
  6. You do realize origins is just a harder version of MotD right? That's where a good 70% of the mechanics came from... Yeah. Completely agree with you there. Practicly the same boss, (this is debatable, but panzer is like Brutus 2.0. Plus, it's the same way to kill him.) Same feel, same look, same perk. They just really tweaked it. Retexture, new characters, new quotes,and boom, origins.
  7. Except they haven't because we have no idea which side of the story is canon.... Richtofen and maxis can't both be the demonic announcer when BO3 starts so... That leaves us with three options: Create a common ending, like the storyline from my countdown post, where the map takes place in the future with a half-dead richtofen in control (maxis was thrown out of aether and burned up from sheer power, richtofen couldn't Handel the mysterious "white flash" that seared the earth either, but because he had a physical body he maintained small amounts of life-force energy...) Start off BO3
  8. I believe that the personality that took over said it would kill his best friend if he resisted.His best friend=actual her.Kill herself.Thats how i understood it,hope Im not giving false information.If so I apologize. Yeah, that's what I thuought . I'm sure we don't know much of this disease at this point.
  9. I like this. Well done. Great information. Love to know if it's right, certainly seems like it.
  10. Gifted here too! Got in in 7th grade... Took my school long enough to put me in. Otherwise, nice bio.
  11. I can't wrap my mind around that disease. Does each personality have it's own memories? Because if not, you would have been able to resist... But did she become physically stronger? This topic really confuses me. But otherwise, I'm terribly sorry that this happened. And I'm glad you're getting over it. You are a perfect role model for people in your situation.
  12. Wow. I may be new, but from what I've seen, you have some quality posts,and are pretty good at this. I feel that every time I check the threads, it's the same old posts.
  13. Really nice job! You're good at this stuff. Extremely helpful.
  14. Being to rash-think that's the word for it. Sometimes to overconfident. Plus, I risk all for teamates=bad idea. I spend to much time thinking instead of doing.
  15. I feel like the z-team had to many ideas planned, and they couldn't finish it in one dlc (they now have 2 storylines), so they just finished it with origins. What I mean is that if they continued with the new 4, people would ask where is the old 4, and visa versa. So, they kinda went in the middle, leaving both questions unanswered. Now they have created a perfect spot to start off in bo3.
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