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    Who is "Eddie"?

    For those of you who have not seen the ending cutscene upon completing the Origins Easter Egg, do not read on. For those who have, here's some interesting information that may help us in discovering the identity of the boy we see called "Eddie". Now I know everyone's sort of up in arms about the cutscene, it contradicts a lot of things and explains a lot of other things, and a lot of people are debating whether it is canon or not. For the sake of this thread, let's assume that the cutscene is absolute. We see Samantha and Eddie, two young children playing "zombies". A lot of people have immediately thought that Eddie is Richtofen, seeing as Richtofen is the only character who shares the same first name in Zombies and is also the character who bares most resemblence. I personally have tried not to believe that this is the case, purely because I didn't want to, I liked to think Richtofen is the Richtofen we know, not that he has some history as an American-accented playfriend to Samantha. Yet as unlikely as it may sound right now, what if Edward Richtofen and Eddie are different people? Allow me to explain how this could be possible. Firstly, the accent. Eddie has an American accent. Edward Richtofen is German through and through. (However I am aware the same could be said for Samantha). Secondly, Richtofen in Origins is a young man, and Richtofen in all other maps is a fully-grown adult, possibly as old as 50. Eddie is a boy (at MOST a young teenager). How could Edward Richtofen be a similar age to Samantha at any point in time when Samantha was still a girl when Richtofen knew her during his time working with her father Ludvig Maxis and Group 935? Now the fun part, to delve deeper at this :twisted: Let's go way way back to Black Ops one. Remember the famous terminal with the DerRiese server? The terminal served as a Zombie's goldmine, we found so much information from the servers of Dr V. Bush and others, yet at the same time we could never access the DerRiese server. We had 9 usernames and not a single password, and not a single password was ever found. The usernames were as follows: ■drmaxis ■sophia ■samantha ■peter ■edward ■erichtofen ■nbelinski ■tdempsey ■tmasaki So we have an "erichtofen" login and an "edward" login. When this was first discovered there was speculation that maybe there was another Edward in the Zombie's universe, but many people were not convinced, and assumed the 2nd account was either an error or simply Richtofen having 2 accounts for whatever reason. He is a shifty individual after all. However I do believe it is slightly significant now to those people who believe Eddy is NOT Richtofen. Thoughts?

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