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  1. This Double this. Seriously, these are my exact feelings about the campaign team interfering with the maps. "Hey, we get that you have your own story and all going on, I mean, that's cool. But we think...well...maybe we should just totally mess all of the exposition up with WWI and a vague cutscene that makes very little sense to make this big story you guys have been creating since like 2009 even better. Oh yeah, and we'll make the DLC 2 map have nothing to do with the story and never revisit the actual plot of that map. Sound good? Great!" :roll: ^Ranting aside, I think that by removing the story from future Zombie maps would basically be Treyarch shooting themselves in the foot. I think by now they understand that most fans care as much about the story as they do gameplay, and the two go together in Zombies like peanut-butter and jelly. If they haven't, Richtofen help us they figure it out soon. Although, I wouldn't be too shocked if your predictions are correct- the story has sort of hit a dead end. We've been anywhere you can imagine- the Himalayas, the Pentagon, Area 51...hell we made it to the moon and back! But seeing as how we don't even fully understand what happened at the end of Origins, the story is officially open-ended as of now. I'm biding my time until the PC audio files come out to squeeze every bit of story out of this map before I call it in.
  2. The pictures reference the war propaganda featured in the US during WWI. It was extremely common to find ads and posters provoking people to join the war effort, most notably exploiting the horrific crimes the Germans committed in Belgium. ...Well what do ya' know, my 8th grade history class actually turned out to be USEFUL! Here's an example: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... elgium.jpg
  3. I agree with you on the ending cinematic, which was quite disappointing, but I think you may have read too far into this. To me, the cinematic was the "ultimate troll of all trolls" by our one and only Treyarch, not to mention that they have been playing at all of this being a mere fabrication of a child's mind. But I don't understand why this would discourage anyone if this is the true case- if the story is just Samantha's imagination, why get upset? It's still a damn good story, albeit riddled with inconsistencies and unavoidable plotholes, so I don't see the need to be upset. Should Zombies be included in the next Treyarch-produced COD, then we will likely pick up from one of Buried's endings. As for your theory, some of it doesn't add up. To start, Nikolai, Tank and Takeo have never been insane or mad, just effected by Richtofen's experiments. I'd say that the only one to be truly insane is Richtofen himself. The rest is extremely unclear to me, I can't tell what you are trying to explain here- that this entire map takes place in the mind of the O4, or the map is a paradox that takes place in real life, or the map is an alternate iteration of Zombies itself? You contradicted yourself a lot there.
  4. Can I ask where we got this "Campaign team made MOTD and Origins" bit from because I've never seen any official evidence of it. Jason Blundell (the lead director of the Treyarch campaign team) was confirmed to be the executive producer for both MotD and Origins, not to mention he appeared in the Behind the Scenes video for both maps. One can assume it was the campaign team responsible for both maps.
  5. The blood vials and newspaper likely mean nothing, it is simply a reference to MotD seeing as the campaign team made both maps. When there is a secret achievement, it is listed on the achievement board as "this achievement is secret", which does not appear when Origins is downloaded, so there is no "secret achievement" you are speaking of.
  6. The Panzer Soldat spawns as early as Round 7, and an air-raid siren will play to signify his arrival. SHOOT HIS HEAD. That's the best advice I can give you, because it's the only vulnerable spot to kill this asshat. Once you get to safe distance, however, he's not that hard to kill, I did so using dual-wield Five Sevens, so as long as you stay clear of his flamethrower- that will kill you before you can say "Samantha". If he gets you with the claw don't panic, just wait until he pulls you closer to him and knife him, which will allow you to be released. ^Follow these tips and you should find that this guy is very easy to deal with, perhaps easier than Brutus himself.
  7. DAMN YOU, ZIELINSKIIIIIII! :twisted: But in all seriousness, I think that's really all it is, not to mention how often they've been hinting at something like this. With the story being contorted and twisted it was the only option. But once again, don't let this discourage the story. I'm positive the next game Treyarch will pick up from Buried, and (depending on what side they choose) we will see orange/blue-eyed zombies.
  8. @A Drunk Soviet, just because this map may have some inconsistencies with the story, don't immediately assume it should be considered non-canon. The map has been out for about three days, so of course things don't make too much sense right now. Give it a week and things will make sense. On-topic, it is my personal choice to simply ignore this cinematic as a whole, as it doesn't effect the story, it only gives us an insight as to how this story came to be- it is a fabrication of two children's imagination. Keep in mind that despite this saddening revelation, this is still a very detailed and well-thought out original fiction made by the community and Treyarch. Is this cinematic disappointing? It depends on how you interpret it.
  9. ...I'm going to pretend this cutscene doesn't exist, whose with me? :? But seriously, I'm with ZOTD on this one- Eddie and Sam probably represent Richtofen and Samantha, the two most prominent and powerful characters in the game, and to them, their immense power and control of nearly anything and everything has rendered the mortal world and its inhabitants to be a pure meaningless game. Well, it's either that or...... http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/ori ... im-out.gif
  10. http://news.msn.com/science-technology/ ... s11&stay=1 Well...this is certainly awkward. (Seriously, I'm not sure what to say about this).
  11. Maxis now reminds me more of this guy (poor doctor Stockman. Great show tho) Okay, I'm dying. xD @Mix, my theory is that the robotic form was temporary until Richtofen could escape the test site and get Maxis to a proper human body, which would explain why he is still alive and well in the 1940s and how he conceived Samantha.
  12. Thank you, MMX! As always your support is well-appreciated. However, I'd like to point out that in the music video for Origins, "Archangel", brief footage is shown of the body that Richtofen is operating on, which shows an almost-zombified like man with a beard. I'd argue that he is zombified, or like you said, near death and zombification. Here's the video, pause on 0:39 to see the body: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXCmVrdQXWo :)
  13. While I have not had a chance to play Origins (still on vacation) I have been avidly watching gameplay and squeezing every last drop of storyline info out of this map. More specifically, I have been fascinated with the Maxis Drone, an AI makeshift Quadrotor that follows the player that deploys it. However, there is a much greater purpose to this Buildable that is extremely important in the story of Origins. We will start with Dr. Ludvig Maxis himself, who's facial identity was finally revealed in the map's opening cinematic: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... s_BOII.jpg During the cinematic's initial release, everyone went crazy as to why Maxis was depicted to be so elderly, as the photograph is dated 21 years before Maxis reappears as the head of Group 935; his age ultimately conflicted with the timeline. However, Richtofen's final journal entry dated moments before the start of the Origins reveals Maxis' fate: "An ancient evil unleashed from the mound has carved a path of terror and destruction across the entirety of the camp. With Maxis too having succumbed to the sickness, I am forced to take drastic action to preserve what remains of his mind." What actions did Richtofen take exactly? Why, it was removing Dr. Maxis' brain. The parts for the Maxis Drone consist of a pair of rotors, a mounted gun, and a brain preserved in a jar of green substance. This jar is important- it is located across from the table that Richtofen was operating on in the cinematic. Even more interesting is Nikolai's quote when this brain is retrieved: "The German decided to keep the brain of his friend? I believe something similar happened to Rasputin..." What German is Nikolai speaking of? Well, what other significant German had he recently met than the one and only Richtofen? And who was one of Richtofen's friends?Dr. Maxis (at the time of course), which was revealed in the very first Letter from the Field. Richtofen also mentions that Maxis had succumbed to the sickness, which was actually the zombie infection, and it is confirmed that symptoms of the infection include short term memory loss, paranoia, and most importantly, mental psychosis. Do you recall Richtofen's second letter? "It is with considerable regret that I must report his mental instability to Group 935's leaders... So we know that Maxis began to suffer mental psychosis from his constant contact with Element 115. And recall that Richtofen was operating on a zombie during the cinematic, and he mentions Maxis finally succumbed to the sickness. Therefore, I believe it is safe to assume the body Richtofen is operating on is a zombified Maxis, and he is removing his brain to preserve what remains of his mind using the Maxis Drone. But wait, there's more! Below is a transcript of the small dialogue that occurs after building the Maxis Drone: Maxis: Ahhh, at last. The darkness is at an end! I live again! I knew my friend would not fail me...something is wrong: I can no longer touch! I can no longer feel! What have you DONE, Richtofen?! Richtofen: We can put everything right, Maxis; you must understand that I had no other choice! So much of our work has been lost in battle... Now that the Drone is completed, Maxis' brain is able to live on, and Richtofen thinks he had done his friend a great service...obviously Maxis disagrees. He can no longer feel emotion or use his senses as an automaton, and expresses great anger. But the most interesting part is that Richtofen promises to make things right...how might he do that? I believe he is suggesting he will give Maxis a new human body after the mess is sorted out, as it seems unlikely Maxis would continue living as a Quadrotor...that would mean Sophia would have been attracted to a machine. Perhaps Richtofen gives Maxis a younger body, explaining why is still alive and well in 1939 rather than a dying old man in a wheelchair. This could also explain why Richtofen begins to resent Maxis- he literally saved his life and is still treated like unworthy scum at Der Riese. Keep in mind all of this is unconfirmed, and I'd love to get feedback on one of my first posts. Any contributions to the theory or debunking of the theory is welcome. Thanks for reading! :D
  14. Call me crazy but I think we do... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc9brnT5HMc
  15. In gameplay I've seen, when a player received a part for the orange staff Samantha said it was necessary to build all four to release her. At one point in early rounds she also has been heard saying this: "Can you hear me?! Please, you have to help me! I'm trapped here, I just want to go home." Where is Samantha's home exactly? I'd also like to point out she is not the Announcer, as it is a different tone than the usual demonic voice she uses. UPDATE: Later, Samantha says the following: "You have to help me. Please. There is a way to open the gateway. My father was so close, he said to follow the steps." Samantha talking of a "gateway" being needed to be opened in order for her to be free and that her father (Maxis) was close to doing so reminds me of the Maxis endgame for Buried... I heard another quote from her about completing something "started so long ago" but the beginning was cut off.
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