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  1. Obviously. Also, it probably has no significance in the storyline whatsoever.
  2. According to my knowledge, members of this "campaign team" were working with the zombie team ever since the storyline became more serious. I suppose Vonderhaar and friends were shown advertising Mob of the Dead because it was not directly related to the story and not that it was their own independent project.
  3. I dislike the ease of running circles near all of the generators and the lack of Solo camping places (no zombies spawning from behind and a reasonable distance from the entrances).
  4. If Eddie is not Richtofen, the ciphers are completely irrelevant. I find it hard to believe that Treyarch would create something so difficult to decrypt just to give unnecessary backstory about Richtofen's early life.
  5. ibiii

    Voice Actors?

    One theory that I have suggested is that there are two Samanthas. The first one (in ending cutscene) died around the end of WW1, and the second one was born in the late 1930s in a more German climate as Ludwig wanted his daughter back. He even got her a dog with the same name (but a German Shepherd instead of a beagle). All of this explains Richtofen's age during the main events of the zombie storyline. It is an unlikely theory, but not impossible by any means.
  6. Why is no one else connecting the ciphers to the ending cinematic? Edward Richtofen was a teenager genius adopted by Ludwig Maxis after the former's parents died. They worked together investigating Divinium. Edward, however, was cooperating with Group 935 to build weapons against the Allies. Does anyone not see this as strikingly relevant?
  7. An oldie but a goodie (that I regretfully believed at the time); In Nacht der Untoten, hit the box, spin around, and shoot the back of the of the box and the radio to get either the Browning or the Ray Gun. There were many Mystery Box rumors from Nacht to Ascension. I remember that there were multiple videos of people not even showing what actual weapon they got and obviously edited-in double Ray Guns. The funniest faker was a guy on YouTube who did a slow-mo replay of himself spinning around and firing everywhere like it was to be done professionally and with tactic.
  8. ibiii

    The Maxis Drone

    It's a possibility.
  9. I like it. It is the first challenging Black Ops 2 map, the dialogue was worked on heavily, and Juggernog is four doors away from the spawn.
  10. Explain. Was it put to high standards by Trollarch? :evil:
  11. Nope. You are wrong because I am too unintelligent to provide reasoning or even understand the theory.
  12. You sound arrogant yourself right there. Not really, but you are entitled to your own opinion. I am not going to make a thread over the slight possibility that my theory might not be correct, and I am not going to compare it to shooting dung bullets at gnomes. Relax; I am talking about the majority of the community here and their complete, unchangeable understanding of Origins before it is even released.
  13. IIRC the Tunguska meteor landed in the 1940s, and the Origins cinematic showed one that landed in a swamp. It is possible, however, that it could just be a different meteor. It is 100% a different meteor, seeing as there is no reference to it being the Tunguska meteor and the fact that it is located in a swamp, whereas the Tunguska meteor landed in the icy tundra of Siberia. Plus the Tunguska meteor created an enormous crater. Oh, sorry. I meant the meteor in Shi No Numa.
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