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  1. Excellent work!! Ever since I watched the theatrical mix trailer, I've for some reason felt like Monty was the POV. "And I know it's him reigning like a storm again" felt like Monty was talking about how Shadowman had arrived at The House and was bringing about the apocalypse and all.
  2. I can't believe this! This is amazing! Maxis endgame was canon all along, Yuri is the Pentagon thief, the Apothicons really were manipulating Maxis and Richtofen all along. Wow!! Okay so I'm seeing (in the note for the Giant opening cutscene) the Origins crew being referred to as the Primis Crew, while the original timeline Richtofen is referred to as the "Ultimis" Richtofen. So we have names for the timelines now. * Buried takes place in 2035. Once Maxis takes control of the Aether, he plucks Samantha's soul from Richtofen's body on Moon and brings her into Agartha.
  3. Well that's a bitch to not have Mob. I understand why not with the voice actors, though. Maybe they could've redone it with the Origins crew? Make it the only story-based map, where we see Richtofen get the vials? Aw well. It's still surreal, though. Never thought in a million years this would actually happen.
  4. Black Ops III gave me what I'd been wanting from the series - coherent presentation. We got all these cutscenes, so much more dialogue, etc etc. It's what I've always wanted. Sorry, but I'm a shitty gamer. I would never in a million years find ciphers and stuff. I don't have the time to do Easter eggs. So I loved this easier presentation of the story. Something I'm still shaky about is the Lovecraftian stuff. No, I love the Keepers and Apothicons. But the Margwas and what not just make the game harder. Like I said, I'm a shitty gamer. Anyway, I loved the story. It was a
  5. Treyarch put up a new cinematic trailer for the Xbox release of Revelations. I will describe what happened, there was barely any dialogue that I couldn't make out completely since I'm at work. * We see the original Nikolai in the basement of The House. He then transforms into his child self, and Dr. Monty nods at him before leaving. Young Nikolai makes his way up to the playroom, where he meets young Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo, and Samantha. * Dr. Monty is seen walking around outside, and then he and the Shadow Man (in Maxis' body) meet. The Shadow Man sneers at him, and Monty
  6. Truth be told I would've swapped out the areas of Revelations that represent the BO3 maps for older maps. Elements are fine, but I mean the map is a love letter to so many past maps, not the new ones we've gotten in the past year, y'know? And I also agree with the sentiment that the BO2 maps besides Mob feel like they've been largely swept under the rug, though a comic about Misty's group is a step in the right direction. I remember l... Er, Vonderhar, was it? He asked fans to decide the fate of the N4 on Twitter and he retweeted nothing but tweets asking for them to be killed beca
  7. Ahh gotcha. Anybody remember how on Moon after the completion of RGS, if you played as Samantha and went near the MPD, you heard the voices?
  8. I took it as the Apothicons are launching chunks of 115 into each dimension/whatever in order to eventually guide those who come into contact with it to destroy their universe and leave it ripe for them to take over. I feel that's the reason why 115 ever landed on Earth, and why Richtofen and Maxis ended up destroying Earth in the original timeline. The voices were the Apothicons and Shadow Man. 115 may bind the universe together, but it looks like the Apothicons corrupt it when they take it and ship it through the universe.
  9. So the Apothicons have been sending 115 to all the dimensions. They sent the meteor to Shi No Numa, and I bet they and the Shadow Man were the ones speaking to Richtofen after he touched the MPD. They led him (and Maxis too) into destroying the Earth in the original timeline. Now it makes sense. I wondered years ago if 115 was the source of all evil somehow. And now we know it kinda is - in that the Apothicons sent it to the original timeline and caused all the horrors, from the Flesh to the walkers to the missiles to everything. It makes sense! and this is why Monty ca
  10. WOW! I'm blown away. The ending of Origins makes sense now. Good lord. The Apothicons are the ancient evil. They're the ones that Samantha warned the original Richtofen about during Moon, aren't they? They're the ones who put the mobsters through their hell. Well maybe not the last one. But it can't be a coincidence that this map's first trailer used the Mob round music, right? And that's when the plot really started getting serious! And wow. Maxis. Wow. Mind blown!
  11. As far as zombie go: 1. Mob of the Dead 2. Origins 3. Buried 4. Tranzit 5. Die Rise 6. Nuketown Multiplayer: 1. Uprising 2. Apocalypse 3. Vengeance 4. Revolution
  12. I've been suspecting a greater evil at play since at least Call of the Dead. Moon and We All Fall Down seriously implied it, and Mob of the Dead was the final nail in the coffin (even if Moon pretty much confirmed it by itself). I can't help but be reminded of Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated. Much like here, an ancient evil manipulates villains and heroes alike to engineer its' release to unleash its evil upon our universe. The main antagonists (save one who eventually repents) all willingly go along with it in the hopes of power and what not, but ultimately they're screwed over. Just li
  13. Marlton and Billy by far. Marlton's a vain jerk who can't even deign to return the feelings of this hot girl who wants him, let alone be nice to anyone besides her, or be grateful for being revived. Billy's a stone-cold killer, but then again that is the point; he's the one among the M4 who does not want to repent. The Panzer is cool, but as said, I could do without the claw. If they count, I also hate the Denizens and the Jumping Jacks, the latter for being too difficult. I love-hateingly call them xenomorphs for their quadrepedal stance, their overall difficulty in killing, their shriek
  14. I always thought there was a pretty logical reason for no video sequences. People who want to view them can't, since most random players online will just skip it to play, be it from not caring about the cutscene or just out of accidental button-mashing habit (which I am a victim of). I would like to have seen a cutscene for Moon, since it was the big climax to Samantha's reign as Demonic Announcer and Richtofen's scheme and all. One for Tranzit would've been nice as well, but really, the setting was a zombie apocalypse. Every map takes place after a zombie disaster, Tranzit was no differe
  15. Mob of the Dead at the top, also Call of the Dead, Verruckt, Shi No Numa, and Moon. I particularly like Moon's Alien-esque vibe. Just like Alien, there shouldn't be anything alive besides you and your friends. It makes it all the more terrifying when say, a crawler catches up with you after a long period of silence besides your character talking. The music from Samantha's reveal was also fittingly... well. Relevant, perhaps? This was a huge moment in Zombies. The sort of reverence Samantha gets when the alien device is opened is just haunting and a big wham moment, since we're dealing wit
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