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  1. As far as zombie go: 1. Mob of the Dead 2. Origins 3. Buried 4. Tranzit 5. Die Rise 6. Nuketown Multiplayer: 1. Uprising 2. Apocalypse 3. Vengeance 4. Revolution
  2. Marlton and Billy by far. Marlton's a vain jerk who can't even deign to return the feelings of this hot girl who wants him, let alone be nice to anyone besides her, or be grateful for being revived. Billy's a stone-cold killer, but then again that is the point; he's the one among the M4 who does not want to repent. The Panzer is cool, but as said, I could do without the claw. If they count, I also hate the Denizens and the Jumping Jacks, the latter for being too difficult. I love-hateingly call them xenomorphs for their quadrepedal stance, their overall difficulty in killing, their shriek
  3. Mob of the Dead at the top, also Call of the Dead, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Moon. I particularly like Moon's Alien-esque vibe. Just like Alien, there shouldn't be anything alive besides you and your friends. It makes it all the more terrifying when say, a crawler catches up with you after a long period of silence besides your character talking. The music from Samantha's reveal was also fittingly... well. Relevant, perhaps? This was a huge moment in Zombies. The sort of reverence Samantha gets when the alien device is opened is just haunting and a big wham moment, since we're dealing wit
  4. Russman is my favorite of the N4. I just love that crazy old coot. "Run down, turn around, kill a herd'a zombies!" And he's also a pretty decent old guy if the Buried cutscene is anything to go by. Sal and Weasel are my picks from the M4. Finn is likable, but kinda flat. Being on PS3, I can't pick one out of the younger, less crazy O4 just yet. My least favorites are the two assholes, Marlton and Billy. Marlton can't form a sentence without condescending someone, even the sexy girl who can actually want him, or without praising himself as an intelligent God. He was funny enough
  5. Just about the hardest question ever. Zombies music is consistently amazing minus one exception (Coming Home). If I had to choose my favorite, it would be either Not Ready to Die, Always Running, Lullaby for a Deadman, or 115. To rank them all: 1. Not Ready to Die - AX7's first contribution, a long, terrific song revolving around Richtofen. 2. 115 - epic start to Black Ops' Zombies, definitely intense for one of the best maps to date, and Elena's best. 3. Always Running - A slower, but no less amazing favorite. Malukah easily succeeds Elena. 4. Lullaby for a Deadman - bac
  6. I saw the name Odin inside one of them on a YouTube video. Maybe they're all named after various Gods?
  7. Definitely works for me. Somehow Richtofen gets him a human body which lets him live until 1945.
  8. So, there's a pathway to Agartha in these Parisian catacombs. Why am I not surprised. If we see Agartha in this map, I didn't think it was possible to be blown away any further by this map.
  9. That's definitely cool to have all three singers except AX7 together... The screaming and pace reminds me of Coming Home. But personally this doesn't feel like the best Zombies song. Is it the screaming which has been absent since Elena's last song that messes it up for me, or said pace? Call me a heretic, but I don't really miss Elena too much. Or at least, I don't miss a Coming Home-esque song. Slower songs like Always Running, The One, Where Are We Going, hell even Not Ready to Die, Beauty of Annihilation, Nightmare, and all the others sounded much better than the parts Elena does here
  10. That actually was not the real Fred Tatasciore, who apparently doesn't even have a Twitter. And yes, he's quite adaptable. He can play the freaking Hulk, and go from green rage monster to intelligent scientist no trouble. Tatasciore's already on hand to voice Maxis though, don't see why he wouldn't be back for Nikolai, same goes for Nolan North as Richtofen (come on, the guy can play an average Joe like Desmond Miles and still play ZE DOKTOR). Steve Blum's also done additional voices for Black Ops II and from what I can tell he enjoys his role as well, he'd come back, same for Tom Kane.
  11. Probably just for the trailer's sake of not spoiling it was Samantha until the end. The voice editing sounds a bit odd at the additional line. Doesn't flow as smoothly as the others, but eh.
  12. Even though it'd mess with continuity to have drunk Nikoli and insane Richtofen, that's still the Nikolai and Richtofen we fell in love with and whose return we so madly clamored for. Hell, I still loved going back to play Kino and listen to Nikolai sing "Reach for vodka toniiiiiiight!!" And Richtofen squeal about spleens and blood. But I thank you Treyarch for your work so far and for Origins, even though Origins hasn't been released yet. You did not have to make Origins but you still did it and are clearly putting effort into this season finale. So many good memories have been made play
  13. Finally, FEAR TEDDY is put down. Although, I have wondered if the teddy bears in Zombies are a manifestation of the Devil, who controls the MOTD zombies and is the greater evil Samantha warns Richtofen about. FEAR TEDDY could've just been referring to the Devil himself. I was also wondering whether the final map for BO2 would finally explicitly (moreso than MOTD) have the Devil, and players would be fooled into thinking FEAR TEDDY refers to Richtofen. When really the Devil, or the Teddy Bear, is the main threat of zombies. But, alas, tis not to be. Don't let the door hit you on the w
  14. MMX is your best bet for the complete story, but the COD wikia does a fine job of streamlining everything.
  15. Oh, wow. That's pretty awesome. AX7 really knocked it out of the park with Not Ready to Die and Nightmare (though the latter wasn't originally a zombies song as the former). I am hoping for Elena as others are, just for nostalgia's sake.
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