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  1. I don't post all that much but I love reading all the research some of you guys do and its astounding to say the least. I decided to do a little research my self and found a few things I would like to point out. Perhaps some of you could piggyback off of some of it and take it much further. Okay, I was listening to one of the radio transmissions from Maxis and heard him say that they were able to open the main tomb in the excavation site when a soldier brought a gramophone and starting playing a piece from a group called "La Source Noire". I could not find any record of an actual group ca
  2. Okay I've got a question. My two friends and I have completed the Maxis side of the easter eggs for Tranzit and Die Rise and soon Buried. My third friend has only done the Maxis side of Die Rise. We want him to get the Maxis side of Tranzit EE so we can get the Full EE Ending in Buried by pushing the button and we wanted to do it in the same game that we do the rest of the regular Buried EE. So is there a way for us to help out my friend and get the Maxis Tranzit EE without doing Richtofen's side to cancel ours out first. I was curious if there was a way using custom games. Perhaps if he
  3. Take out everything but the video code(everything after the "v=" and that BBCode should work. fI9R3yP_L0s Yeah I was fixing it as soon as I posted it. Thanks though.
  4. You can come back to press the button. Of course you have to have 4 players that have done all the easter eggs as well as chosen the same side. Also here is some gameplay of Maxis in control. I can't wait to do it myself.
  5. Why do people keep ignoring the fact that we are playing as modern day actors. It probably takes place somewhere between now and 2025. They are also playing as fake mobsters for a movie according to the map description. So it's probably just going to be like Call of the Dead where they are making a movie and then shit goes crazy. As for using the map as some sort of indication of the time period, well you have to remember that a zombie apocalypse has been going on since the 1940's. Most likely the majority of earth is frozen in time from when zombies first showed up there. That is unless.
  6. I posted in the other recent thread about this saying the same thing. I too have done everything until that point and can't get past that step for some reason. So far there are only two things that I can think of.... 1. Maybe there is a specific character that has to get the PAP ballistic knives each game. Like the Mahjong tiles maybe it changes each game. 2. It's glitched up like the rest of the map. Maybe there is another reason but the more I die from the slide and elevator shaft the more I lean on #2 as the culprit.
  7. I hate to be that guy but.... The box weapons are based on one thing and one thing only.... THE CAMPAIGN!!! Thats the reason the Galil is there as well as the FAL, Python, Barret, RPD, etc. The Barret and RPD weren't even in the original Black Ops they are only in the box because they were in the BO2 campaign. Why they used the BO1 FAL instead of the BO2 FAL? I have no idea. Maybe they just want to switch up what guns you can get between each map like the m27 and Lsat only being in Nuketown, and the PDW and AN-94 being only in Die Rise. Regardless, if it isn't in the BO2 campaign you probably
  8. I've also had trouble with this step. Me and my friends have tried the easter egg several times and have gotten stuck on this step twice. We killed zombies in the buddah room for about 4 rounds until Maxis says his reincarnation quote. Then while playing as Marlton I hit the box only twice and got the ballistic knives and then immediately Pack a Punched them. I then shot all the Buddahs, all the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and revived every player with and without who's who all downed by their own grenades and then by zombies. Not a single thing worked and I honestly couldn't understand wha
  9. If it happened recently then you can go to your recent games and record the instance. Without proof I'm a little skeptical, though I'm still hopeful that this is true and not just a troll.
  10. It's not Treyarch frowning upon glitchers. Richtofen has always laughed when a zombie destroys something you are holding in front of you. It's been this way since the game came out with all the buildables in tranzit.
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